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Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 13:59:36 -0400
Subject: RE: Mathematical Background for Leyton's Symmetry

Dear Mr Bearden,

    I am from Atlanta, Ga. I will be transferring back to Ga, either to UGA, or Tech. (Probably UGA, although I have friends who go to Tech) I am pursuing a Physics Bachelor, and want to get a Masters in  something closely related (I see that you took the path of nuclear engineering). I will probably minor in mathematics, What math courses would you recommend to understand Whittaker's decomposition, and Leyton's hierarchy of symmetry to its full implications?  My next step in math classes will be partial differential equations, and in physics and I starting Modern Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

ANS: For Leyton's work, it's pure group theory.  He derived the new geometry and hierarchies of symmetry using pure group theoretic methods.  I don't know of any university teaching courses in his geometry as yet, but that should eventually change.  Whittaker's decomposition can be understood to first order with standard U(1) electrodynamics.  However, since each longitudinal EM wavepair is a phase conjugate pair, one needs to update one's interpretation of Whittaker's decomposition.  From quantum field theory, we find that neither the scalar (time-polarized) photon nor the longitudinal photon can be individually observed, but the combination of the two is observed as the instantaneous scalar potential.  So Whittaker's phase conjugate LW wavepair is actually a time-polarized EM wave coupled to a longitudinal EM wave.  This of  course also completely changes the entire notion of propagation of EM energy in 3-space, which is a non sequitur anyway.  Nothing changes or moves in 3-space along, but only in 4-space. No time, no change.  The confusion is because observation is a d/dt operator imposed upon an ongoing 4-space process.  It destroys the time-axis (as is well-known, all observation is 3-spatial) and produces an instantaneous frozen 3-space snapshot, much like a motion picture still (frame) taken by a "motion picture" camera.  The process accomplishing that d/dt is photon emission.  Photon absorption by a 3-space (frozen) entity adds the time domain (and increases the mass a little), thus producing the unobserved 4-space process again.  This is the real secret behind duality (the old wave-particle argument which was never solved, just abandoned).

So you should plan on courses in group theory, and in quantum field theory, as well as the quantum mechanics courses you will be taking.  Leyton, I believe, is placing a new manuscript with his publisher, giving (I hope) some of the applications to physics of his new geometry and hierarchies of symmetry. Unless  Rutgers teaches some courses in it, I don't know of any others (but I'm pretty much out of the loop with the universities).

For the higher symmetry electrodynamics, a few universities do offer courses in quaternion mathematics, but usually for aerodynamicists.  Quaternions are very useful in aerodynamics.  The literature, however, has lots of quaternion work scattered in it.  A very good higher group symmetry EM is O(3) EM, founded by Evans and Wigner.  Evans is working on a textbook right now (to be published by World Scientific).  Evans heads the Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study (an unfunded group of fine theorists and scientists).  They have a website,, which contains much material.  You can contact Evans there if you wish, and for members of AIAS there is also a restricted DoE website in advanced electrodynamics, carrying over 100 papers.

 Do many universities even offer Clifford algebra, or Klein geometry, etc? 
Also, why do you call the bi-directional wave pairs "engines"? (is it because they can be Engineered?)

See above for the algebra and geometry.  For the other:  One of the really serious flaws and limitations in electrodynamics is its assumption of a flat spacetime (which is only a gross approximation; every time the energy density of space changes, spacetime is curved.  Interestingly, that bidirectional longitudinal EM phase conjugate wavepair (whew! Let's just call it a "W-pair") has a rhythmic oscillation of the time density in its phase conjugate wave (re-interpreted to be in accord with quantum field theory) accompanying or correlated with a rhythmic oscillation of the spatial energy density in the spatial LW component.  That's a direct variation of the curvature of spacetime, and it is a powerful curvature since time has the same energy density as mass.  E = ct^2 gives the rough spatial energy equivalence of some time.  (Remember, the fundamental units one uses in one's physics model are totally arbitrary.  Simply consider a model where the joule is the only fundamental unit.  In that case, mass is totally a function of energy (no problem, after Einstein and the nuclear age), but so is time (a real problem, since few of our physicists have reached the point of considering time as energy).  Anyway, each of those Whittaker pairs, considered from the QFT view, is a very powerful wave of the oscillation of the curvature of spacetime.  That type of "curvature wave" will act upon mass to produce real forces.  Now thinking backwards, this means that you can put a deterministic "set" or "pattern" of such w-pairs inside a scalar potential. Call that deterministic set an "engine".  An engine can be designed and inserted inside a scalar potential, to interact with mass at any level and in any fashion desired!  In the GR view, all forces are results of the interaction of curvature of spacetime with mass.  So one can design and insert a deliberate pattern of forces (and their dynamics) inside the scalar potential.  This is why the potentials on the membranes and every part of a cell in the body, are so important.  All the real action by the body's cellular control system is going on in the "engines" inside those potentials.

Now Whittaker's 1904 paper shows that any EM field or wave can also be decomposed into differential functions of two scalar potentials.  This paper initiated what today is called "superpotential" theory.  Sadly, no one included in those two "base" scalar potentials the further Whittaker decomposition of 1903 (the w-waves).  Hence they totally missed the ability to form such engines inside any EM signal, radiate a targeted mass or masses with the signal, gradually deposit (integrate) those engines inside the targeted mass, and thus directly affect, change, and engineer that mass from a distance --- including even inside the nucleons, to engineer the gluons and quarks.  In short, they missed a vast new superphysics -- which of course the Russians did not miss, but developed (highly classified by the Russians) and weaponized.  We cover that sort of thing in other publications.

So that is the meaning of "engines".  An engine is a deterministic set of such coupled time-polarized EM wave and longitudinal EM wave pairs, deliberately inserted inside a carrier EM potential or field or wave.  It can be used for great harm, of course, but it also can be used for great good.  The human cellular restorative system (which does all the actual healing, after the immune system has killed the bad guys and littered the battlefield) uses this "internal" and far more fundamental EM.  The Russian weapons scientists call this area "energetics" (they borrowed an older term and pressed it into use).  Some 10 nations now have weaponized this area or parts of it, yet our orthodox scientists still have not really read and studied the combination of Whittaker two papers (1903 and 1904) or reinterpreted them in the light of QFT.

I particularly advocate the crash development of mass treatment units, portable and about the size of a large suitcase, to be able to effectively treat and save the mass casualties we shall eventually have in our cities and population centers, once the terrorists assets already in country are unleashed.  If interested in that, see my Porthole briefing on my website, and also the provisional patent application I freely gave to the public domain, to the peoples of the earth.

If I want to meet upcoming professionals interested in the same field, do you have any forums, or interest groups online or in Huntsville? ( I have joined the JLN labs yahoo group, and read a lot of their postings)

Nothing much like that is going on in Huntsville, except for a tiny bit of antigravity work by Li Ning, and a couple other outfits.  However, the funding for any such "out of the box" here is vanishingly small and nearly non existent.  In the higher group symmetry O(3) electrodynamics, the AIAS group is directed by Dr. Myron Evans, and their discussions, papers prepared and reviewed, and papers submitted for publication are conducted by E-mail, since the scientists are scattered through many nations.

The ordinary Internet does contain a great deal of information, and also a great deal of disinformation.  One must sort out the actual scientific work from the flame artists, "instant" experts (often with a B.S. degree in EE only), etc.  Some of them of course are doing excellent work. Others have a mind game going. You can particularly recognize the scurrilous ones by their habit of making vicious ad hominem attacks on anyone really trying to approach these areas scientifically.  Look for the discussion of the scientific part of the problem, such as the source charge problem, what unified field theory is and where it has progressed to, lists of hard science references in the refereed scientific literature, etc.  But these days a Google search, adroitly applied and filtered, can give you lots of very valuable information, papers, etc.  The trick is to keep it scientific, and filter out the wheat from the chaff.

On a slightly different subject, I have read that Hieronymous was able to conduct electricity through an indigo ink circuit... would you speculate this was accomplished via virtual fields and the intentions of the mind (being used as a scalar interferometer)??

Such devices make use of the fact that a human being also has a quantum potential connecting his body.  The quantum potential (in Bohm's interpretation of quantum mechanics) is everywhere it's going to be, at once, with no "travel in between".  Remember we pointed out that the notion of "energy transmission through 3-space" (originated by Heaviside and Poynting in the 1880s, and before that not appearing in physics) is an oxymoron, since all changes occur in 4-space, not 3-space. What actually "propagates" is the iterative appearance at 3-spatial points (say, along a line of "travel" or "perception of travel position") of a circulation of EM energy from the time domain into the 3-space at that point and return to the time domain. That's for the negative charge; for the positive charge, there is a circulation going the other way.  It is that CIRCULATION process that actually "spreads" in 4-space, and we iteratively detect 3-space energy intersections of that ongoing 4-circulation with our instruments at iterative 3-space points, in sequence.

All that said, the quantum potential is rather like an ordinary scalar potential in the Coulomb gauge (which is instantaneous also, but which is usually confined to the 'near field'.  The QP is not limited to the near field.  But as a scalar potential, it has an internal Whittaker structuring, and thus can transport an "engine".  The "operator" of the Hieronymus device uses his own personal QP (with perhaps some assisted "tuning" from the device) to form the necessary internal engine (an adaptation of his unconscious use of his cellular control system, which uses this exact process in the body).  Also, any two objects that have interacted with each other by photon interaction, thereafter have a very weak QP connection between them.  An object that has so interacted and developed a QP connection with a person (or an object such as an agricultural field) is said to be a "witness", meaning a little "tuner" which has such a standing QP connection with the object of interest.  A person has such a weak QP connection with one of his fingernail cuttings, lock of his hair, etc. Obvious a photograph contains such a connection.  Some rather rigorous scientific tests of insect control at a distance, by treating the photograph of an agricultural field and its crops (placing insecticide on the photograph) have been successfully conducted.  A variation of double blind testing has also been used in at least one very successful set of tests.

Anyway, that is the theory of the Hieronymus device. He did not induce "current through the ink drawing" as such.  Instead, he introduced the 4-space engine for the "spread of that 4-circulation of EM energy" that is usually interpreted in the old fashion.

In the present world situation, five nations have very powerfully developed quantum potential weapons, which are the most powerful weapons on earth.  Some of the testing and uses of those weapons are covered in my old book, recently updated a bit, called Fer-de-Lance.

The engine concept has also been weaponized and further extended by the Russians, in a very bizarre fashion.  Imagine a functioning system, a robot having various EM functions and mechanical functions, computer processing, signal and communications processing, and EM weaponry.  Now leave that system's entire gestalt functioning, but just remove the mass.  voila! You have a functioning set of engines and their dynamics.  call that an "engine robot" system.  Now insert that system into some charged mass, and allow it to interact with the charged mass. You have real, physical "system functions and actions" emerging in the mass!

Further, you have to have a carrier or "container" for that set of engines (for the engine system or engine robot).  Fine, just embed it in an EM signal or EM potential.  E.g., record that "engine-embedded" EM signal on a CD-ROM.  Now copy that CD-ROM.  You copy not only the external "envelope" signal, but its inner contents --- the "engine system" -- as well.

It appears to be horribly difficult to make one good debugged engine robot system.  Once you have made one, perhaps costing a billion dollars, you can then grind them out like sausages for less than $1 apiece.

With the communications function, you can also communicate with each and every robot system, via longitudinal EM waves. By having a number registry that can be set, you can give each one a number or individual "name". Voila! You have created an eerie kind of robot army, and these robots can travel through any EM field, potential, or signal.  E.g., mass (such as the earth and the ocean) is largely empty space filled with fields and potentials.  Hence it is a vast superhighway through which the robots can easily travel.  A signal from a satellite in orbit can be received, and a robot can be sent back through the signal beam right into the guts of the satellite.  And so on.

This too has been weaponized, and tested on a rather giant scale.  It was also effective countered by a friendly little nation.

Anyway, once we turn to the H-device and to the use of "engine robot systems", you can begin to see the possibilities (for both good and evil, unfortunately) for such technology.

 I Greatly Appreciate any inputyou might have on the subject!
Thank You!

Best wishes to you, Ryan, and I wish you well in your education program.

Tom Bearden