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Subject: RE: Dear Dr. Bearden, about closed looping...
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 15:30:02 -0500

Dear William,


All COP>1.0 electromagnetic systems involve not only positive energy (which you were thinking exclusively in terms of) but also negative energy.  They also involve a rather precise balance in their two environmental components: (1) the active vacuum, and (2) the active local curvatures of spacetime.  So the positive energy, negative energy, active vacuum, and local spacetime curvature have to all be dealt with and "freeze framed" and locked into a stable COP>1.0 operational state.


It's a horrendous problem, else we would have done it long ago.  One of our bench fellows is a phase lock loop specialist, so simple clamped positive feedback is a piece of cake for him.  One can try it, and watch all his switching transistors fail or even explode (they make nice little 1-foot diameter fireballs, and the fragments stinging one's face do keep the bench fellows on their toes).  Bedini solved it first, without clearly knowing the mechanism, so I was finally able to contribute the mechanism.  Bedini I have filed a patent application on the process, but he is the major inventor and I only made very small contributions.  There is another easier way that we at Magnetic Energy Ltd.  have discovered, but it calls for an extremely complex  and very expensive system buildup.  We are working on that method now, as we can, and have included it in a second patent application already filed.  Its mechanism is right out there on the forefront of quantum electrical physics.


No textbook anywhere discusses or gives the "supersystem" functioning --- all those components (the system, the active vacuum, and the local curvatures of spacetime --- which all interact with each other) that must be absolutely synchronized and stabilized, which is what is necessary for close-looping a COP>1.0 electrical system.


In the past a very few inventors also stumbled onto variant methods accidentally, without understanding the process at all, but just being able to do it by a way that they found.  I know of three of those, and their methods --- once painfully deciphered --- are different yet again.


Hope this sheds a little light on the subject.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Subject: Dear Dr. Bearden, about closed looping...
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 19:30:23 -0500

Dear Sir,
Over the past several months I have been slowly absorbing into my mind more information from your website. The whole concept you have resurrected dealing with the scalar longitudinal waves is fascinated. I have now realized that *all* of reality is completely engineerable. Time, space, gravity, inertia, and every thing that makes up reality are just different forms of these scalar waves that can be manipulated through the use of scalar technology.
However, there is one concept that has boggled my mind. Perhaps you can explain it to me.
You have stated that it is very difficult to "close-loop" the MEG or a free energy device. That certainly sounds fair enough in one sense, because we are dealing with an entirely new type of circuit. But in another sense, it is down right bizarre.
From what I understand the MEG is powered with electricity. Perhaps I am incorrect, but it could be powered with the electricity coming from a standard electrical outlet.
Once you power the MEG to create the initial dipole this device then can achieve a COP of at least 5 and up to 30 or more. But the point is of course the amount of electrical power going out can be many times that going in.
So you have lets say one unit of electrical power going in, and another ten going out for example.
These ten units of power could be used to power a microwave, a lamp, a television, and a computer for example.
So my question is as follows: why can you not simply and easily take "one" of these units of electricity and feed it back into the MEG to close-loop the device without any problem?
It seems to me that if you generate electricity to power various other devices with the MEG, then you should be able to re-route some of it back to the device.
For example, what if the power company started using a MEG to power the electrical grid. If you had a MEG at home could you power it from the electricity, pumped into the grid, from another MEG?
Or lets say you rigged up a MEG to power just your house. Could you "plug in" another MEG to an electrical outlet, inside of your home, and power it as well? Would that be a closed-loop?
It just seems to me that some form of closed looping should not be too difficult. If my thinking is flawed, please point it out to me, because I am sincerely trying to understand this concept.
Thank you very much for all of your efforts on the MEG.
Best Regards,

PS: Is there a way to pre-order your book (Energy From the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles)? I would like to order a copy right now! :-)