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Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 16:47:57 -0600

Unfortunately successful overunity system designs are not simple at all!  They may LOOK simple, but their operation is tremendously complex and often extraordinarily difficult to comprehend.  If the operation were simple, and a simple kit of parts could be specified, the world would have had it long ago.  The sharp young grad students at our universities would have done it a century ago.   

Also, Mr. ****** should reflect a little on what he suggests so simply.  Let's ask him to submit to his own criterion.  I personally have worked 30 hard years on the project, and my colleagues have all worked 10.  Would Mr. ****** give away the last 30 years of his income and salary to some worthy cause?  

There are lots of extremely worthy causes -- so which one has he given everything he has to?  Or is this "don't do as I do, but do as I say?"   He should see the point.  If he means what he says, let him do precisely the same.  I don't believe he has done that, or will do that.   

Also we are already giving away far more than inventors normally give away, including a rather substantial body of highly technical knowledge that took me most of my adult life to assemble and understand.  One would then question, how much has Mr. ****** followed his own advice?   



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Tom Bearden
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If Mr. Bearden and associates are worried about an unwitting conspiracy of scientific ignorance problem, and the coming Armageddon caused by a false energy shortage,  why not do something really radical and simply share with the world of non-scientists a simple design for a free-energy device that nearly anyone with a little education could build?  Once this happens, those resistant to change will come along - they would no longer have an incentive to resist.

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