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Subject: RE: The Case Of The Missing Wyoming Earthquake Underground Hiroshima-Sized Blast Ca
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 09:07:24 -0600

First, in 1997 then Secretary of Defense William Cohen specifically and publicly confirmed that "electromagnetic" weapons were being used by "terrorists" to initiate earthquakes, modify the climate (and the weather), and initiate volcanoes into eruption. So far as I'm aware, the news media did not even report this first-ever public confirmation by a high U.S. official of the old scalar interferometer weapons which have been around and in extensive use since April 1963. Today, e.g., some 10 nations have such weapons or versions of them, and even the Japanese Yakuza has acquired them (in latter 1989).
Scalar interferometry can and does induce EM fields, potentials, and structured EM energy to occur in the distant interferometry zone (IZ). This "normal" EM energy that is produced there, arises directly out of the local spacetime, which has been modified and curved by the interferometry.
The energy that arises in the IZ can deliberately be made divergent (heating) or convergent (cooling). Steering the jet streams over North America, and thus changing and influencing the weather and climate, thus becomes straightforward. Producing distant "hot spots" in IZs will heat and expand the local air, so it will exert less pressure on the ground. That is the creation of a "low" or "low pressure zone". Producing distant "cold spots" in other IZs will cool and densify the local air, so that it exerts more pressure on the ground. That is the creation of a "high" or a "high pressure" zone.
Jet streams tend to be deviated or "repelled" by highs, and attracted by "lows". Hence by placing a desired set of highs and lows in corresponding IZs, and slowly moving them alone, a set of distant operators and interferometers can "capture" and direct the flow of the jet streams across North America (or anywhere else desired).
Understand, scalar interferometry is essentially longitudinal EM wave interferometry. Nations having developed it will also have developed some longitudinal EM wave technology.
All EM potentials, fields, and waves further decompose into harmonic sets of bidirectional longitudinal EM waves and applied differential functions (Whittaker 1903 and 1904). The 1904 paper, e.g., initiated what today is known as "superpotential theory". But even that area continued to largely ignore the 1903 paper, which together with the 1904 paper allows the reduction of all electrodynamics to a more fundamental longitudinal EM wave electrodynamics.
Now look at mass, such as the ocean and the earth. It's mostly "empty space" with atoms or molecules etc. here and there. On the microscale, locally everywhere it resembles something like the solar system, mostly empty space with some dynamic masses here and there at relatively great separations. The empty space, however, is filled with EM fields, waves, and potentials -- in short, it is filled with an ensemble of longitudinal EM waves.
Therefore mass -- even a great mass such as the earth -- is mostly a giant superhighway for the direct passage of longitudinal EM waves. One can pass LW beams right through the earth, with little losses enroute to the other side of the earth.
To produce an earthquake, the operator could just conveniently focus his IZ on a desired fault zone. There he will be steadily depositing EM energy into the rock sides of the fault. The rock is piezoelectric; hence as energy is deposited, the mechanical pressure forces in the rocks on the side of the fault increase. Sooner or later the rocks will "slip and voila! there is an earthquake. Note that static friction in materials is higher than dynamic friction, almost always. Hence if the energy is added slowly, the greater static friction will hold it longer so that a very high pressure and lots of force results. The resulting "final slip" of the rocks in that case will generate a much larger quake. So the size of the quake is adjustable by taking advantage of the tested characteristics of the individually targeted fault and the rate at which the EM energy is locally deposited therein.
For a "flat plate" earthquake in the middle of a plate, one just focuses the interferometry upon a given spot and continues to add energy. That creates an increasing "local pressure anomaly" in that rock region. Eventually the rocks will crack and move, giving a quake that occurs away from a normal fault zone.
To induce a volcano into eruption, all that's necessary is just to focus on the hot lava underneath, and continue to add energy to it. Eventually that volcano will erupt. Again, adding the energy more slowly takes advantage of the "static" friction of the surrounding rocks to allow buildup of much greater pressure forces before the volcano erupts. That allows the size of the eruption to be "tailored".
Now the SecDef himself confirmed that all this sort of thing is in fact being done, and it has been "being done" for quite some time.
Also, anyone doing such things is well-aware of geology of quakes, volcanoes, and the various calderas. The planners and leaders of any scalar interferometry teams working in this area will know of the Yellowstone caldera, its vast potential for eruption and destruction of the entire United States, etc. It will be aware that we are in one of those geological ages where the caldera is increasing in pressure anyway, and sooner or later (geologically speaking) it will erupt again anyway.
So if someone -- and this someone is almost certainly the Japanese Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo teams who leased such interferometers from the KGB in latter 1989, on site in Russia -- wishing the capability to destroy he U.S. in a single shot (built up over some time), would also certainly zero in (register) appropriate scalar interferometry weapons on the Yellowstone caldera. This is just standard field artillery techniques: One establishes useful registration points over the battlefield, for a "shift from a known registration point" accurate shooting over the hostile forces and hostile target area. In this case, the United States is the "hostile target area" and so standard artillery practice would be to register the "guns" appropriately.
For that reason, it is my belief that the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo teams still operating those interferometers have just registered on or in the close vicinity of, the Yellowstone Caldera.
If so, they now have achieved the capability to destroy the United States or most of it with a single calculated "shot" which gradually builds up the pressure in the Yellowstone caldera, into a very violent eruption.
Everything in the above statement is a factual, demonstrated capability. Such capability has in fact already been acknowledged and confirmed by the U.S. Secretary of Defense since 1997.
So what is the problem with our vaunted scientific community? Simply that it still doesn't apply two Whittaker papers a century after they were published. In short, it still loves the decrepit old electrical engineering, which is a horribly flawed model considering what has been developed and learned in particle physics since 1865. That model still assumes a flat spacetime (falsified since 1916), an inert vacuum (falsified since at least 1930), and a material ether more than a century after it was falsified experimentally by the Michelson-Morley experiments. The material ether error is promulgated by the silly model's continued assumption of force fields in vacuum or empty space -- long known to be false (see, e.g., discussion of such by Feynman in his three volumes of sophomore physics, by John Wheeler, by Margenau, by Bunge, and many other eminent scientists).  The old EE model also assumes -- as do all forms of electrodynamics -- that all EM fields and potentials and every joule of EM energy are and have been freely generated by their associated source charges. That part is true. However, the tired old EE model also assumes that the source charge freely CREATES these EM fields, potentials, and all EM energy right out of nothing at all, in total violation of the conservation of energy law.
Since 1957, physicists have known that (1) any "isolated" charge polarizes the vacuum, and hence the polarization ensemble is an assembly of opposite charges (as is any dipolarity), and (2) hence that dipolarity must and does exhibit the broken symmetry of opposite charges. So any charge ensemble and any dipolarity therefore continuously absorbs disordered virtual energy from the seething vacuum, turns it into successive differentials of mass (differentials of the mass of the absorbing charge), where in turn these differentials add coherently (mass is unitary), and where when the additional mass-energy excited is sufficient to form an observable photon, the zitterbewegung of the vacuum "kicks that photon out of there", causing prompt decay of that excited state by emission of a real photon. The continual occurrence of this process thus results in the source charge emitting a continual stream of real, observable photons, without any OBSERVABLE energy input. The emission of these photons at the speed of light in all directions, thus establishes and continually replenishes the associated EM fields and potentials and their energy in surrounding space.
That is the solution to the long-festering problem of the "source charge and its associated fields and potentials". That basis for that solution has been in physics since 1957 with the award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang for their prediction of broken symmetry. That startling revolution in physics, during the intervening nearly half century, has not yet migrated from the physics department across the campus to the electrical engineering department, and gotten them to change their horribly flawed model, texts, etc. It isn't likely to make that "highly difficult journey" for another half century, apparently.
So the problem in all this is the continuing problem of the scientific community's continued promulgation of a horribly flawed old classical Maxwell-Heaviside EM model which is long since out of date, and still contains the same old material ether assumption as always, (not an equation was changed after the Michelson-Morley experiments destroyed that material ether ubiquitously assumed by the early electrodynamicists including Maxwell himself).
The same tired model is responsible for none of our EE departments understanding and teaching longitudinal EM wave technology and scalar interferometry -- none have been developed openly (that is not true clandestinely, of course). The same tired old model also keeps us from rapidly developing and deploying EM systems that freely extract and use energy from the vacuum. It keeps the power meter on one's house, keeps the gas pump meter on one's automobile at the service station, keeps everyone burning all that hydrocarbon fuel and building great nuclear reactors polluting the planet with radioactive wastes "in storage", keeps the poisoning of the planet going due to the byproducts of combustion etc., but it also keeps that trillion dollars or so per year going to the great cartels controlling the energy business. Simply setting up a $40 million program for our sharp young grad students and post docs in the area of energy from the vacuum, would solve the world energy crisis permanently in two years. But very powerful interests do not wish that at all, and those interests largely influence and control the scientific funding as to how it shall be spent  and what it can even be spent upon.
Hence our National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, National Academy of Engineering, Department of Energy, great national laboratories, and universities are almost entirely NOT working on EM energy from the vacuum.
Sadly, every charge in the universe already shows concretely (easily established experimentally) that extracting real useful EM energy from the vacuum, in a totally negative entropy process (consuming disordered virtual energy and turning it into ordered observable EM energy) is a universal process.
But the old 1872 Klein geometry also limits our scientists' thinking on the subject. In that old geometry, when symmetry is broken at a given level, one loses the information at that level and so the overall group symmetry is reduced. In Leyton's far better and much more modern object-oriented geometry, when symmetry is broken at one level, the information at that level is retained, and also a new symmetry at the next higher level is created a priori. Voila! Here is the natural proof and theory showing that negative entropy operations are not only possible but ubiquitous in nature. Leyton's geometry is solidly accounting itself in such areas as robotics etc. in many situations where the old Klein geometry simply fails.
So what we really have is a crisis in the competence of our scientific community in INTEGRATING its own discoveries. To the contrary, our scientific community is so divided into factions and groups which do not communicate with each other across their different disciplines, that today one can state unequivocally that the energy crisis, destruction of the planet and species, etc. is ethically the direct responsibility of our own scientific community. So are the continuing deaths of hundreds of millions of downtrodden humans in poor populations and areas of the world. See, e.g., my paper on my website on precursor engineering.
Anyway, the above discussion just shows continued  failure by the open U.S. scientific community  to apply science that is already a century old (the Whittaker papers).
Little wonder then that SecDef Cohen's illuminating statement was just ignored by the same open scientific community.
After all, the news media were in a feeding frenzy over the juicy Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. So it obviously did not matter to them that the SecDef had just confirmed the existence and hostile use of technology and weapons that could in fact be used to destroy the United States.
One giant interferometer working on the Yellowstone caldera is quite sufficient to do it.
And it appears that such an artillery registration may well have already occurred.
Best wishes,
Tom Bearden

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Subject: The Case Of The Missing Wyoming Earthquake Underground Hiroshima-Sized Blast Ca

The Case Of The
Missing Wyoming Earthquake
Underground Hiroshima-Sized Blast Called 'Mine Blast' By USGS

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