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From: "Tom Bearden"
To: "Myron Evans"
Subject: Left-Hand material including article
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 12:02:22 -0600


Somehow the attachment got chopped off my previous message.  So here it is again.

It would appear that negative resistors will be enabled by this material.

Also, it is rather positive that "hand-blasters" or "hand-ray" weapons as in the old sci-fi themes will be made possible, as will different kinds of destructive beams.  So as usual, we can expect to see very heavy military research and development, classified in nature.

But maybe we peasants can glean some of the benefits by getting free of the great oil barons, if we persevere.

Cheers, Tom

P.S.  Don't believe everything the pundits say about not being time-reversed.  Maxwell omitted half the wave and half the energy, as is easily shown, and that half is buried up in Newton's third law, which in mechanics and electrodynamics is assumed to have no cause.  In short, physicists would have us believe that, when an EM wave comes in from space and interacts with a wire antenna, the fields in the wave only react with the Drude electrons, wiggling them, which we detect.  The simultaneously equal and opposite energy reaction by the positive charges in the nuclei, is ignored as having been caused by the incoming fields, even though in any field the positive unit charge will interact with equal energy and opposite direction as does the negative charge.  So every physicist will admit the nuclei recoil, but will say, "Oh yes, that's Newton's third law reaction, we understand about that."

Point is this:  Here they ask us to assume a force without any interaction with the mass to cause it, hence violation of the F = d/dt(mv) definition. So in effect they would have us believe that a magical demon resides in that wire, watches each time the electrons get "kicked", and immediately administers a very precise kick in the opposite direction to the positively charged nuclei.  One need not point out that such is mysticism, not physics.

It was understandable in Maxwell's day.  The electron had not been discovered, the atom had not been discovered, the nucleus had not been discovered, etc.  Maxwell wrote an absolutely material fluid flow model, particularly since all electrodynamicists (there were only about three dozen in the entire world at that time) believed that there was no place in all the universe that was devoid of mass.  In short, the material ether was ubiquitous.  The "charge" only had the meaning of a "piece of electric fluid", and not at all the meaning it has these days.

Here is a very precise point.  In fact, the time-reversed interaction occurs along with the time-forward interaction, as can be seen by (1) Whittaker's decomposition of the scalar potential into a harmonic set of bidirectional EM longitudinal wavepairs, where each wavepair consists of an LW and its phase conjugate replica, coupled together.  Whittaker also showed that all fields and waves can be decomposed into functions of two such scalar potentials.  In short, the entire mess called electrodynamics is naught but a set of bidirectional EM coupled phase conjugate wavepairs with dynamics imposed upon them.

This means that wherever you have a "forward time" wave acting, you also have a "reversed time" or phase conjugate wave acting.  If we persist in using Minkowski space, where time is in the complex domain, then we would appear to be speaking of both time-forward and time-reversed in the LWs comprising the potentials, fields, and waves.

Anyway, in every bench experiment of the sort mentioned, we note that not only do the Drude electrons recoil, but the nuclei also recoil.  Unless we wish to completely change the field concept, we would appear to have to admit that the incoming fields caused both changes, or else we have to find a way to falsify Whittaker's work.

Let me move this to a deeper level.  Let us accept the simultaneous (time-forward, time-reversed) reactions.  This means something far, far deeper.  It means that not only does the "cause" (what exists in spacetime prior to observation/interaction, which invokes a d/dt operator and changes LLLT into LLL) interact to generate the effect output from the observation/interaction process, but any change on the LLL effect side also interacts back through the observation process with an integral with respect to time action, and alters the LLLT or causative entity.

In short, not only does any change on the causal LLLT side generate a change on the effect LLL side, but any change on the effect LLL side also causes a change on the causal LLLT side.

So in our previous thinking, we have all captured only half of the idea of what "causality" really means.

In electrodynamics and mechanics, the missing "backwards, time-reversed reaction simultaneously" does in fact generate Newton's third law reaction. That is the fundamental mechanism generating that reaction, a priori.

In general relativity, thank God, this second time-reversed reaction that is arbitrarily eliminated in EM and mechanics does exist and is captured in the theory.  That's just Wheeler's famous statement that curvature of spacetime affects mass (energy) and changes it, and mass-energy interacts back upon spacetime to curve it.

In mechanics and EM, also many "effects" LLL are erroneously used as the "cause", and not a single text in the Western world even illustrates the EM wave entity as it exists in LLLT prior to interaction.  All the illustrations show an x-y slice (wavefront) which itself cannot exist except after the interaction on LLLT, and then integrate successive x-y slices along the z-axis.  The resulting illustration is NOT what is in spacetime at all, but is merely a conglomerate of LLLs.  There has been no integration in time, only in a spatial z direction.  It only shows us the "slices" that will successfully appear LLL-wise in a series of LLL observations.  Note that nothing in the diagram is actually "changing"; each slice is absolutely "frozen" in time, since to even have it one must have dt=0.

However, it is also possible to engineer the causal entity, prior to its interaction, by directly engineering the effect side.  In this manner, at least in theory, one can create a sort of "vacuum engine" or set of precise, deterministic ST curvatures in a specific template or pattern with structure and organization and dynamics.

Needless to say, if one creates such an "engine", then by GR it will interact upon any mass (LLL) placed in it.  It turns out that this is part of what the cellular regenerative system of the body does, when it restores a damaged cell back to normal.  First, there is a resident "engine" with its dynamics, for any cell.  In a damaged cell, this "engine" contains precisely the exact damage down to even the atomic nuclei inside the genetics.  By pumping the cell with time-polarized EM waves, the cells and all parts of them make precise amplified phase conjugate replicas.  In short, they make a precise "antiengine" that is amplified a little above the resident engine. This time-reverses the cell and all its parts back to a previous "healthy" condition.

The Priore device was just an unwitting method of amplifying the natural healing process (formation of amplified antiengines to time-reverse the damaged cell back to normal, slowly).  By amplifying the process, rapid cures were obtained.

But the point is that the continued exclusion of Newton's third law reaction from any set of "causes" (it is just a descriptive law, and invokes no mechanism whatsoever), actually hides the back-reaction of the effect upon the cause, and thus separates electrodynamics from general relativity rather sharply.  It also prevents us from developing vacuum engineering by electrodynamic means, since "vacuum engineering" a priori is the engineering of LLLT entities in spacetime prior to their interaction with mass to form LLL observed effects entities.

Cheers, Tom
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