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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 09:37:10 -0800
Dear Luke,


Good insight!


It is possible, if properly timed and shaped pulsing is used.  That is a variant of a very successful method of quickly and easily recharging batteries that Bedini has used for over 20 years, and it has worked in some 30 or so overunity systems he has built.  Indeed, you can do it with one battery, since you can separate (dephase) the ion current between the places from the electron current from the outside of one plate through the external circuit to the outside of the other plate.  In other words, because the mass per charge ratio of the lead ions is so much greater (hundreds of thousands of times greater) than that of the electrons, you can get the ions moving in "battery charging" mode while at the same time the electrons are moving in the "load powering" mode, 180 degrees out of phase.  The much higher "pulsed" potential on the plate so pulsed, flows in both ways, increasing the potential of the ion currents in CHARGING mode, while at the same time increasing the potential of the electron currents in the external circuit in the POWERING THE LOAD mode. 


So you can eat your cake and have it at the same time.


I described this process in some detail in a paper on my website, "Bedini's Method For Forming Negative Resistors In Batteries," Proceedings of Congress 2000, St. Petersburg, Russia, Vol. 1, July 2000, p. 24-38.  Also published in Journal of New Energy, 5(1), Summer 2000, p. 24-38.  Title of MS Word file is BediniNegResistorsIC2000EditingCy.doc, and it is in c:\My Documents\IC-2000.  It is also carried on restricted DoE website and on


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

 Subject: lukes question


Mr T.E.Bearden

I have read your two papers on free energy with great interest

One statement in particular grabbed my attention in


In the first paragraph of the section titled MASSLESS DISPLACEMENT CURRENT it is stated

As is well-known one plate of a capacitor already charges the other

plate by just this very massless displacement current

transporting real EM energy across the gap between the plates in the process.

The electrons themselves do not cross the gap.

If this statement is true the dielectric material being a block or filter to electrons but not to MASS DISPLACEMENT CURRENT would it be possible to couple a load (disorganiser)directly to a  source battery (antennae) via two capacitors to filter out the electrons and run the load on MDC without the need for the two circuit design.

You may have guessed from my question that I do not exactly possess a bachelor of electrotechnology

degree but if you could answer my question with a simple possible or impossible I would be grateful