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Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 23:58:53 -0600
Hi Chip,

Thanks for the kind words and your offer of some health assistance.

My problem right now is that the heart has deteriorated a bit, the erratic palpitations (and fibrillations occasionally) are not being controlled adequately, so that I'm now on permanent blood thinners and which require very careful "tuning" and nearly micro-adjustment of the medication (coumadin). Completely off aspirins and most normal "pain killers". Requires a trip once a week to the lab for special tests, etc. Also requires that I can only take severely limited other medications that are individually approved, ho health supplements, etc. E.g., not even normal vitamins; only approval is for Centrum and Centrum silver vitamins which do not have too much vitamin k. Have to watch and preferably avoid broccoli, cauliflower, dark greens and several other foods too rich in vitamin K. Have been totally taken off all my health supplements; the chemistry is apparently just a bit too intricate and they interfere unacceptably with the lab tests and adjustments.

However, we've reached a reasonable compromise. I do continue to add a bit of remedial oxygen, as that helps stay just up out of the hypoxia.

Meanwhile, each time I report to the lab, I realize how lucky I am because I see some folks who are REALLY sick and in terrible shape. While I can't stand very long or walk very far, I can drive, go to the grocery store, take care of my wife, and continue to edge in a little bit of work at the computer. But essentially, every day I sorta "draw out" my anaerobic system, and then have to sleep a night to renew it for the next day.

But hey! I can still work, I have a good life, and I can still try to make a contribution to the young experimenters and scientists coming along and interested in the energy area etc.

So we continue to do useful work, and thank our creator that we are still going and hanging in there.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden