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Sent: Sunday, April 04, 2004 10:36 AM

Edited from Private Correspondence


The news everyday about the world’s increasing appetite and downright hunger for oil is very sobering. Frankly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s coming, if energy from the vacuum is not achieved and marketed in real, practical systems. If we ever get that turned around, your efforts and support will have been a great part and great cause of the result!

In aerospace, I often had projects under my direction that involved extensive programming and modeling, so I am quite familiar with always examining in depth the characteristics and assumptions of one’s model. That was one of our biggest problems; to get the programmers to meticulously set down – very clearly and exactly -- all assumptions they cranked into the programs and models. Otherwise, things became blurred and confused beyond comprehension or understanding, and one saw a “mystical” program that was “accepted” to do thus and so and be the final word. Many that I examined – including some by leading agencies – were indeed real pieces of junk, once the underlying assumptions were drug out. In Patriot, e.g., I smoked out the entire Vulnerability Modeling Community and their gross negligence of duty for 10 years, while sucking millions of dollars from the missile program and delivering junk. It was so bad that when I briefed the Project Manager, the General called in the entire Vulnerability community for a meeting – and to their utter astonishment gave them the public tongue-lashing of their careers! He started this way: “Good morning! YOU GODDAMN PEOPLE HAVE …..” , shaking his finger at them, and it went downhill after that. For the General, I also immediately sent severely castigating back channels on their lack of performance, to all their commanding generals back at their home installations, and we also sent confirming back channels to higher command including Department of the Army. Needless to say, that put the deadbeat vulnerability community to work with real alacrity, and in six months we began to have decent vulnerability models of targeted aircraft so that the technical models dealing with Single Shot Kill Probability (SSKP) and defense effectiveness (Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analyses – COEAs) began to have some “real world” valid meaning. That was while I was still in the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel. Later after retirement, I did the same thing for the SHORAD (Short Range Air Defense) program, directing the contractor technical team of engineers, programmers, and analysts that developed the entire SHORAD C2 (command and control) model and the actual SHORAD C2 system architecture.

I just apply the same proven examination techniques to other models such as the Maxwell-Heaviside model. Look at a symbol (such as E or B or Phi) and ask what is the exact meaning of that term, as it is used in that mathematical model. Actually they turn out not to be the “field” itself at all, but the intensity of its interaction with static charged matter. And Voila! The electricians are still back there where our programmers were, so long ago, right at the beginning! Nobody even LISTS the foundations assumptions of those EM models etc. No one seems to notice that it isn’t the E-field they discuss and calculate at all, e.g., but the interaction of the (unknown) spatial E-field upon and in static charged matter! Many EEs cannot read the actual definition of the electric field intensity and then clearly state what that definition really says! Similarly for the B-field. Similarly for the electrostatic scalar potential. Similarly for Lorentz’s symmetrical regauging of the equations. Etc.

So it really is true that electrical engineers don’t even know what the E-field and B-field in space really are, nor do they calculate and use “the E-field”. They don’t seem to notice that the only definition they have is for the intensity of that real E-field’s interaction with charged mass, in and on the charged mass. In short, they have a definition of the EFFECT IN STATIC CHARGED MATTER of the interaction of that mysterious and nondefined “field in space”. They have no notion at all of the real interacting entity, in its force-free form in space prior to it interacting with matter.

And the odd thing is that the gist of these problems has long been pointed out by eminent scientists, but just ignored! Yet in the more than a century since they pasted together and warped that classical EM model and created electrical engineering as of today, the electricians have simply not corrected the model’s serious and terrible flaws. Further, they have no intention of doing so today, if they can help it. Most don’t even know there is a problem!

Ah well! Nobody said it would be easy.