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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:34:59 -0600

Dear Troy,

In quantum field theory there are four polarizations of the photon: x- and y- polarizations, at right angles to the line of motion assumed along z-, are the well-known transverse polarizations.  The energy of such a photon is vibrating at right angles to the line of motion, like a plucked taut string.

The third polarization is z-polarized, along the line of motion.  The energy is compressing and rarefacting along the line of motion while moving along it, like a moving accordion.

The fourth polarization is t-polarized, over on the time axis.  Here the energy is vibrating on the time axis.  This photon is called a time-polarized or "scalar" photon.

Neither the scalar nor the longitudinal photon are individually observable.  However, the combination of the two is observed as the instantaneous scalar potential.

So ordinary "voltage" (electrostatic scalar potential) is very interesting.  There is a circulation of energy from the time domain into 3-space, and back to the time domain (for the negative charge), and in the opposite direction for the positive charge.

Time is actually spatial energy compressed by c-squared, so it has the same compressed energy density as does mass.

Time energy is the most powerful of the non-mass energies, since it is the most compressed.

All of that refers to positive energy.  There is also another kind of energy, known as "negative" energy, which is comprised of  Dirac sea "holes" in the vacuum medium.  These can flow as currents of negative energy, etc.

The living body uses not only the transverse photon energy, but also uses scalar photon energy and longitudinal EM wave energy, and it also uses negative energy.  Since these energies are not separately detectable, our instruments only detect the combination of the scalar and longitudinal photons, which they measure as "voltage" or "potential".  Suddenly all the little voltages on the cellular membranes and tissues and every part of the cell have enormous meaning, with respect to "subtle" nonobservable energy (scalar EM energy and longitudinally polarized EM energy).  The negative energy is detected by its habit of "eating electrons", and producing cooling rather than heating in a resistor, etc.  There are still no definitive Western instruments for detecting scalar photons, longitudinal photons, and negative energy.

Ancient disciplines such as Yoga and other development systems had none of these modern quantum field theory terms, of course, but their practitioners investigated for centuries (some for thousands of years), and they did discover the flow and functioning of these subtle EM energies, referred to as chi, prana, etc. depending on the discipline.  They also discovered how to store it up, use it, etc. to do various things, including healing, abnormal feats of strength, etc.

My aikido sensei used to go to an annual demonstration given by some Buddhist monks in Japan, for example.  One of the things that impressed him was a demonstration using birds.  The monk would release a pigeon (or pigeons), then with a single glance he would cause one of the birds in flight to sudden fall from the sky.  He would retrieve the bird, stroke it a bit, and then the pigeon would fly off normally.  I did eventually decipher how that demonstration is accomplished, and put it in one of my books.  I had enough experience with the ki (Japanese term) to use it a little bit.  When one's ki was in fact flowing smoothly and strongly, one's techniques became flawlessly. External observers would see the practitioner apparently moving at blinding speed. Often an opponent, when thrown, would not know which part of his body had been touched, or how he had been thrown.

I once had the privilege of observing one of the real martial arts masters --- one of the last 10th Dans of Judo who trained directly under Kano -- in action in Quebec, Canada.  That was absolutely marvelous.  He would let 3rd and 4th Dans try to throw him anyway they wished, yet with a series of flowing movements always prevented the throw.  After a while like that, to gain the utmost respect of his partner, then the two would bow.  And the Master judoist would then throw his opponent at will, with ridiculous ease, dancing and laughing all the while.  The head of the dojo, a very strong 4th Dan, after his session leaped from the mat with a great smile on his face, exclaiming "Il joues avec moi!"  (He plays with me!)  It was the most marvelous demonstration of technique and flawless movement I have ever seen.

One day our Western science will further develop so that we will have instruments to measure the more subtle, presently not measurable EM energies, of higher polarization etc.

Then we shall indeed have a marvelous science, and also a great revolution in medicine.  For a preview of that revolution (one aspect of it), simply see my porthole briefing on the website, and also the Provisional patent application.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Hello, Dr. Bearden,
I've been reading about your theories recently.  I found out about them through the Disclosure Project and the Loder document.  Extremely facinating!  I have a background in Electrical Engineering, lots of math - - but I took the road of being a jazz musician.  I heard that you are a guitarist too, btw.   :)
My simple question relates to yoga, Kundalini in particular.  Some of the postures and "intentions" during the exercise echoed what I'd been reading about - dipoles.  Is it possible that the yoga sutras set up dipoles in the body and draw "chi" from the void?  Could this be a kind of self-healing auto-Prioré technique?
Please write back if you have the time, and keep up the good work.
ps: fractals are everywhere