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Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 10:52:23 -0500
From: Thomas Bearden


Nice job you have done on your site.  My congratulations.

On the little squib you have there relative to me on good and bad uses of scalar energy:

The Russian scientist's name is "Kaznacheyev", and sometimes spelled "Kaznacheev" (depends on the translator).

The results of Kaznacheyev's work (and that of others) was used for about 40 years in the microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.  Three U.S. Ambassadors eventually died from health changes induced in personnel in the embassy.  The Johns Hopkins study on this problem found a most peculiar thing: All health changes in personnel occurred only in field-free areas.  Since the Johns Hopkins scientists used only the standard approach, they started with the erroneous assumption that all EM effects are caused by the fields.  So they concluded that, since there were no health problems occurring where the fields were, then the EM radiation was not the culprit.

An elementary statistical look at that proves exactly the opposite.  Fields are in fact just changes to potentials.  So what the study really found was that no health changes occurred where the potentials were changing.  In other words, all health changes occurred where the potentials were unchanging and therefore stable.

Now statistically, if it were not the EM radiation, then some health changes would have occurred in areas where the fields were present, and some in areas where the fields were absent.  Instead, there is a 100% correlation to "absence of changing potentials" and 100% anticorrelation to "changing potentials (fields)" areas.

That is conclusive proof that it indeed was the EM radiation that was the culprit.  That the entire U.S. scientific system missed such an elementary conclusion is  inexplicable.  But they did, probably because the correct conclusion left them with a total mystery for which they had no technological understanding whatsoever.

Johns Hopkins scientists apparently knew nothing about Whittaker's 1903 prestigious paper showing that the "scalar potential" is actually a harmonic set of bidirectional longitudinal EM wavepairs, where each wavepair is a phase conjugate pair, coupled together.  In 1904 Whittaker founded superpotential theory, by showing that all EM fields and waves are just two scalar potentials with their dynamics.  Since each of those two potentials decomposes via W-1903, this means that we can replace all orthodox electromagnetics with bundles of longitudinal EM wavepairs and their dynamics.  When the fields are zero, this means that the macroscopic dynamics is zeroed, but the internal longitudinal wavesets (LWs) are there and stable.

There is thus an "internal electrodynamics" (an LW electrodynamics) inside all the "normal" EM that is in our Western texts.  The Russian weapon scientists refer to this internal electrodynamics as the "information content of the field," and have an ongoing disinformation program to convince our fellows that the term just means ordinary spectral analysis -- which of course it does not.

Depending upon how one assembles a specific set of longitudinal EM wavepairs to comprise "ordinary" electromagnetic fields and potentials and waves, one can produce seemingly "ordinary" EM that has any desired kind of EM dynamics inside it.  In short, inside it one places electrodynamic "engines" of a desired kind.  In fact, of any desired kind.  Kaznacheyev's unpublished work dealt with working out the internal electrodynamics (the engines) functioning.

A normal cell in its ongoing electrodynamics has a "normal" set of internal "engines" ongoing in that conventional EM.  A cell with a given disease or disorder will have a specific "delta" internal engine added inside its orthodox electrodynamic entities.

Whittaker's work (extended by the AIAS) shows that interferometry of scalar potentials does indeed produce "ordinary" EM fields and waves, rising from each spatial point in the interference zone.

So stable potential beams  with engineered internal LW engines can be interfered in a spatial region, say in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow where persons are located, and from inside their bodies and throughout their bodies the desired EM signals will arise in the cellular membranes, cellular control functions, immune control functions, etc.  In short, one can induce any kind of disease or cellular disorder desired.

A more clever use is to use just one of the scalar beams, or a stable potential in an entire area, where the internal engines of that potential have been altered to contain one or more "disease engines".  An interesting effect then occurs in a living body in that area.  Potentials superpose, or in other words, they thoroughly mix their internal LWs, thereby mixing their "engines".  So the living bodies in that area, exposed to a "conditioned" potential having disease engines, will have their own internal potentials (on cellular membranes, etc.) gradually develop and contain those same disease engines.

Understand, nary an external field has so far been involved.

Then the perpetrators cut off the first potential, and add a second one with slightly differing engines -- specifically designed so that any interference of the previous potential and this present potential would produce specific EM disease patterns in the interference area.

So a very strange thing now happens.  As this new potential mixes its engines into the exposed bodies, those bodies develop the additional engines in their own potentials throughout the body.  In short, one has scalar interferometry now being accomplished by two conditioned potentials: (1) the conditioned body potential, conditioned by the previous exposure, and (2) the new conditioned potential.  In short, the cellular disease pattern now arises directly inside the cells and tissues themselves -- and still, nary a conventional EM field has been involved.  So the exposed bodies develop the particular kind of disease that the perpetrators wish.

As a deception plan and operation, one adds a weak microwave interferometer, using normal EM, and irradiates the Embassy in certain areas.  That's four potentials (Whittaker) going in there and in certain areas mixing with the bodies in that area.  So in the "field containing" area, the bodies get a bunch of potentials and engines in interferometry, thereby nullifying any specific emergent disease delta.

The targeted adversary, not having any knowledge or technology for the infolded electrodynamics, will not even recognize what is being done.

So the perpetrator hits a high level target -- the U.S. Ambassador and staff.  This guarantees the eventual attention of the DIA, CIA, State Department, etc. -- all the alphabet soup.  It will also be called to the notice (eventually) of the President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, etc.

The end result is that the alphabet soup will turn to the scientific community for answers.  That gives the Johns Hopkins investigation and analysis.  Then the KGB just sat back and waited to see what actions were initiated -- for that would be a great indicator with 100% assurance, of whether the U.S. knew of such infolded electrodynamics and had developed such technology in secret -- and therefore had defenses against it.

Well, we protested to the Soviet government.  They weakened the fields (deception) a little bit, sometimes even cut them off for awhile.  We eventually put up aluminum screens against the fields -- which of course do not stop the field-free potentials.  And so for decades the Russians had positive assurance from the highest level that our guys knew nothing of LW weapons and technology.

Anyway, that's a small window into the novel realm of EM bioeffects from the infolded electrodynamics as opposed to conventional electrodynamics.  Note that in all the Western literature there is not a single paper or study even investigating this area of EM bioeffects of infolded electrodynamics -- of "internal engines" in EM fields, waves, and potentials -- even though Whittaker's papers are nearly a century old.


Tom Bearden