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Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 23:37:02 -0600

Dear Ryan,


The situation for "outside the box work and thinking" is grim in Huntsville right now.  NASA funding for their Breakthrough Propulsion Program is very limited and very much up in the air.  There is lots of computerized data communications, etc. engineering work here, but the work of those who were trying to do antigravity etc. is grim indeed.


And unfortunately, there is nowhere I know of where one can get into a program designed for eventual work in vacuum energy and higher group symmetry electrodynamics.  The pioneers of O(3) etc. have taken a brutal beating, had careers terminated, etc.


In military affairs, there is a standard Strategic Analysis one makes on a nation of interest.  One of the areas of strategic analysis is called "National Style".  The national style of the United States is very interesting; for one thing, we do not react to slowly increasing threats.  We don't react to the boa constrictor, but only to the rattlesnake.


So for us, progress (in such things as "out of the box thinking", to use the prevailing buzz words) usually occurs only after something hits us on the heads and half knocks out our brains.  That will be true in the unorthodox energy area, the unorthodox medical area, and the antigravity area.  It is particularly true in drying up any real funding in these areas. A little lip service, yes, but really serious and sustained work and funding, no.


So that is the gloomy condition.  In my case, I'm trying just to pass the baton, so to speak, to a younger, more vigorous, bright, and well-trained generation of "runners" in the race.  If we can just shorten their time of coming up to the present point, then they will have a lifetime to run with it and get it done.  With enough of them running, someone will cross the finish line, or at least that is my hope.


Max Planck said it correctly when he said:


"An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: it rarely happens that Saul becomes Paul.  What does happen is that its opponents gradually die out, and that the growing generation is familiarized with the ideas from the beginning."

[Max Planck, in G. Holton, Thematic Origins of Scientific Thought, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1973.]


The real need in this area is, I think, some wealthy patrons who can discretely fund some of the pioneers, such as Myron Evans, and some of the younger very bright persons now entering the arena. If that can be done, under the right vision, then a great deal of progress can be made much more quickly.


So far, we have not seen any such patronage.  In my own case, I do receive a few donations from time to time, and these have been life's blood in allowing things like computers, acquisition of the necessary technical journals and books, etc.  Without those thoughtful persons, it simply could not have been done.  Now what is needed is some rather major funding to set up a major laboratory, specifically to do the "energy from the vacuum" work.  I can personally recommend inventors to be funded who do have legitimate units as working laboratory experiments.  But lots of other skills are needed also, particularly in several types of physics, and in higher group symmetry electrodynamics.


What I fear is that the energy crisis will have to bite the U.S. very hard, and almost destroy us as a nation, before the National Academy of Sciences and the National Science Foundation -- and the great scientific societies -- will get their heads out of the sand and face the fact that every EM system ever built is powered by energy extracted from the local vacuum via the asymmetry of the source charges in the system, in their interaction with the active vacuum.  But that is not going to happen until we have a Pearl Harbor in the energy field.  That is coming, unfortunately.


So we can only hope that the crisis is not too bad when it hits us, and that it does not collapse our economy. If we survive it okay, and the scientific mindset changes as a result, then the job can be very quickly done, once those sharp young grad students and post docs are freed and funded to work the problem.


Anyway, I continue to hope for the best and do what I can.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Dr. Mr Bearden,
  Hello again,  I am an undergrad physics major and looking for a way to broaden my EM education by possible interning or studying with any organizations involved in any of the processes that will be needed to break the barriers.  I am sure the website is a incredible method of really getting the information out there! I would be more interested in the subspace communication aspects fof the business. I know that TimeDomain is located in Huntsville. You mentioned them in your book, and I have read their entire website. Also, I have read about the AIAS on the DoE webpage talking about (o)3 symmetry. Are you aware of any study programs or internships either in Huntsville, or who or how should I go about pursuing such a career?? I also have just bought Nick Cook's Zero Point book, (I am 12 chapters in). So, I understand that many of these markets are in Fierce competition, my father used to dwindle in the medical aspects, but the FDA didn't want him "treating" any disease (even though it had proper FDA labeling). His old roommate used to know Kitselman and saw many incredible things! According to Nick Cook's book, it looks like anything to do with "antigravity" is being suppressed, and of course the Terrorist applications are mind boggling... As for "Free" energy, I don't know what we're going to do with all of those power line towers...  Any of those could certainly revolutionize an industry, If the industry would put there money into it... It would seem as if the Aerospace industry would try and commercialize- BUT then you run into the military and covert programs...
 I wish you great luck with your project, I understand it is mostly being done out side of the US for obvious reasons. I would love to contribute tons of money for the cause, But as a college student the moneys tight!( I think as of now my knowledge is more valuable!)  I have also been keeping up with Jean Naudin, He is doing some incredible stuff! He is always posting something!  Also it looks like Fran de Aquino in Brazil might be up to something, I believe Naudin is trying to replicating it. I also read the Huntsville might becoming a new "silicon valley" for Fortune 500 tech companies, are these companies interested in "breakin' barriers" (or squeezin' through them?) Is there anybody influential in the "neighborhood" that might have study programs, summer research or labs to get hands on experience in the field?  Even a Tesla lab would be very interesting!  Has there been any universities in Huntsville that have caught wind of these processes?
Good Luck! I and I hope that we can finish this race!