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Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 17:24:34 -0600

Dear Ryan,


Well, for grabbers I think we must somehow see one of the COP>1.0 EM systems, taking its energy from the vacuum,  through to the finish and onto the world market before we will see the solid resistance of the scientific community change very much.  If that can be done, it will automatically change electrodynamics taught in university, because the EE model implicitly assumes that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe is and has been freely created from nothing at all, via the associated source charges.  They have been suppressing that little thing for decades, and have just swept it (the source charge problem) from all the textbooks etc., and never mention it.


Note that to get that first "project" through, a set of the most powerful cartels on the planet must be defeated, and the entire attitude of the scientific community must be changed.  A pretty tall order!  Not one of the COP>1.0 systems (other than the common solar cell, which is not a major threat to the present energy cartels) has made it through yet.


Next I think we must somehow ram through the Priore-type medical therapy approach, or extensions of it.  Again, that requires that another of the most powerful cartels on the planet must be defeated, and the entire attitude of the scientific community must be changed.  Again, a tall order!  Priore himself could not make it through those barriers, even though the results were published in the hard French scientific community, and imminent French scientists worked with him.


As a third process, I think we need to ram through the use of the much more fundamental longitudinal EM presently comprising all our normal EM fields and potentials, as shown by Whittaker in 1903 and 1904.  By doing that, perhaps we shall then be able to use this vastly extended electrodynamics --- as in the Fogal technology --- for instant "subspace" communications etc., "seeing at a distance", exploring directly the innards of stars and planets, and lots of other things we haven't even thought of as yet.  As an example, by combining this "inner electrodynamics"  with the quantum potential, one can produce "engines" which can perform any desired function or set of functions directly into and onto a physical system, multiple systems, or all systems to change it or them as one wishes. One could directly transmute elements at will, change matter at will, regrow missing limbs, fix birth defeats including genetic defects, etc.  One could directly eradicate all HIV viruses on the planet, that cause the AIDS disease.  Or eradicate smallpox completely, even in clandestine labs.  You can see the danger, however!  One could also eradicate every human being on the planet as well, and some fool will immediately see that and get to it.  So the question becomes, "As our tools and techniques become so vastly powerful, how does one prevent them from being used to just destroy humanity?  Or the biosphere?" The timeline is ticking. We either solve the human problem first, so that humans can and will survive, or humankind will solve it by eliminating it (and the humans as well).


As a fourth process, antigravity (both propulsion and lift) can be developed, anytime the funding and research is allowed.  A chapter of my book is devoted to our own view of the mechanism that makes it possible.   This is an engineerable mechanism.  Well, again one has some very powerful cartels concerned with the transportation business.  So here again, one is up against the same two barriers: defeating the prevailing cartels and convincing the scientific community to pull its head out of the sand and leave its ostrich position.


In the slightly more than 30 years I've been concerned with the above, not a single COP>1.0 "energy from the vacuum" system has yet made it through the barriers and onto the world market.  In our own case, the MEG has made it through several barriers by enormous effort, but it has not yet successfully made it past the "vertical cliff" funding barrier for final research and development to finish it and get it on the market.


In my view, increasingly it seems that it probably will not happen in my lifetime (which admittedly is getting a bit short, because I'm getting a bit long in the tooth!).  So we must pass on everything we can to the young grad students and post doctoral scientists, and to the educated public, and that is what we are trying to do with the website, book, etc.


In short, at some point one has to pass the baton to other, younger, more vigorous runners, and hope that they will be able to finish the race.


Welcome to the race, and let's hope the new baton-carriers will get it done in spite of all the opposition.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Dr Mr Bearden,
    I am thoroughly enjoying Energy from the Vacuum,  it is an incredible piece of work!  I have ben reading tons of information about "scalar technology", and see that you have been involved with the USPA.  I was wondering if you could speculate on what type of practical applications and technology/ vitrual devices that might be coming to the commercial market in the future?  The whole field is extremely exciting to me, and I would love to hear a bit more about it from someone who has had the inside experience!
 Thank you soo much for you extremely valuable time!