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Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 19:39:18 -0600



Whew!  Too many questions.


Fogal continues to press to get his chips into production.  He has passed several rigorous tests in several areas, and particularly in removing noise from EM signals, photos, etc.  At least one successful and rigorous test of the communications showing far less delay than is accounted at the speed of light, was conducted by an independent group.


Much of the physics program since 1872 has been driven by Klein geometry and Klein's Erlanger program.  Michael Leyton, however, has originated a new object-oriented geometry which extends Klein geometry (which is a subset of Leyton geometry).  A beautiful thing emerges from it, both for Fogal's work, for my proposed solution to the source charge problem, and for some sweeping corrections and extensions to physics, electrodynamics, and thermodynamics.  In Leyton's geometry, when symmetry is broken at a given level, it generates a priori a new symmetry at the next higher level.  Further, the new symmetry infolds all the information of the lower level symmetries and asymmetries.  In short, there emerge hierarchies of symmetry.  Among other things, this would seem to have a startling impact upon signal theory, particularly with respect to noise in signals. At the proper Leyton symmetry, information on the noise does exist, exactly. So it does indeed appear possible to take out all the noise from an EM signal, for photography, etc.  Fogal has shown some very nice results that can only be consistent with that conclusion.  He can indeed remove the noise, without all the present wrangle about the statistics, etc.


In terms of the source charge problem, I've roughly applied Leyton's hierarchies of symmetry, and it does indeed generate all the different levels of symmetries and asymmetries that I had run into. It does it precisely.


In very preliminary work on thermodynamics, this appears to show some profound flaws in the present foundations of thermodynamics, and it appears to offer a solution to the greatest problem in thermodynamics, that of its asymmetry.  In short, if interactions can only have the entropy remain the same or increase, then how did the entropy get so low to begin with?  If there are no negative entropy processes, no one has found an explanation for this yet.  In the conventional thermo approach, something like the Big Bang etc. is just assumed to have provided the original controlled order, etc.  At this point I believe we will be able to make a case for the direct production of negative entropy.  Here some very profound theoretical work by Evans and Rondoni is key, since they showed that a nonequilibrium steady state (NESS) system can produce negative entropy, and that entropy can further decrease toward negative infinity as time passes.  Evans and Rondoni were taken aback at their own results, and felt that no physical system could do that.  However, being careful scientists, they pointed out that "the problem remained" for deterministic dissipative systems.


I've nominated the source charge as a concrete physical system exhibiting precisely that negative entropy predicted theoretically by Evans and Rondoni.  The source charge in fact consumes positive entropy of the disordered virtual photon flux of the vacuum, producing symmetry and perfectly ordered and controlled energy at the next higher level (the macroscopic fields and potentials associated with that source charge). In short, the charge absorbs disordered virtual photon energy, and coherently integrates it into observable photon energy, emitting (dissipating) the observable photons in all directions, but producing deterministic external fields and potentials.


Anyway, a quantum potential is after all a potential, and thus its decomposition by Whittaker's 1903 paper applies.  The resulting bidirectional phase conjugate longitudinal EM wavepairs are in fact curvatures of spacetime.  By "assembling" a desired set of such wavepairs (desired curvatures of spacetime) and their dynamics, one assembles a quantum potential containing an exact "engine" and its dynamics, capable of acting upon mass at any level (including the nucleons and even the quarks) and producing any action desired and designed.


With the usual niceties, the five nations of the world having developed quantum potential technology have developed it clandestinely and for weapons, since it is so powerful.  QP weapons are in fact the most powerful weapons on earth.


The Russians (under the old KGB) developed the first QP weapons, specifically for the purpose of countering "dead man fuzing".  That is a term for the old practice during the cold war where some nuclear nations clandestinely inserted nuclear weapons inside the cities and population centers of the targeted nation they saw as an enemy.  Thus if their enemy were to suddenly attack them with a full nuclear assault and destroy them, their clandestine weapons served as "dead man fuzing" to still be detonated by their inserted teams, destroying the nation that had just destroyed them. In short, a dead man killed his assassin, hence the terminology.


Russia inserted clandestine weapons into our cities and population centers; simply read Lunev's book, where he tells you how they were inserted. They also inserted the Spetznaz teams to detonate the weapons on order.  The weapons and the teams are still there, and the FSS (new name for the KGB) could produce 100 million U.S. casualties at a moment's notice, without launching a single missile or nuclear bomber.


Not to worry (the lunatic says!).  Russia was also dead-man fuzed in similar fashion, by one or more friendly nations.  So the old die-hard Communists had a problem: they could not afford to use a surprise nuclear attack on the U.S., mostly destroying it, then accept whatever could be launched in return at Russia, and survive themselves.  The dead-man fuzing weapons would still have destroyed Russia.


Ah, but with a quantum potential, suppose you insert two engines: One is designed to dud (flip a quark or two and change the nucleus) of plutonium, and the other is designed to dud U235.  Almost all the nuclear weapons, nuclear submarine propulsion systems, and nuclear power plants would be dudded by such a weapon of great power, in from 10 minutes to an hour.


So they developed the QP weapon for that purpose, deploying it in 1989.  Brazil has developed such QP weapons also, and in early 2002 China also deployed them.  Two other nations friendly to the U.S. also have developed the QP weapons.


So today it's still a standoff.  The FSS (KGB) is not a monolith, but is comprised of two main factions: (1) the hostile faction, still under the remaining die-hard old communists, still seeking to destroy the United States, and (2) the modern younger faction, from which Putin comes, which would like a rapprochement with the United States, and to become our trusted cheap oil provider, so appreciable funds would be pumped into the severely sagging Russian economy.


So, yes, if it were possible to ever use such developed QP system for peaceful purposes, cleanup of nuclear wastes would be one of the primary direct uses, solving a major biospheric problem.


However, that is not going to happen!  The QP weapon is so powerful, that in unrestrained hands it could easily just destroy every human being on earth, in about the same 10 minutes to one hour.  Not a single one would be missed.  It could also wipe out all life on earth.


So as you can see, there is simply no way to bell that cat, that anyone knows or can discover, except by the sheer balance of terror between rational adversaries.  The old "mutual assured destruction" concept.


There is still a problem, of course.  Once such weapons fall into IRRATIONAL hands, mutual assured destruction vanishes and only assured destruction is left.


This same dilemma is also true of any and all powerful weapons of mass destruction, particular nuclear weapons and some biological warfare weapons (such as smallpox).


Smallpox professionally released in a single major city on the planet, will eventually kill about two billion persons --- nearly one-third of the human population.  Smallpox is in the hands of the terrorists, and is very likely to be introduced before too long.  It's hardly a matter of if, but of when.


The international terrorists (political terrorists and religion-driven terrorists) have their own agenda for destruction of the United States.  E.g., Iran is on the way to acquiring nuclear weapons, legally.  The Russians are helping Iran build a nuclear power reactor. It will be on line about a year from now (2004).  When it has been in operation for one year (2005), it will have produced enough weapons grade plutonium for 50 nuclear bombs. After the next two years (2007), Iran will have 150 nuclear bombs.  Syria is considering taking the same route, as are several other nations, some of whom are terrorist-sponsoring nations. North Korea has already started back up its nuclear reactor, so it is on the same path.


The point is this:  By as early as three years from now (2006), the international terrorists (the Al Qaedas etc. of the world) will indeed possess clandestine nuclear weapons, given to them by their sponsoring nations, in sufficient quantity and already inserted into U.S. cities, to do terrible damage to the United States. Certainly within five years (2008) that capability will be a fait accomplis.  And these are irrational hands.


So sometime between 2007 and 2008, if that scenario is not broken up, the United States will be suddenly destroyed by the international terrorists, by simply exploding nuclear weapons in, say, 20 or more of our major cities and population centers --- in the dirt and dirty.  The total casualties, after all the fall-out, could exceed 100 million.


And that is without the anthrax and smallpox, which will probably already have been released.


The Al Qaeda announced not too long ago that it already has seven nuclear weapons hidden in U.S. cities -- which may well be true. Certainly when the Soviet economy collapsed, bringing down the old Soviet Empire, the generals and soldiers were not being paid.  To survive, they simply sold critical parts of their hardware and systems to the highest bidder. If you had guts and money, you could buy anything you wished from the Russian military (which worked in cahoots with the Russian mafia), including a nuclear submarine.  A mobster even bought a Russian nuclear sub, and hired a Russian admiral.  The U.S. discovered the plot and arrested and jailed the mobster before he could take delivery.


The terrorists had money, and they had guts.  They bought.


These are the kinds of harsh facts that the President faced after 9/11.


So we are in this war now, to try to destroy and prevent that scenario.  That's what Afghanistan and Iraq are all about.  And those are two battles, not the entire war.


The "new warfare" using clandestinely inserted weapons of mass destruction, to attain a knock-out capability and then suddenly destroy even the most powerful nation on earth, is called "asymmetric" war.


The problem is that mutual assured destruction (mutual deterrence) fails when irrational regimes have the weapons of mass destruction and have attained the knockout capability.


Asymmetric war eliminates anything called peace, forever or until we win the war on terrorism (destroy that scenario), or else lose it.  "Peace" and "dialogue" and "negotiation" are just names for continuing the insertion phase.  We will either win the war or be utterly destroyed by 2008.  No negotiation, no dialogue, no diplomacy changes it one iota.  Remember, there is no such thing as deterrence any longer.  In the absence of deterrence, dialog and diplomacy have always failed, and will always fail.  In the absence of deterrence, there is only continual war, no peace.  After high level briefings a month or so after 9/11, Vice President Cheney morosely observed:


“The war on terrorism will not be over in our lifetime.  It is different than the Gulf War was in the sense that it may never end. At least not in our lifetime.  The way I think of it is, it’s a new normalcy.”

Vice President Dick Cheney, October 21, 2001].


So there you have it.  Not a pleasant picture at all.  But that's what I perceive is really going on in the world today.


Ironically, we have been in World War III --- the new "asymmetric" war -- for some time now.  We were dangerously close to losing it, when we finally realized we were in a war and we had to either get busy or the United States would be utterly destroyed, as certainly as the sun will rise tomorrow.


Let's hope we win it, and let us also hope that there occurs some kind of miracle in human kind, so that asymmetric war and irrational dictators and the insanity of one human's inhumanity to his or her fellow humans disappears.


We can at least hope, but history bears out that we cannot expect the latter to happen on our watch. In that case, we had better be sure we win, for once we lose, there will be no America left, ever.


Anyway, to try to make at least some small contribution to the latter hope, we fixed on the areas of cheap clean energy from the vacuum and a new kind of quick, clean, medical therapy to be developed (hopefully).  So what remaining years I have left, will be spent in work on those two areas.  If the people of the earth can have a better standard of living (cheap clean energy is the key), and better medical care to rid them of the present dread diseases, then perhaps the "irrationality" can be reduced and we may have at last some chance of the second change in humanity after all.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

 Dear Mr Bearden,
Do you believe that by using a semiconductor like Fogal's, when used to pull noise out, and give exact spacetime curvatures of the dynamics of a photograph, that one could theoretically engineer at a distance the target of the photograph? Hopefully in order to neutralize radioactive contamination.
     I have read that a quantum connection can go "through" the time domain via the dipole with its exchange with the virtual particle vacuum between the two charges. A simple DC current under Whittaker's decomposition, now has rich infolded dynamics. Is it possible that these dynamics can become impressed or engineered via a photograph and proper freq's? Might this have an effect similiar to taking higher derivatives of Whittaker's decomposition equations?
     Is it true that the Fogal chip will work on both digital and film photography? What conceptual methods could neutralize contamination over a broad geographic area, say a town. Would satellites be necessary, or could it be done in a lab with photographs and/or digital images? Surely, there must be a better method than chemical spraying the community.    
    How would Time reversed waves effect a radioactive element or isotope?
How is Fogal and his associates progressing in the commercialization aspects of the technology? Is he still having funding issues or is there still patent issues preventing practical applications?
Thank you for your Time!