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Subject: RE: Source Charge Problem
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 17:25:23 -0600




Blunt truth is, no one previously so far as I can find  -- including all the learned physicists -- proposed a solution to the source charge problem, much less pointing out that it is the fundamental secret of extracting useful EM energy from the vacuum, and also is a fundamental process which consumed positive entropy of the virtual state and coherently integrates it (as mass) to the observable state, and re-emits it as real, observable EM energy continuously radiated from the charge in all directions, indefinitely (so long as the charge exists).


In the Precursor paper we also addressed the issue of "there can be no force field in massfree space" head-on, and also gave its solution.


Eerily, precursor engineering is just the Soviet energetics, that they have been developing and weaponizing for almost a half century now. They corrected the glaring errors in the conventional models way back there, basing everything on energy (curved spacetime in GR view, change in VPF of the vacuum in particle physics view). Hence they called it "energetics".  They also included the energetics and structuring of the time-axis, which gets at the mind. None of our physicists and scientists have cottoned to that one yet; most are absolutely terrified of the notion that one can directly engineer and produce a living entity, a mind and its operations, etc. Nonetheless, it can be done and it is being done.


Still, not to worry. A learned theoretician I am not. Never had the chance to develop into one. At this late date, never will.


And the weapons are indeed real, as can be established easily by the myriad of test incidents available in the open literature alone to one who takes the time to search it out. Doesn't matter whether these weapons are "believed" by academia or not.  Academia did not believe the ultrawideband radar until it hit them over the head, and that's a SIMPLE thing comparatively. Far greater technology has been developed in hidden, supersecret projects than has been developed or released in academia, as you are well aware.


But hopefully we have had and will continue to have a bit of influence on the thinking and understanding of the sharp young grad students and post docs who will be the ones to give us all a great new science.


Anyway, if we can trigger a few of the sharp young future scientists, that will be quite sufficient for me. I'm really trying to save them as much time as I can, give them hard references to check to see if I'm making it up or not, etc.


And we do fully expect to deploy overunity EM power systems before I cash in my chips.  That gets closer every day.


Very best wishes,