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Guipungo Earthquake
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 23:39:42 -0600


Dang me if it doesn't smell like scalar interferometry weapon practice.  Right in line with SecDef Cohen's statement.

Wonder which nation now has done it, or gotten it from the Russians, or some such?



Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 17:15:43 -0600

Multi-Sectoral Commission Probes Guipungo Earthquake
Angola Press Agency (Luanda)

March 8, 2003
Posted to the web March 8, 2003


A multi-sectoral commission has travelled today to the Tum-Tum locality, 24 kilometres of Kipungo district, in Angola's southern Huila province, to probe into a phenomenon causing earthshaking in the region.

Recently appointed by Huila provincial government, the commission headed by the local deputy governor for social affairs, Adriano da Silva, comprises the provincial director of the Ministry of Energy, Abel da Costa, and engineers with the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA).

Quipungo residents told Angop that over the last few days, successive explosions and electric discharges causing hearth-shakings have been noted in the region.

Local authorities evacuated people from the area till the ongoing investigation into the phenomenon is completed. Earth-shakings started sporadically in October 2002 and became continuous from last Sunday.

Historian Melkiades Abel de Kerllan today ruled out as unlikely that it is a volcano eruption or an earthquake due to the characteristic of the region, but advised specialists to carry out an accurate investigation.

However, he suggested that traditional authorities in the region should also be heard to find out whether the name of the area "Tum-Tum" has any connection with the phenomenon.

In his turn, Manuel da Conceição Gomes, head of the Department of Natural Sciences of the Higher Institute of Education Sciences (ISCED), said the area is heavily hit by electromagnetic discharges that can be attracted by minerals from the lowest layers of the soil.

Quipungo district is situated 120 kilometres of Huila capital city, Lubango.