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Good insight!  Actually, the space between matter (and the time between it's particles also) literally IS enormous energy.   Spacetime  is perhaps the most energetic "thing" in all the universe.  As an example, some famous calculations for the energy density of empty space are revealing.  For the energy in one cubic centimeter (about the size of the tip of one's little finger), the numbers calculated usually fall somewhere in the vicinity of about 10exp90 grams.  To convert that to energy, just multiply by c-squared.  So there are more joules of "disintegrated, unorganized" energy in one cubic centimeter of "empty" space, e.g., than there are protons and neutrons in the observable universe.
The real study of energy and the study of "spacetime" wind up being one and the same.
As we finally showed, all the EM energy we use in our everyday circuits and systems comes from spacetime anyway.  Scientists had just misinterpreted half of Whittaker's paper published in 1903.  I have to confess that I also misinterpreted it for about 20 years.
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Tom B.
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I don't know if this mail goes to Mr. Bearden or not but maybe whoever gets it could answer my question. I was wondering if it were possible that there were 2 separate energies at work in the universe. One involving solid matter and the forces that act on it gravity, magnetism etc.. The other being an energy that travels in the space between the matter this being light which has a fixed speed. You can view a cool (even if its not accurate) graphic at . I'm just curious if this is possible or not? I would appreciate any comments.
Thanks, Dan
PS Great work I hope you live to be 120!