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Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 17:42:23 -0600
Thanks Chris!
I am not familiar with the 405 Hz phenomenon you gave. If "physical" resonance due to size, etc. can be ruled out, then it might be a real anomaly. But unfortunately I have no inkling of what it might represent.
Unfortunately, today -- unless one has tons of money, is a noted publications house, etc. -- one would never get the permissions etc. necessary to publish a series of documents with all those references. So I don't know anyway that a private individual can even hope to accomplish something like that. Hopefully, some day it will be done.
Also, I've not found any way to get the large scientific organizations to even look at as simple a thing as clearly examining and stating what the built-in foundations assumptions are of the various major models being used in physics and engineering. I know of no classical Maxwell-Heaviside text that even discusses the assumptions or lists them, nor do I know of any electrical engineering text that does. I would be delighted, of course, to find one, and perhaps some other reader may have done so.
So we just continue to list and show and reference everything we can on the website, in publications, etc. Eventually we hope that this will reach enough interested young graduate students and post doctoral scientists that gradually the "models" start being subjected to the foundations assumptions analyses so desperately needed.
Some of the glaringly wrong assumptions still in the Classical Maxwell-Heaviside electrodynamics model and in the electrical engineering model are given in my paper, "Precursor Engineering:..." which can be downloaded from the website.
Now if some enterprising young scientist would just do a treatise on the thermodynamics of regauging, and the thermodynamic implications of the gauge freedom axiom, it would fill a very deep need!
And you are quite correct about the rapidly escalating rise in the demand for energy, due to emerging nations, population growth, etc. Quite frankly, unless we do develop cheap, clean energy systems extracting their energy from the vacuum, the dire consequences to the biosphere (and to humanity and other species) is almost certain to occur.  The only debate is how soon. But what once was forecast for the 2050s or so, is now looking more like 2010 or 2015 at the latest.
Best wishes,
Tom Bearden 

Dear Mr Tom Bearden and Colleagues,

I am an individual that is seeking Knowledge in the very field you are most definitely, the publicly available world expert. I have the utmost desire to try and help all of us seemingly helpless people, controlled by the powerless governments, controlled by the unknown few powerful people.

I think we as a race are rather ignorant, we think we already know everything, and that there is nothing more to learn. This seems to be encouraged by the Governments. We have taught the same basic subjects for how many hundred years in our schools?

Your very interesting documentation on the destruction of the most famous physics literature that will quite obviously lead to some very important new physics breakthrough's, as you and your Conrad's have, need to be more readily available to the general public. I would like to see copies of the original physics papers of those famous physicists, Maxwell, Whitaker and any others that can be identified as having very important breakthroughs in theory and equations easily available on a Web Page or for Download at least. In my search there are many sites that claim they have the equations but the actual papers would be much more beneficial to the people that have trouble putting those equations into a practical example so it can be digested. I have researched the reality of Zero Point Energy for several years but still have trouble trying to understand complex mathematical equations, I do however look at them as a challenge.

I also have a question:

I am not quite sure if the phenomenon I have found, has been found before (I am sure it has), as I have not found any literature on the actual effect but, I have found that at precisely 405 Hz a perfect resonance at right angles of a electromagnet to a Ferro magnet with an iron rod at the centre. The iron rod (and Ferro magnet), vibrate and a high pitch low volume noise is heard, while in perfect resonance to the 405 Hz in the electromagnet. This seems to be a simple effect but I have not found it anywhere. I found this very exciting when this effect was happening. It almost triggered a sensitivity previously not triggered. I have however heard the exact noise produced at earlier points of my life. That ringing, that sometimes is experienced in ones ears for a short period of time. It seems to come from nowhere.

I am no physics professor but , I have built a MEG, as yet only had little success, I am also experimenting in the frequencies that seem to give an effect to ferromagnetism, 180 KHz is a frequency that is widely speculated to have an effect, but not much that is currently detectable via normal methods that I have found. Also thanks to your very interesting video with The Great Floyd Sweet, the frequency between around 8 Hz to 14 Hz also cause a resonance effect to a iron blade sitting linearly on the Ferro Magnet. The Barkhausen Effect is also rather interesting.

 Roughly a 3rd of the world is currently using OIL/PETROLEUM for Cars Trucks etc. If the whole world was using  OIL/PETROLEUM for Cars Trucks etc, I think the atmosphere would only last for a few more years, It is after all technology that is well over 100 years old, and probably 50 years too old. I think it is time we have a bit of a think and decide if we want to go the way of the dinosaur.


Thank you, Mr Bearden, and Your Colleagues.

Kind Regards

Chris from Australia