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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 17:05:14 -0600

Dear Tameron,

I will be leaving this Saturday, and will not be back or in pocket till about Wednesday.  So I will not be here during that time.

Also, all matters of the MEG are handled by Dr. James Kenny, CEO of Magnetic Energy Ltd., the little company to which the MEG rights are assigned. I will be accompanying him on the trip and on the actions we will be taking, so we will both be out of pockets for a few days.

Also, as inventors, we rigorously do not give casual demonstrations, etc. except under nondisclosure and noncircumvention agreements to the major financial parties and their scientific and technical representatives to which we demonstrate the MEG and which they test, in our negotiations for possible funding.  That's because we still have at least two patents remaining to file, and so have to be protective of (1) our intellectual property rights and (2) a trade secret or two.

Any competent university lab can reproduce a version of the MEG, including obtaining the localization of the B-field into the core material, and the appearance of the curl-free (field-free) magnetic vector potential in space outside the core.  With TWO energy reservoirs from which to extract energy, not just one, then obviously an efficient energy extraction (say, efficiency of 0.9 in each extraction) will yield an overall COP of 1.8.  So a university lab can make an operational replica for their own tests, and they are not in violation of the patent, etc. just by replication for their own use only.   The trick is to have and use EM energy that is freely present in two separate and distinct energy reservoirs, instead of just one.

Best wishes for your spring break,

Tom Bearden