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Subject: RE: 1 KW DC Australian free power generator going commercial!
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 22:52:11 -0600

Dear Paul,

We certainly hope the Lutec power unit is for real, and we also certainly hope the Lutec team gets it out there on the world market with great rapidity.  It or others like it is desperately needed.

I don't care who does it!  Just so long as it gets done, and starts removing some of our dependence on oil.  The quicker the better.

With our MEG, we are quite a ways from being ready to go into scale-up and pre-production engineering. We can do it, but not in time to influence what is coming down upon us very shortly.

Bedini could put a pre-production multiple-kilowatt power system together in four weeks, even less with an urgent Government-backed program, ready to go into full-up production engineering and production, if properly funded. We are speaking of legitimate funding, not the usual mix of conspirators and would-be opportunists who so clog and overwhelm the risk venture capital field with respect to COP>1.0 systems.  He would also need the proper scientific and technical team to assist him with all the ancillary requirements.  His basic approach has been proven for more than 20 years, in more than three dozen different kinds of systems.

I know a few other inventors who also have real prototypes and could do it fairly quickly, given the proper funding and, in some cases, the proper scientific and engineering assistance team.

At least in the U.S., that is not going to happen because it is not going to be allowed.  Far too much of the scientific community -- from the NAS on down, and including all the national laboratories --- is so hung up on "Big Nuclear Power!" that it simply is not going to accept anything except nuclear power and/or fuel cells. That has already been decided, and set in concrete. In spite of the award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang in 1957 for strongly predicting broken symmetry (proven in 1957 by Wu and her colleagues), and in spite of the fact that the broken symmetry of opposite charges -- such as in the source dipolarity between the terminals of a generator or a battery --- has been proven now for some 46 years, the NAS, NSF, national laboratories, universities, and other labs still do not know what really furnishes the input energy to every EM circuit and every EM device.  "Broken symmetry" means that "something virtual has become observable"; check Nobelist Lee for that succinct statement.  The conventional electrical engineering assumes that the source charges freely create from nothing at all, that energy that comprises their associated EM fields and potentials and their energy.  So their model implicitly assumes that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe has been and is freely created from nothing at all.  Even after its proof nearly half a century ago, they still do not understand that all the field and potential energy in an EM circuit and an EM device comes directly from the local vacuum, in the virtual photons absorbed by the source charges in the circuit and/or device.  It does NOT come from the shaft energy one mechanically inputs to the generator shaft, or from the chemical energy dissipated by the battery.

Just as a tickler, the OPEC nations in the MidEast are already at almost their full oil production capacity right now! With Venezuela's oil production and deliveries still in the doldrums, you can understand why the world energy market is so nervous.  The energy suppliers and power companies are themselves in the doldrums, with increased stress upon building more local generator plants and less reliance on the distribution grid.  The energy industry has also been rife with conspiracies, profiteering, top management greed and manipulation, and downright criminal acts.  With a war looming, Saddam Hussein setting explosives at his own oil wells, OPEC already at full capacity, Venezuela oil deliveries drastically reduced, the spring and summer season for increased energy demands, tourism,  and expanded traffic coming on, and the coming war automatically increasing the demand for transport and fuel for the supplies to move here in the U.S., it does not look too good for this summer's fuel prices!  They could curl one's hair, particularly if Saddam Hussein's counter plan works to strike Israel with smallpox and other BW agents, propelling Israel into the war immediately, and thus converting the war into a great Holy Jihad between the Islamic world and Judeo-Christianity.  If that happens, there will be insurrections by fanatical militants in the streets of the moderate Arab nations and nations with large Islamic populations, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Turkey, parts of Russia, etc.  Strong terrorist acts will also explode in those nations, and in others.  The OPEC production and delivery, which is about one-third of the World's oil, will very likely be seriously curtailed, at least to the West.

If all that or a substantial part of that comes down, then we will see also a great conflict right in our cities, as terrorists already inserted and waiting, unleash attacks including biological warfare attacks (smallpox, anthrax, etc.) and other weapons of mass destruction. Indeed, Saddam Hussein's plan to initiate Israel into the war immediately, is aimed at thereby spurring the unleashing of those available hostile assets already inserted in the U.S., into strong strikes against our civilian populace and vital infrastructures.  How big and how bad that "Battle of the American Heartland" becomes, will depend on what is unleashed, where, and how effectively.

E.g., that 800 mile-long pipeline in Alaska, aboveground, with nearly 20% of the U.S. domestic oil passing through it, is worrisome.  It's terribly vulnerable to simple two- or three-man teams using C-4, duct tape, and timers.  Cut that beast in 5 or 10 places simultaneously, and it would be a formidable and immediate blow right in the energy gut of this nation.  What is worrisome is that it is so easily done by conventionally trained "cheap" terrorist teams, with little risk to the special forces type teams that would do it, and with no need for exotic weapons or supplies.

And even if we don't get some smart terrorist attacks on our pipelines (deadly vulnerable, ridiculously easy to interdict), strikes on a nuclear power plant or two (with, e.g., a portable EMP shooter, which several nations have and some of them are hostile to us and do back terrorists worldwide, and which the Japanese Yakuza has), strikes on refineries etc., could still make a difficult "Battle of the American Heartland" situation far more difficult, and even a nightmare.

So it's going to be an interesting time, where "interesting time" is deliberately taken from the old Chinese admonition, "May you live in interesting times!" where what is referred to are times of threat, stress, and pressure.

One way or another, we are likely to see how it plays out, very soon now.  And much of the main battle may well occur right here in Heartland America.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

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pjs wrote:

Hi, Mike!
How goes the snow?

Just got some hot info for you to consider:
This is another electronic power unit - this one from down under!

Be happy!

Wave of the future is free power - if the powerful will not stop it.