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Subject: RE: WTC Amazing photos
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 16:19:49 -0500

Hi Tony,

Yes, that should do it!

It would depend on the development of such weapons having reached that high level of "perfecting". But it's definitely doable; just requires the proper development.

There is also an additional possibility. With enough priority, such advanced weapons can spy on and keep up with any group, including any group of terrorists.

Hence one thing the KGB would definitely lean to and favor, would be to take advantage of a known terrorist strike (one they even "watched" going in there to hit) and add a little something extra to it. That is, use the terrorist strike itself as a deliberate "cover" to "conceal" extra effects added to increase the destruction and the damage.

Something like the latter is what I strongly suspect actually happened.

Best wishes,



Figs 36 - 39 show a steel beam vaporizing into dust right in front of he camera operators!

One presumes that a QP weapon could be tuned to only disassociate high grade steel components into silt size particulate matter (2 - 74 microns).

This would explain the selectivity, and why there was an attraction only to auto engine blocks (high grade steel, say, ASTM 36 or above) as opposed to the whole car bodies.