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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 17:38:41 -0500


Hi Eva,


The use of “pulses” – e.g., John Kanzius’ use of lots of little RF pulses to (1) cure cancer and (2) get the water molecule in salt water to just fall apart into H2 and O2 – actually involves the use of negative energy and negative probabilities in the active vacuum. Negative energy and negative probabilities appear very strongly in Dirac’s original relativistic extension of the fundamental Shrödinger wave equation, fundamental to all physics. But this negative energy and the associated negative probabilities were arbitrarily and very strenuously discarded from physics in 1934 in the ruthless emasculation of Dirac’s theory by Heisenberg, Pauli and others. This action to preserve the status quo (positive energy and positive probabilities only) discarded the bitterly feared offending negative energy and negative probabilities.


Actually, the initiation and application of negative energy in the local vacuum and its concomitant application of negative probabilities is practically achieved very easily in the following manner:


(a)     A little “chirp” or pulse applied as a sharp little gradient of EM field energy across a little region of space “pops out” some of the filler electrons from the Dirac Sea, leaving behind (at least momentarily) the unfilled Dirac holes. Lots of such little “chirp pulses” result in literally a vacuum that is seething with a “negative energy Dirac hole froth”. These remaining and continually replenished Dirac holes are not positrons, but are in fact negative mass-energy electrons. As source charges they produce negative energy EM fields while they exist. The “popout” of electrons is detected as the “Lenz law effect”, leaving the unfilled holes behind. The resulting negative vacuum energy condition thus produces negative probabilities in the Dirac relativistic extension of the Shrödinger equation.


(b)    Note that the “negative mass-energy holes” are actually the “dark matter” whose results are so widely observed by the astrophysicists, and which they are so avidly seeking. The concomitant negative energy EM fields of that “dark matter” is the desperately sought “dark energy” that the astrophysicists are so eagerly seeking also.


(c)     Contrary to the seething “fear” of the physicists in the 1930s and 1940s (and still of most physicists today), there is nothing malicious or untoward about negative energy and negative probabilities. John Bedini, e.g., has been using negative energy (and negative probabilities) in his overunity EM battery charging circuits for 30 years or more, with great effectiveness. He can use pulsed negative energy in his battery charging of an essentially used-up battery that has sulfation of its plates etc. and thus is nonfunctional, and that process will reverse (and thereby remove or “unhappen”) that sulfation, restoring that battery to a better-than-new condition!.


     Look at negative probability this way. Take as a reference “normal” positive probability (produced by positive energy). When the positive probability reaches 100%, this produces an “observation” or “experimental fact” that will be there experimentally every time you look for it with your instruments. So 100% probability is just “certainty”.


     Realize that all observables etc. are founded on, and generated by, underlying more general (and finer) statistical processes that involve the direct interaction between all charged matter and the local vacuum in which the matter is embedded. So when we say something has a probability of 50%, we mean that the underlying statistical primary processes have been altered so that now they will produce that thing (or condition) 50% of the time, and 50% of the time their variation means it has not yet been produced.

     Now if you “activate” the local vacuum (in which that observed entity is existing), so that the activated vacuum now itself contains and adds some negative energy (Dirac sea holes and their concomitant negative energy fields radiating away at light speed) to those underlying statistical “generating” processes, you are applying a certain negative probability (say, 30% negative probability for that particular observational fact). In that case, if you then look repeatedly for that “thing” or physical state with your instruments, you will see that thing or state as actually “there” observationally for 70% of the time, but absolutely “not there” the other 30% of the time. In a sense, you are partially “unhappening” something which has previously “happened”, by partially altering the underlying physics statistical processes that produce that “thing” or state in the first place.

     Now suppose you continue to further increase the negative probability action (being provided by the local vacuum, by further increasing its negative energy content), you can reach a negative probability (for that observable physical thing or state to exist) of zero total probability. In short, without your intervention it has a 100% positive probability of being there and having “happened” observably, and it also had had added to it a 100% negative probability of being there and of having “happened” observably. The net “probability” for that thing or state to be there is then zero percent.  In that case, the former “observable” is “gone” and it no longer “observably exists”, no matter how many times you look with your instruments.

     So with the judicious use of negative energy (of the vacuum and its statistical processes underlying all observable things and states) and thus of negative probabilities, you can “unhappen” a particular “happened thing” at will.


Kanzius, e.g., has used that technique (unknowingly) to produce a very successful cancer cure. E.g., see “Revolutionary Salt Water Fuel by Inventor John Kanzius gets Major University Review”, Suppressed Inventions, Censored News, and Censorship, Sept. 15, 2007. Available at


His cancer cure has now been through very successful animal testing, with glowing results. Next must come human trials, and then to FDA for official approval. You can imagine how much the big pharmaceuticals are going to like that development! It means Kanzius is in for the struggle of his life – and probably eventually FOR his very life. Several watergas inventors who have (unknowingly) uncovered and learned to apply that process for successful watergas, including powering automobiles with it, have been either killed outright or strongly threatened (usually threatened that their children and wife will be killed if they do not stop immediately).


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Kanzius actually found out that his RF “tickling” (actually of the Dirac Sea, though that is apparently unknown to Kanzius) in which salt water exists, will somehow cause the normal H-O-H bonds of the exposed water molecules being interacted with by the negative energy vacuum, to just simply “fall apart”. (Rigorously he adds negative probability to the 100% probability for the H-O-H bond to be sustained by its underlying statistical processes, thus reducing the net probability of those bonds from 100% to whatever one wishes, even to zero).

In dissolving the bond between positive and negative ions, the negative energy/negative probability (for the absence of the H-O bond) also strengthens the bonds between two positive H ions and between two negative O ions. So he produces H2 and O2 gas bubbling up in his water, but without the usual explosion of the gases. Instead, they will ignite (in the air, out of the tickled water etc.) and just burn. He has had a well-known water expert check that process and rigorously verify its efficacy. Presently he has adjusted his process so he gets back much more energy from combustion of the H2 and O2 than the energy he inputs for tickling and control, so has gone silent on this “watergas” process until patenting etc. are concluded.


So you can use negative vacuum energy easily to “unhappen” a specific physical disease condition and thus “cure” the disease in a human body. And you can use it to “unhappen” bonds etc. in matter, and thus change the matter – the activated vacuum does it for you.


On my website you will find a recent paper on the Solution of the world energy crisis etc. In that paper, you will meet what hopefully will be the next great advance in science: precursor engineering (of those precursor underlying statistical processes in the vacuum that are interacting to establish and maintain a given physical condition or state).

This is actually the Soviet “energetics” that Stalin forced his scientific community to develop shortly after WW II, with great haste. The Russians (under Stalin particularly) have kept the details of this new science extremely classified, and have used it to build and deploy superweapons. An example is that the same approach including adding negative probabilities can be adapted to work on the “absence” of a specific disease/pattern in the physical body, so that in effect it generates that physical disease or health disorder in a targeted body or bodies at will. In short, it becomes a weapon of destruction rather than a tool for healing.

They irradiated the U.S. Embassy in Moscow with such “disease and health condition generating EM signals) – no FORCE FIELDS involved! – for 50 years or so, being responsible for the deaths of three U.S. Ambassadors and sicknesses and health disorders induced in hundreds of persons. They deliberately used the Whittaker decomposition of an EM potential into bidirectional longitudinal (nondetectable!) EM waves, so that the diseases were evoked only in areas where the FIELDS (changes in the static potentials) were absent. This was to probe our system (high level target will result in high level attention!) to see if our scientists and military leaders recognized or knew what was happened. We continually tried to analyze it with common EE theory, showing conclusively to the Russians that we did not know or understand the process at all.


Meanwhile, the world has a desperate need for this technology and its use in healing all these crazy diseases. If the negative energy/negative probabilities of the conditioned vacuum are deliberately shaped and used, then as the technology develops we shall be able to quickly, cheaply, and easily cure even the dread diseases without any present treatment. And we will be able to quickly, cheaply, and easily treat and quickly cure – say – two million prompt casualties in New York City for a clandestine spraying of the city with Anthrax toxin. Presently, if those symptoms have become evident, almost all the infected persons will die because nothing else we have can save them. In fact, “triage” applies, and anyone with symptoms of anthrax will be just dragged aside to die, since (with normal treatments presently available) it is almost entirely useless to use precious supplies and treat them.


We will also be able to use some background conditioned “negative vacuum energy and negative probabilities” to rapidly, cheaply, and easily sanitize the entire anthrax-polluted city after the strike. That is something that absolutely cannot be done with any normal means available at present.


Hope this sheds some light on the importance of this kind of medical treatment (the Soviets call this area “bioenergetics”) and that, with burgeoning new diseases everywhere, we simply must change our mindset and go for something that has positive hope and even already has been proven.


This is particularly true with the present rapid advance of diseases that now “love” and “eat” our present antibiotics – thus nullifying almost all present forms of available treatment for these new “infectious diseases” and these organisms.


Very best wishes,


Tom Bearden


P.S. Recommend that you read the Solution paper on my website, and then also read D. L. Hotson, “Dirac’s Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy”, Part 1, in Infinite Energy, Issue 43, 2002, pp. 1-20; Part 2, in Infinite Energy, Issue 44, 2002, pp. 1-24.


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Doctor Steven Curley, M.D. has been using the Kanzius RF device for research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.