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Subject: RE: Scalar Telescope
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 14:57:57 -0500


Unfortunately, just now with my severe physical condition and caring for my wife also since her stroke, I simply cannot take on any further tasks. Indeed, I'm shucking as many as I can, and can't even keep up with those of necessity remaining.

The idea is worth pursuing, and I hope some of the folks already working in longitudinal EM waves and its technology will do some things like that.

Under certain conditions, e.g., the Fogal semiconductor would occasionally "see right through" intervening heavy masses (buildings etc.) and the camera would take a picture of what lay behind them and beyond.

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Tom Bearden


You might want to get in touch with James McCanney ( ) and explore the possibility of developing a scalar telescope. As I mentioned previously, the idea is not that far fetched and could prove to be more efficacious than the Hubble. The light from celestial objects impinges upon every point in the entire universe. If a scalar vector was established at any given point in space it would be receiving electromagnetic energy from every object in the universe. Magnifying that electromagnetic energy by means of an electromagnetic lens deployed from the scalar vector point and then transmitting it back down the scalar conduit for processing into an image would then be possible. This would provide the ability to observe any object in the universe at anytime without diminution. If it can be imagined it is possible. Am I whacked or what?!? How about applying laser technology to the concept of a charged coupled device? One would think that a very weak electromagnetic wave could be magnified many times more than is possible with a CCD.