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Sent: Monday, March 24, 2003 3:13 PM

Dear Sheila,

Thanks immensely for your donations and kind words.  It's persons like you that make it all worthwhile.

Just now we are struggling very hard with the thermodynamics of overunity systems, and hope to finish it up in about two more months, having been on it five months already.  We have discovered an error in the First Law and a flat refutation of the second law, and so we have corrected both of them.  This really needs doing, so we will finish it before we quit.  That way, we can get it out there, at least on the web site, and those sharp young grad students and post doctoral scientists (and anyone else interested) will be able to download it and have it close to hand. 

Together with John Bedini, we are also struggling to explain the long-suppressed business of taking all the electrical energy one wishes from a "zero reference potential" --- seemingly from nothing at all.  Zero is a funny thing; in arithmetic, you can take any amount of numbers you wish right out of zero, e.g., you can take (-1), (+3), and (-2) at will, and for free.  Eerily, the same is true also for electrical energy in a "reference zero" potential;  it has enormous internal energy, and one can indeed take out real energy from that internal energy, and use it to power loads.  Electrodynamics got off to a bad start more than a century ago, by considering the potential (which contains all the potential energy) as not even being real.  Some fellows in the 1880s and later did stumble across this area, and a very few of them found out how to get the energy out.  But their work has been very much suppressed, and was never really understood, even by them.

We have enough of it cracked that we can make that available to those young scientists and engineers also.  Eventually this area alone will be able to power most of the electrical loads on Earth.  So we will continue till it's finished about a year from now.

We will also slowly continue on the medical applications, since that is another area that is badly needed on this Earth.

Again, your donations are deeply appreciated, and they will be put to very good use on these projects.


Tom Bearden