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Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 00:34:18 -0600
On some subjects, what one can write openly is very limited. Also, one's most vital sources are never revealed under any circumstance.
This is one of those cases. You can see precursors of the technology in the tests against Captains Button, Svoboda, and Hess in or over the United States. We mention those in "Fer-de-Lance".
In the West, we have not yet even deciphered the fundamental nature of mind. Most western physical scientists are prone to think we are "meat computers" and that the "brain" contains the "mind". It does not, but only acts as a special and very necessary "coupler" and "tuner".
In psychoenergetics, mind and mind operations are completely electromagnetic, but the electrodynamics operations are over on the time axis rather than in 3-space. Most Westerners never even notice that mind operations and physical operations occur at the same TIME (occupy the same time domain), but the mind operations do not exist in 3-space while the physical operations do.  One cannot observe physical phenomena in the 4-space it occurs in, because one never observes the time aspect. And one cannot observe mental phenomena in 3-space, because it does not occur therein.
Hence to deal with mind and mind operations, one cannot use the classical EM theory or electrical engineering at all, because they have nothing to say about how one dynamically structures time into operations and functions of what we call "mind phenomena".
Also, since all minds and mind operations occupy time, and no piece of time is devoid of them, then the 4-space universe is totally alive, in the most rigorous sense of the word, because time is totally alive with mind and mind operations. When the Creator created life, it was not created just in "3-space" where we observe, but in 4-space, including in and on that time axis that we do not and cannot observe.
But if one leaves CEM and EE, and goes to quantum field theory (QFT), there is indeed a fourth photon which is time-polarized (it is called a "scalar" photon). The scalar photon is nonobservable (nothing of time is observable, a priori, since observation is a d/dt operator totally stripping away and destroying the time dimension and its content, and leaving only a frozen 3-space snapshot of an ongoing 4-space interaction. So all observation is 3-spatial.  That's why we cannot and do not instrumentally measure and observe mind operations. The mental image of a horse does not photograph in 3-space with normal optical cameras. A physical horse does.
Another photon in QFT is the longitudinal photon in 3-space. It also is not observable. However, the combination of the longitudinal photon and scalar photon is observed as common instantaneous scalar potential -- instantaneous voltage. And that is observable and detectable and measureable.
The West has done little or nothing with all that innate portion of QFT. The former Soviet Union went heavily after it shortly after the end of WW II as the third branch of their overall "energetics" program. The first two branches are based on what I described in "Precursor Engineering", which you can download from the website. In that paper, I deliberately omitted the third branch application (the psychoenergetics application).
In the intervening 50+ years of intense work in psychoenergetics, those Russian weapons scientists have made great progress and developed operational psychoenergetics technology, including multiple generations of it. A strong disinformation campaign was also launched at the outset to convince our Western scientists that "psychoenergetics" was merely Western parapsychology dressed up in new clothes. It isn't, and it wasn't. But our guys bought that story, hook line and sinker. And most still do.
Sadly, the West hasn't even corrected the totally invalid assumption in CEM and EE of the "force field in massfree space", which assumes a material ether and was falsified more than a century ago. Simply see discussions by Feynman, Wheeler, Lindsay and Margenau, Bunge, and other foundations scientists. Nor has the West  corrected the same "force in mass-free space" erroneous assumption in basic mechanics, of a separate "force in massfree 3-space" operating upon a separate 3-space mass.
As long as those falsified concepts are retained in these major EM models our scientists and engineers use, then the power meter will stay on your house, the gas pump meter will stay on the gas pump,  and the large pharmaceuticals will determine the entire shape, course, and cost of medicine and medical therapy. And we will never develop psychoenergetics or psychoenergetics technology.
In the West, we still haven't yet deciphered energetics as to the first two branches (inert matter systems and fields, and biological body systems and biofields) -- much less getting anywhere on the third branch.
In short, we haven't really gotten the Western horse out of the gate and onto the race track, much less gotten him to complete the race.
Best wishes
Tom Bearden

Dear Mr. Bearden,  in recent correspondence you stated the following:

"In the West, our deep psychological ansatz is such that we can hardly even TOLERATE thinking such thoughts as building a mind or mind dynamics "from scratch" over on the time axis. We equate that with the "creation of life", and consider it a psychological or ansatz "no-no". The only statement I have found to convey the essence of the psychoenergetics work is that, when the Creator created life, the Creator also created the PROCESS for creating life, and that process is still there. Clever men (unfortunately seeking weapons to destroy humans rather than tools to help them) have indeed rediscovered that process and how to engineer it. So one of the major threats coming at us these days is the use of such technology to convert selected humans in our society to "changed personalities" and different functioning. The changes can be switched in or out at will, by the distant psychoenergetic systems. The object is to slowly begin to intensify the "polarizations" of our society, as time passes. The election year provided a convenient starting point. The intent is to gradually increase the intensity of societal polarizations -- between religious and non religious, between different religions, between gay and straight, between one race and another, between democrat and republican, between sleaze and decency, between rich and poor, between labor and management, between liberal and conservative, etc.  The means will simply be to "tinker" with selected individuals in powerful positions, so that the depth of the polarizations increases. Eventually this is supposed to spill out into the streets as rioting, chaos, and bloodshed. In short, gradually our society is supposed to start "eating itself" because of the increasing ferocity of the societal polarizations."


I've seen enough of the world to know that such may indeed be the case and do not ask this out of mere skepticism but in the original sense of that word, which is not to take anything as given but always to enquire: could you please tell me how you have verified the above description of mind-minipulation?  I sincerely wish to know.  I have no doubt that such a scenario is playing out, yet, other than the fact that cycles of time repeatedly bring societies to eventual degradation as the new is reborn, I'm simply not aware of a mechanism such as you describe.