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Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 00:43:25 -0600


You are correct.  The mind does not reside in the brain or cells, or in 3-space at all, but in the time domain.  Time, by the way, has the same energy density as mass, but just over on the fourth Minkowski axis ict, where the only variable is t.  So memory resides there also.   It is totally electromagnetic, but using time-polarized photons and time-polarized EM waves.  Since observation is a d/dt operator, when invoked on 4-space LLLT it strips away the T, leaving a fixed, static LLL 3-space frozen snapshot. Since it is iterative, observation produces an iterative series of those observables.  No observable exists in time or "persists" a priori.  Instead, it continually recurs at an extraordinarily rapid rate, like the individual frame of a motion picture moving through the projector one frame at a time.

The Priore pumping of the cells in the time domain is not pumping the mind and memory.  Actually that is the same mechanism that the cellular regenerative system uses to heal damaged cells in the body.  So Priore just unwittingly discovered how to amplify the natural healing mechanism used by every living creature since the beginning.  If it affected out mind, then if you had a major operation requiring lots of healing, you would "lose much of your mind".    And you would lose some of your mind every time you sleep, and replenish, restore, and repair the cells. Obviously that does not happen.

The brain and nervous system is a sort of "tuner", which transduces the input time-polarized EM waves into ordinary EM waves, intermixed with the incessant torrent of input from our senses and the external environment. Thus the "intent" appears as occasional but coherent 3-space electrical changes.  Since these changes are coherent, they integrate into sufficient signals to initiate the human physical servomechanisms.  That is how the mind produces real changes, but cannot totally change the body because other non-intent changes are occurring at a fantastic pace.

To control the system, a feedback loop is necessary.  Movement and dynamicism in 3-space physical changes in the body can be shown to also produce coherent changes in the mind domain (on the time-axis; that's simple special relativity and rotation of the frame a bit with any change).  So these feedback response signals from the body to the mind are in the virtual state. But being coherent, they integrate into "observable" changes to the mind there on the time axis.  Hence the mind gets a return delayed feedback of the response of the body.  The delay in the feedback receipt from the time of the intent projection gives the sense of persistence or existence. So it creates the sense of "self".  It also identifies that physical set of responses fed back to it from that body as "my body", since other bodies are not giving it feedback.  On the other hand, the tremendous additional changes that were non-intent and did not match intent, gives us the sense of "the external separate world and its observed phenomena".  That gives us the sense of differing from our universe.  Yet the intermingling of our intent responses in those non intent responses also gives us a sense of being "simultaneous" or "at one" with the universe, or part of it.

This is the solution to the age-old unsolved problems of nature of mind, nature of self-identity, etc.

It also is directly engineerable, if one develops the time-polarized EM technology.

In quantum field theory, there are four photon polarizations.  With z taken as the direction of propagation, then if the energy is vibrating in space along the x- or y-axes, that gives the two "transverse" polarized photons. If the energy is vibrating in space along the z-axis (along the line of propagation), it vibrates to and fro along the line of motion like an accordion, and that is the longitudinally polarized photon.  If the energy is over on the time axis, and vibrates along it, it is a time-polarized or "scalar" photon.  Neither the scalar or longitudinal photon is individually observable, but the combination is observed as the instantaneous scalar potential.

So quantum field theory has the innate ability to allow developing the engineering of the mind in all its aspects. That is what Russian psychoenergetics is: the application of scalar (time-polarized) EM technology to directly engineer the mind and the mind-body loop.

They envision eventually even engineering the deepest levels of mind, including the collective human unconscious mind.



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To: Tom Bearden Subject: cell time-reversal and losing your knowledge

Dear Tom,

I was talking to my Nephew about the virtues of Priore's machine and he asked the simple question, "when your cells are time-reversed, including your brain cells, do you lose the information that you have learned?".   We both thought not.  Are we correct?

Hope you are doing well.