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Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 17:35:16 -0500


Dear Suzanne,


The black shadow once the object "disappears" from visual detection would be  because the cancellation process is not quite perfect in the real world.  So by using cancellation signals added to all reflection signals, and adding the slightly delayed transmission of what would be seen from the other side, some deviations occur.  Also, the input signal to be canceled will "speckle" and oscillate randomly in brightness etc.   These are random, due to both some random error in direction correlation and also in some random errors in exact frequency spectrum duplication, as well as slight random error in magnitudes of processed signals, and the random "speckle" of the signal one works on.   The end result is that a "residue" of random very weak signals remain.  They cover the whole visible spectrum and beyond, and contain a complete spectrum of "cancellation" errors.  To get rid of the "sparkle" and "speckle" that would result, one would have to adjust the cancellation gain up a bit.  The excess error signals tend to be mostly cancellation errors, so result in the appearance of "black" rather than light.  This would have to be all across the spectrum, since the excess "speckle" or "sparkle" errors are all across it.  In simple terms, there has to be just a wee bit too much cancellation, which is required, otherwise flashes and speckles would get through.


So one would see a sort of "black shadow", which is a decisive signature.




Tom Bearden

Dear Tom:

How's it going?  I wanted to ask you a question regarding your explanation of 'Radar Invisibility - Slide 84' where you say:

"It's even possible to cool the exhaust and heated surfaces of the aircraft by a scalar EM adaptation of electrostatic cooling. Theoretically it's even possible to cause the aircraft to "disappear" optically. Takes a bit of doing, but it's possible."

I've personally witnessed this phenomenon on several occasions with the optically disappearing planes responsible for the 'chemtrails' (or persistent chaff clouds).

Please help me to understand what then causes the black line "shadow" where no shadow should be seen if the sun were the source of the energy?

Hope all is well!