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Subject: RE: Physics behind dowsing question
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 01:39:00 -0500


Dear Randy,


No one to my knowledge has developed a good physics of the dowsing effect.


Dowsing is actually accomplished in spacetime (i.e., 4-space), not 3-space.


In quantum field theory, there are four photons classified by polarization. With the photon assumed moving on the z-axis, the first photon has its energy oscillating along the x-axis, so is a transverse photon. The second photon has its energy oscillating along the y-axis, so it also is a transverse photon. The third photon has its energy oscillating to and fro along the z-axis, so it is a longitudinal (longitudinally polarized) photon. The fourth photon has its energy oscillating along the time axis, so it is a time-polarized or “scalar” photon.


Neither the longitudinal photon nor the scalar photon is individually observable. However, the pairing of the two is observed as the instantaneous scalar potential (common voltage).


It appears that the functioning of the human senses in special fashion -- particularly those reporting to the subliminal or unconscious mind – which uses not only the two transverse photons of “ordinary electromagnetics”, but also the other two photons of quantum field theory. Mind functions and dynamics are on the time axis, not in 3-space. Hence some of the mind functions are probably sensitive to (and detect) the scalar photons partially comprising the common electrostatic scalar potential, since those mind functions are also scalar in their dynamics nature.


This part of human functioning, if true, has not been investigated at all in the West, so it appears. In the old Soviet Union, it was investigated in the psychoenergetics branch of the secret Soviet weapons science of “energetics”.


All our guys (including those who investigated the decades-long “microwave radiation” of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow), simply use ordinary old electrical engineering. That is totally inadequate for the task.


E.g., lots of cases of health changes and disease inductions occurred at the Embassy, and the radiation was also responsible for the deaths of three U.S. ambassadors.


Interestingly, the inductions of disease and health changes occurred only in force free areas, where the force-fields were zero but the scalar potential would be steady and unchanging.


The scalar potential decomposes via the old Whittaker paper of 1903, into a harmonic set of bidirectional longitudinal phase conjugate waves. This means it decomposes (in quantum field theory terms) into harmonic couplets of time-polarized EM waves and longitudinal EM waves.


Now check out my paper on this website dealing with precursor engineering. If we pass beyond the silly notion that force fields exist in mass-free space (i.e., if we throw the hopelessly flawed old classical electromagnetics out the door), then we pass to the engine concept and to the use of force-free fields and force-free dynamics.


As we point out, one can build patterns and structuring in these precursor dynamics, to form “activated” or “conditioned” force-free fields and dynamics (engines). If this is done and assembled into a “conditioned” or “activated” scalar potential (having that desired internal structuring or internal engine), and then that conditioned potential interacts with matter of a living body, any change desired in that body can be engendered, if one has placed that force-free energy dynamics inside the structuring of the scalar potential.


Actually, the precursor engineering paper is the basic methodology of that secret Soviet science of energetics, for the first two branches: (1) interaction of inert matter and fields, which is called the same name, “energetics”, and (2) bioenergetics, which is the interaction of living bodies and their biofields with such engines.


But in the West, we are still stuck with a 400 years archaic mechanics that still erroneously assumes a separate force in mass-free space, acting upon a separate mass. That is false and known to be false (Feynman, Wheeler, etc.). We are also stuck with a horribly out of date electrical engineering that still assumes the old material ether by – you guessed it – still assuming force fields in mass-free space.


The Soviets after WW II just corrected all that mess and all those errors, with superb scientists. They were also kicked firmly in the tail by Stalin. After a few were sent to Siberia for not making progress, the rest got the message.


Hence the rapid birth of the new energetics weapons science, and the following rapid development of those superweapons. The earlier ones were those (scalar interferometers) referred to by SecDef Cohen in 1997, but that aspect is still ignored by our scientists.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


Dr. Bearden,
I've been researching the Dowsing effect from a physics standpoint and am now convinced that it is a difference in potentials that these people are sensing.  What I haven't been able to find is research on the part that the "subconscious" plays in determining which is the target sought after.  Do you have information on this or could point me to a website that does?
Thank you for your time and kind help,
Randy S
Simi Valley,CA.