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Subject: RE: Re: Naturally Existing Ferromagnetic Resonance.
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 12:16:01 -0500




You have me at a disadvantage! My present physical condition and that of my beloved wife severely constrain my time. My first job is taking care of her, 24/7. I do a little work in snatches and grabs, as I can, and that’s it. I’ve been steadily shucking tasks, and still have more than I can do in the time I have.


Everything I know about the VTA was released. I never knew the full conditioning program; only about 80 to 90% of it. I do know that the coils he used had a secret center tap, but am unaware of just what he did with that centertap. The actual discharge control circuit was built for him by Walter Rosenthal. Walt also saw the closed loop self-powering system, which I did not see.  Basically I just stay away from the VTA insofar as possible. It was a wonderful invention, and it could also produce antigravity. But after a sniper with silenced rifle took a shot at Sweet, just missing him as he stumbled and fell, Sweet would never again discuss or do anything with the antigravity experiment. He felt he would be immediately killed if he tried to do anything with it.


And yes, I did give him the standard nonlinear optics equations, since such were involved in the conditioning process apparently, and since Sweet’s MS EE in the 40s or so was before the advent of nonlinear optics in 1972 when the Russians briefed our guys on it. Sweet had excellent math capability, however, and very rapidly absorbed the gist of NLO. Whatever was puzzling him in his activation procedure (at first he banged and banged away, finally getting a good activation), he immediately resolved it, apparently with the use of NLO equations. The next unit he built produced 500 watts output. It also produced mostly negative energy, which is a quite different bear from positive energy! It was its production of negative energy that so intrigued me, because since positive energy density makes gravity, then negative energy density makes antigravity. And so it proved to be.


On the other things, after the heart attack in 2001 and continuing hypoxia, many of my “files” are no long there or no longer accessible. That and the years intervening mean that I lost some of the details. Also, remember I was never a bench person, but always worked with those who were. My job was to examine some kind of strange behavior or anomaly, and then try to figure out what the devil that was or could be, in terms of physics.


So I hope this gives you some perspective, but I’m unable to provide actual construction details. Probably Walt Rosenthal can do that closer than anyone else, although Sweet’s method of “hiding” it was to tell each person a different story. That way, they could never get it sorted out completely.


Several other researchers have indeed activated magnets, but only for times up to about 5 weeks as the activation slowly decays. Sweet, however, had apparently discovered how to do it in a permanent fashion, so that only a severe perturbation (such as striking the magnet with a hammer) would cause loss of activation.


If you just want to build a working COP>1.0 motor without too awfully great a problem, then use the Takahashi approach. Wrap a linear permanent magnet motor around in a nearly complete circle, so that the back mmf is confined to a very short region. That motor will self-drive all the way around to the back mmf section, and there’s where the “payback” is if the symmetrical regauging of the circuit is allowed to be maintained. Instead, place a pole-piece over that back mmf section, with a coil on it, and with a tiny trickle current in it. Then as the rotor magnet reaches the back mmf section, abruptly (as with a magneto-like action) break the current in that polepiece coil, to evoke Lenz’s law very strongly. That gives you suddenly a cancellation of the back mmf, by it being momentarily overridden by the abrupt field from the polepiece. This can be sufficient for the back mmf to be eliminated during the time the rotor magnet actually passes through. So the net effect is that you eliminate the back mmf or most of it, for only a small cost to you. That gives you ASYMMETRICAL regauging and a momentary breakup of the closed current loop circuit, and momentary injection of excess energy (in a critical manner) from the external environment. All that is necessary in order to get a COP>1.0 engine.


Another engine that works as advertised is the Kawai engine. Effectively, by adroit and very efficient (photo-coupled) switching of the flux path itself, it also eliminates the back mmf of a magnetic motor. That essentially makes the COP of the Kawai motor system double the innate efficiency of the engine, since half the energy in a normal engine is used only to destroy the dipolarity by fighting the back mmf.


If you start with a high efficiency motor (say, a 70% or 80% Hitachi magnetic motor, which are available commercially), and you get a good and efficient application of the Kawai process arrangement, your modified motor should give COP = 1.4 or 1.6 or so, respectively.


Note that conservation of energy is rigorously upheld in those engines, and the OVERALL efficiency of the system is still less than 100 %.


And there is one of the rubs; most in the overunity field do not seem to know the difference between efficiency of a system and COP of that system. The efficiency is defined as the useful output divided by the total energy input from all sources (environment and operator). Or use power output for total power input, if in a steady state condition. The COP, however, is defined as the useful output divided by the energy input by only the operator. If the external environment inputs some extra energy, that is not counted in COP, but is counted in the efficiency. No engine will have efficiency greater than 100%, but with an extra environmental injection of energy, it can jolly well have COP>1.0. E.g., consider a solar cell array powering a system.  The solar cell array’s efficiency may be only 20%, so that it wastes 80% of all the solar energy it receives as input. Yet it has a useful output of that 20%, while the operator himself inputs no energy at all. So its COP = infinity! So is the COP of a windmill-powered system, and a hydroelectric powered power grid and all its loads.


Hope that helps.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


Subject: Re: Naturally Existing Ferromagnetic Resonance.
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 00:01:35 +1000


Hello again Mr Bearden,

I wrote to you not long ago about the 405 Hz Resonant signal frequency at right angles to a ferromagnet Phenomena. Since then I have found that there are many resonant frequencys at a right angle to a ferromagnet. Some much stronger than others. I have to my satisfaction eliminated any erroneous resonant interference. I have used larger and smaller magnets, I have rotated test equipment to the earths magnetic field, I have used different Diameter and lengths of iron bar and even used a cane rod for the centre to suspend the Ring Magnets.

I have found there is a difference between Square and Sine waves, none of the waves yet seem to align at resonance, I have found the Size/Strength of the Magnet greatly improves the effect, the larger/Stronger the Magnet the better the effect. I am Documenting the frequencys, and as another test, want to move the magnets to altitude to test for the same frequency effects. Some of the frequencys are very fine and the effect is sometimes hard to detect. Moving through the range between 1 Hz through to 1.200 KHz there are many resonant effects, about 14, some sine and some square wave. I have yet to run another test to see if there is at resonance an Audible note that is hit, By ear they sound about the same range, Guessing to be the note "C".

I have in some cases used more than one magnet, The Effect is not changing. Resonance occurs at the same ranges.

At a range of approximately 174 Hz to approximately 360 Hz the energy transfer from the electro Magnet to a wound coil at right angles beside the ferromagnet is far greater that at 60 Hz. As a result, I fail to understand why we use a standard 60 Hz. This is not a result of the Magnet, It is that frequency. 174 Hz sine is also where the strongest ferromagnet resonance I have found.

I will send the documented results if you would like.

I do however have a few more questions for you:

1/   About, what percentage information have you released about the VTA, and what percentage cant be released due to legal reasons. (This is what has interested me in magnet frequencies).

2/   The VTA was producing 6 watts when you met the great Floyd Sweet, Do you know if the "Conditioning Process" changed much to get the extra Output, or was there a "Conditioning Process" at that point. I have read you furnished Floyd the standard equations of nonlinear optics.

3/  The Coils Floyd used in the VTA device were reported by Walt Rosenthal, to have Two to Four coils. At what angles and locations were the Input and Output Coils?

I would be guessing the Input Coils were at right angles to the Magnets while the Output Coil was at zero degrees, Sitting linear to the magnets? and were they all Hollow, "Coreless"? Is this right?

4/  The Magnets Floyd used, Were they North/South at 90 Degrees from the Slab Magnet or did they run parallel to the Slab Magnet, Like a Bar Magnet.

I am in the process of Writing an Article for my web site about the VTA and the MEG, If there is any information you could possibly provide it would be much appreciated. The address is It is designed to be a working model site to give audible and visual working knowledge of the articles that are presented. Any Photos of your self and Floyd and any Photos of the devices in operation also would be greatly appreciated. I realise this is a big ask but any Video footage that I could use also would be greatly appreciated.

I am soon adding a section to my site where any and all inventors and would be inventors of free energy devices can exchange ideas, information and chat live. I think like your site this is critical, it is up to us, the public, as the governments are not about to do anything to try to release this technology. I want these people to be able to come together and have a community they can use for resources, Conferencing etc.

My Grandad was an electrical engineer and flatly refused to accept the energy could be harnessed for free. I am fascinated with the concept of Zero Point Energy and that there will some day soon be a Free Energy Industry, this is what I envisioned as a kid, Floating around in cars like the Jetsons, and I'm sure we all have had dreams like that.

I hope the above information is useful to someone else if not my self.

Kind Regards