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Subject: RE: Royal Rife, healing, watergas, and precursor engineering

Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 18:38:10 -0500

Hi Rudy,

Your understanding of the basic approaches of the two methods is correct, as far as I'm aware.

The exciting thing these days is the rise of successful watergas processes and the novel (proven in animal experiments) cancer curing technique of John Kanzius. In his patent applications he emphasizes "warming" aspects (he has to do so, if he wishes the patent folks ever to grant him a patent!). But he is almost certainly using (in both the watergas uses of it and the anticancer uses of it) negative energy and therefore negative probabilities.

In that case, he is doing "precursor engineering" -- engineering the underlying dynamics of the local spacetime/vacuum, and then interacting this altered spacetime/vacuum "engine" with the tumor or with the water molecules.

Negative energy and negative probabilities were arbitrarily (and rather maliciously) discarded from Dirac's relativistic extension of the Shrödinger equation and from quantum field theory, because many leading physicists and mathematicians hated the very notion of "negative probabilities".

But in short, by directly engineering the underlying sustaining statistical operations that comprise and maintain an "observable" entity, one can take something that has "already happened" and "unhappen" it. It's no big deal to understand it, if you keep in mind that anything in this old observable world you see, touch, or taste or observe is continually "maintained" or "appearing" as the result of the probabilities of those underlying processes reaching 100% -- which is "certainty" or "observation every time". Or in short, it is "observable physical existence".

But if the underlying processes can "make" and sustain a "physically existing observable", then by altering those underlying processes and lowering that "100% probability" down to -- say -- zero, then one can directly "unmake" or "unhappen" or "vanish" or "eliminate" that observable.

And when you use negative energy, you involve the direct use of such negative probabilities!

This is the basis of the supersecret Russian weapons science of "energetics", which they produced shortly after WW II and still keep highly secret today. Since the West didn't seem to like the term "energetics", I finally substituted "precursor engineering" for it, to gather in the process that one can directly engineer the causative spacetime/vacuum dynamics themselves, then apply the re-engineered ST/vacuum dynamics to a physical entity to directly alter or eliminate the entity itself.

Tesla discovered negative energy before the term was even available, and called it "radiant energy" to distinguish its peculiar characteristics and behavior from that of positive energy. To get a good physics description and saga of how this negative energy and negative probabilities were arbitrarily removed from physics in the 1930s etc., see particularly D. L. Hotson, “Dirac’s Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy: Part I,” Infinite Energy, Issue 43, 2002, pp. 1-19; available at and also D. L. Hotson, "Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy: Part II," Infinite Energy, Issue 44, 2002, pp. 1-24; available at

Now if our archaic scientific community will get with it, undo again the horrible damage done to physics when they viciously discarded negative energy, and catch up a bit to the Russians (who are 50 years ahead of us in this area), then we will enter a new era of incredible benefit to humanity. We can develop cures to any and all diseases -- quickly, cheaply, and very simply -- as the technology develops. We can readily take common salt water and, by altering its ongoing dynamics with and from the local seething vacuum/spacetime, we can cause the H-O-H bonds of the water molecule to "vanish". Simply build up the negative probability for that bond, to 100%, and it "cancels" the 100% positive probability for that molecule (for it being "there" and "observable".

Simultaneously, when the negative probabilities dissolve and "unhappen" the H-O bond, they increase the probability and stability of the H2 and O2 bonds in the resulting hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. With the H-O bond suppressed, the H2 and O2 gas comes up everywhere in the water in little bubbles, and it doesn't "explode" violently like normal hydrogen gas as long as it's there in that very local vacuum with the negative probability interactions going on. Instead, if you add heat, sparks, etc., you will just get it to burn a bit for you, since in your "burner" you will be a little removed from the main "altered" vacuum region, and so the negative probability is not quite 100%. This means that H and O can still bond, but just mildly. So you make the hydrogen and oxygen gas and keep them under a very special kind of control, to dramatically reduce the probability of inadvertent explosion etc. (whereas normally any use of H2 gas in an atmosphere containing oxygen is highly hazardous and dangerous).

Even so, my words here are only for general guidance to skilled experimenters who are adept at handling and using explosive materials and processes in the presence of electronics, sparking, heating, etc. Any way we cut it, H2 is highly explosive in the presence of O2 if the local vacuum is "normal" or nearly so, and so we are not responsible for any accidents or incidents that experimenters create. One undertakes research in this area at his own risk! Be forewarned.

Then when you put the gas into an engine cylinder to burn it, you move it from its local altered vacuum, and bingo! You've got really clean hydrogen fuel in the proper oxygen mixture, and it burns very, very cleanly.

In short, you put in water that you take from the environment, and you give back water to the environment -- totally cleanly.

You also implement a much more modern technology -- vacuum engineering -- as indicated by Nobelist Lee.

Anyway, just now several inventors -- including Kanzius -- have working watergas systems and processes, and are moving fiercely to modify automobiles and demonstrate the running of autos on water, using this beautiful and revolutionary process.

And as a bonus, we will eventually get the ability to reverse (unhappen) any disease known to man -- quickly, cheaply, and easily.

But of course the "High Cabal" -- Winston Churchill's name for those high, extraordinarily wealthy control groups that control all our money, science, engineering, the works -- doesn't like this potent development at all. So we'll have to wait and see what happens to the inventors and scientists who are gravitating into this area.

Presently some are being severely confronted and threatened, and some are being killed.

But if we can just get our scientific community to transition back into precursor engineering and the use of negative energy and negative probabilities in re-engineering "already accomplished and happened" physical reality, then the scientific method itself will have been advanced by a giant leap into the shining future for all humankind.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden


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To: Tom Bearden Subject: Fwd: royal rife

Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 19:32:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rudy
Subject: royal rife

Hello, I was looking at a website devoted to Dr Royal Rife. The site includes a number of patents related to the method he was using to treat viral and microbial diseases. One of these patents made extensive reference to using acoustic resonance as well as EM. I was wondering if he and Priori were using different technologies. The Rife technique seems to use acoustic resonance to destroy the invading virus. Whereas Priori's method appears to employ the phased conjugate wave/ time reversal method that literally reverts the organism back to a previous point in time before it became ill. Hopefully I'm understanding the method you detail correctly! I appreciate any light you can shed on this for me.

Many thanks,