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Subject: RE: Congratulations Tom!
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 11:45:41 -0600


Thanks Adam!


Nice to hear from you, and I hope that things go well with you, and that we will yet see some of your work out there on the world market, past all the suppression.


With the MEG we have now arrived at that "sheer vertical cliff" where very substantial funding (about $29 to 30 million) is required, in order to finish the physics research and go from successful lab experiment devices to production-engineered systems ready for production.  There are several somewhat rare physics disciplines involved in the MEG, other than the higher group symmetry electrodynamics.  It isn't an electrical engineering project at all.  So the business of highly nonlinear phenomenology, nonlinear scale-up, nonlinear modeling and simulation, chaotic oscillations and control, etc. is a primary requirement to be done in the finishing research.  That requires quite a sophisticated laboratory and quite a mature, sophisticated team.  We can put the first units on the market one year after we have assembled the lab and scientific team, so we can get on with it.


This puts us at the point where previous successful COP>1.0 systems have all failed: the substantial funding and final "advanced engineering research" requirement phase.


With the issuance of the first patent (that's the one with the simple stuff in it; the really good stuff is in the second patent still pending), at least we are now in position to be able to seriously negotiate for funding.  We also must prepare two other patents and get them in there as well.


But it's a great project because of the intense, forefront physics involved (such as geometric phase and gauge field theory).  The MEG seems to be the first practical macroscopic application of the geometric phase, even though the Aharonov-Bohm effect has been in the literature since 1959, and there are now about 25,000 papers on the AB effect, its adiabatic extension by Berry, and its further extension to general geometric phase by Aharonov and Anandan.


So we will continue to the very best of our ability.


Very best wishes,


Tom Bearden

Subject: Congratulations Tom!
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 11:23:49 -1000

Dear Tom,

Congratulations!!! I am so happy that in this strange world there is some good news. I hope that you are very, very careful. We are praying that you are well protected and that you have great success! It is so very paradoxical that after the Bush coup this Patent was still issued. Bravo!

I hope your recovery from your heart attack is proceeding at a good pace. If I can be of any service please let me know.