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Subject: RE: Fantasy copies reality?
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 10:38:14 -0600

Hi Mike,

Yes, it gets scarier.  However, our side has made some real progress --
which is about all I can say.

Real problem these days is the spreading "goon" mentality in certain systems
which simply wishes to kill civilians in the cities, etc. with weapons of
mass destruction.  Depending on who makes the estimate, we have from 20,000 to 40,000 terrorists already in the U.S., inserted over the last few
decades.  Castro alone inserted some 10,000, trained in guerrilla camps he
operated in Southern Mexico.  If half have opted for the good life, that's
still 5,000 hard core commando types in here that await orders from Castro
alone.  It's a real mess, since Iraq also inserted teams (along with
smallpox and anthrax, etc.).  Contrary to popular estimate, I'm also pretty
sure that Iraq has a few nuclear weapons (up to about three dozen).
Finally, the former Soviets inserted nuclear weapons and Spetznaz teams in
here, in all our large cities.  They are still here, as are the nukes.  Up
to 40 KT per copy.  Lunev in his book even tells several ways they brought
them in.

So we have a real tiger by the tail.  Since delivery of weapons of mass
destruction to their intended targets might be called the first phase of any
giant strategic strike, then the first phase of WW III has already been

In my view, the world is a giant powder keg, ticking away to explode.  So at this point it's anybody's guess as to what will ultimately happen.  It isn't
going to be pretty.
About all an old dog like me can do is continue to point it out as best he
can.  So we do that, and try to do something in the energy field to replace
this terribly vulnerable centralized energy system infrastructure that has
been developed.  That mess will go very quickly, once the foreign nations
with professional teams in here unleash them.
Begins to read like a dime store novel -- or one of those games you referred

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden
Subject: Fantasy copies reality?
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 18:50:09 -0600

Hello again, Mr. Bearden.
I have been thinking about many of the principles of the revised
electrodynamics you have been explaining on your site, and it occurs to me
that I've seen some of the principles of longitudinally polarized weapons
somewhere before. I'd appreciate it if you didn't laugh, but I have in
fact seen some of Tesla's work in computer games.
In Westwood Studios' Real Time Strategy game Red Alert, the Soviet Union wages war against the European Allies. Sounds familiar. The Soviet arsenal includes giant Tesla Coils that serve as defensive measures, electrocuting anyone who gets too close. Not only that, the Soviets have a "Super Weapon" called the Iron Curtain that projects an impenetrable force field around a vehicle or important building. Sounds a lot like the Tesla
Shield, if you ask me. As a matter of fact, one of the characters in the
game mentions that Tesla himself was working on the Iron Curtain project.
The way Soviet Technology in the game seems to parallel what is known
about the KGB's secret weapons is most likely a coincidence, but it's
still very strange. The other side of the war, the Allies, has a super
weapon of their own developed by Albert Einstein, called the Chrono
Sphere. It teleports any vehicle through time and space to another part of
the playing field, and reminds me distinctly of that suggestion you once
made of an object leaving three dimensional space, existing only in the
time dimension, then entering 3-D space again at the same point in time.
This is getting even more peculiar.
By the time Westwood made a sequel, Red Alert 2, the Soviets had pioneered mind control, another parallel to the real world. Unfortunately, the game included Weather Control as part of the Allied bag of tricks, while it
seems that in real life, the Soviets hold that card. Still, we have the
"Big Flasher", I believe you called it, to counteract weather engineering,
and that's a good thing. However, it would seem that is the only trick we
have up our sleeve. Of course, if the United States government has finally
started listening to you, that could change. Naturally, if that was so,
you couldn't tell me, which is perfectly fine. National security and so on.
Still, there is another potential situation that I don't think has yet
been touched upon by either side: Time Travel. If one can... what would be
the best term... "Rotate" a vehicle out of three dimensional space into
the time axis, then rotate it back into three dimensional space again at
another part of space, since every point in space is linked to the same
point in time, it might be possible to take the opposite of that, rotating
an object completely into a spatial axis and rotate back into time and the
other two spatial dimensions at a different time. Then again, I could be
wrong about this. But if I'm right, then it might be possible to send
someone back into time and prevent the Russian spy from stealing the
designs for Moray's device. Of course, that could drastically change
history, but personally I think everything will turn out for the better...
as long as someone doesn't give Time Travel technology to the Nazis. I've
seen too many sci-fi films about that already, I don't want to really LIVE
in such a scenario.