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Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 10:44 AM
Subject: RE: Profound thanks for your donation to Tom Bearden

Thanks Dillon!

Very much appreciated.

Unfortunately, the only mind engineering I’ve tried to decipher and follow is the psychoenergetics developed by the former Soviet Union (under the KGB/FSS), and since 1997 really finalized and tested. The ability to directly engineer a mind and its operations from scratch – i.e., create a living entity – has been achieved and now is much developed.

All mind operations are on the time axis, and mind is totally electromagnetic but over on that axis. So one must utilize time-polarized photons and resulting time-polarized waves from quantum field theory – these time-polarized photons are also known as “scalar” photons. Neither the longitudinal photon nor the scalar photon is individually observable, but the combination is observable as the instantaneous scalar potential (common voltage). In short, common voltage is an assemblage of such wavepairs, part of which are over on the time-axis. It follows that, by properly shaping and structuring these internal waves that comprise voltage, then voltage can be produced that has a rather magnificent internal structure, capable of directly affecting and even directly engineering mindstuff. It also follows that time is already totally alive, since all minds (and all that have ever been) are there.

The very concept of directly making and engineering minds as living entities is so alien to the West, that Western scientists cannot even tolerate the concept!. So one has to use some special statement to allow a penetration of that mindset. I sometimes use the statement that when the Creator created life, also created simultaneously was the PROCESS for creating or engineering life. It is that process that is still here, and which psychoenergetics aims to directly engineer. With nearly a half century of intense effort on it now, that science has born fruition.

Interestingly, our own fellows are now one step BELOW the more primary psychoenergetics, and still in the “material forces” arena. But they are also beginning to directly engineer life forms and systems at that level. It’s already being discussed point blank in the orthodox scientific literature, but from that perspective – much behind where the psychoenergetics scientists have already arrived.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden