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Slightly re-edited 12 Sept. 2010

Dear New Scientist:
Yes, there are some subjects I would very much like to see you include and discuss in New Scientist in the future. E.g., in the energy field, you are way behind and way off-track.  As an example, consider the standard electrical engineering, which handles and develops most all our electrical power systems.
In 1892, there were no electrical engineers at all, because it (electrical engineering) had not been born yet -- but technical engineers were now needed to design, build, work on, and maintain the new AC power systems etc. given us by Nikola Tesla. Maxwell was already dead (he died in 1879), and everyone hated quaternions. There were only about three dozen PHYSICISTS on earth who understood something of electrodynamics, and that was it. To provide the new Tesla AC power technology, which was to be taught in our universities and called "electrical engineering", Lorentz was preparing the equations for the mathematical model to be used. He was using Heaviside's original vector equations, which were still ASYMMETRIC and thus included asymmetric Maxwellian systems.
Tesla had discovered in the late 1880s and early 1890s how to build ASYMMETRIC systems which could take and use all the EM energy one wished, from the "active medium" (Tesla's term) and without consuming fuel. And Tesla was briefing technical societies to that effect. (See rigorous proof that Tesla could have given us free EM energy from the seething active medium: See T. W. Barrett, "Tesla's Nonlinear Oscillator-Shuttle-Circuit (OSC) Theory," Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie, 16(1), 1991, p. 23-41. Barrett rigorously shows that EM expressed in quaternions allows shuttling and storage of potentials in circuits, and dissipation of the energy in those regions desired. The quaternion electrodynamics also allows additional EM functioning of a circuit that a conventional EM analysis using the symmetrized Heaviside-Lorentz vector equations cannot reveal. Barrett shows that Tesla's patented circuits did exactly this]
We also strongly note that Barrett is a very noted (though quiet) electrodynamicist and one of the cofounders of ultrawideband radar, along with Harmuth.
All this was known to the ruthless financier J. P. Morgan, still angry and smarting at his own backing of Edison and DC power systems being soundly defeated by Tesla's much more practical AC power systems. So he was already setting up the total suppression of Tesla, by first breaking his backer Westinghouse (which he did) and then deliberately breaking Tesla (which he did also).
Morgan had already had his technical advisors check the work of Tesla, and they found that Tesla's confounded "energy freely from the active medium" systems (asymmetric systems) were for real.
As a result, Morgan's tech advisors did a group analysis on the Heaviside equations and showed that the Heaviside equations were still ASYMMETRICAL -- and thus they still contained some of those confounded Tesla "free excess energy from the active medium" (i.e., asymmetric) systems. At Morgan's bidding, Lorentz was then elicited to eliminate those "free energy from the active medium" systems from this new-fangled electrical engineering that was being formed.
Lorentz was a great scientist, but he was also noted for stealing and publishing other scientists' work and taking credit for it. [For an expose, see J. D. Jackson and L. B. Okun, "Historical roots of gauge invariance," Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 73, July 2001, p. 663-680. Jackson and Okun discuss roots and history of gauge invariance, verify that Ludwig Lorenz (without the 't') first symmetrically regauged Maxwell's equations, although it has been misattributed to H. A. Lorentz (with the 't') as being first. This is an excellent coverage of the history of who did what and when, and who got credit for it. Lorentz stole work by Lorenz (without the "t") and published it as his own, and thereby ARBITRARILY SYMMETRIZED the resulting EE model and theory using the "Heaviside-Lorentz" modified SYMMETRICAL equations.
Hence before the very birth of EE, the model and subject were already deliberately mutilated and crippled to prevent free energy from the vacuum systems -- i.e., such systems as now have been rigorously developed and demonstrated by Klimov et al. and validated by both the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the National Recoverable Energy Laboratory. The work of Klimov et al. is rigorously published in leading physics and nanocrystalline journals, and it is now accepted in both fields -- and INDEPENDENTLY verified by those two great national labs.
Therefore we never have to "prove" it again, as it has been scientifically and experimentally proven for all time.
But from its very birth, the severely crippled electrical engineering model has allowed only SELF-SYMMETRIZING EM systems to be conceived, built, deployed, and used by our electrical engineers.
This odd fact (this deliberate mutilation of energy "science and technology" in our standard electrical engineering, from its very birth) is totally responsible for the present world energy crisis! The very first requirement for total, quick, clean, cheap solving of the world energy crisis is the direct and intentional violation of standard electrical engineering!
Meanwhile, there are already very good and much better systems of electrodynamics available in physics, such as quaternion electrodynamics etc. -- and these allow conceiving, building, deploying and using ASYMMETRIC electrical power systems. In short, these FAR BETTER electromagnetic models do indeed allow "free energy from the seething virtual state vacuum", speaking in modern quantum terms. And rigorous proof has been shown by (1) Barrett, (2) Klimov et al., and (3) Nobelists Lee and Yang in their epochal discovery and proof of broken symmetry and its requirement that "something previously virtual becomes observable".
Any dipole -- the common dipole! -- is a proven broken symmetry, and hence it continually converts something previously virtual into something observable (which is part of the nature of a broken symmetry). Any dipole continually absorbs virtual photons from the vacuum, additively exciting above the quantum threshold, and then decaying its excitation by re-emitting real observable photons at a steady rate. Indeed, the so-called "static EM field" in electrical engineering -- and associated with every charge and dipole -- is actually a proven steady FREE emission of real, usable EM energy-from-the-vacuum, which continually creates and sustains the so-called "static" EM field. The field is not "static" at all, but is rather like a steady-state waterfall, seemingly fixed in form and intensity at each "point", but comprised of internal components in steady and continual motion.
In addition to the beautiful work of Klimov et al., it is simple to "power an electrical load" without "furnishing the power" by the source dipole (in the generator or battery). All one need furnish is the ENERGY, and then the interaction between energy and moving charge provides the "power".
Here's how to do it (power loads and systems by "static voltage" only). Simply let the source dipolarity momentarily provide "STATIC" VOLTAGE and no current at all, to the external circuit attached to its terminals. Do this while temporarily "pinning" the free electrons in the conductors of the external circuit, so that (momentarily) they cannot flow as current. The "static" voltage, however, will flow down the external circuit at nearly light speed, and will "potentialize" the temporarily pinned free electrons. (There are known ways to do this pinning for up to a millisecond; switching in a microsecond is easily done). The product of the voltage potentializing the external circuit, multiplied by the number of coulombs of interacting "potentialized pinned electrons", gives the number of joules of EM energy now FREELY collected in the external circuit, without "drawing power" from the dipolar voltage source.
Then, with the external pinned circuit now potentialized, switch away the dipolar source furnishing the potentializing "static" voltage (electrostatic scalar potential). Note that NO POWER HAS BEEN DRAWN FROM THE ORIGINAL DIPOLAR VOLTAGE SOURCE, BUT LOTS OF EM ENERGY HAS BEEN RATHER FREELY DRAWN FROM IT. So the dipolar source itself is not depleted at all. All that is required so far is a tiny bit of "switching power" to operate the efficient switching.

Then with the external potentialized circuit still pinned, one "switches in" a resistor load in series with a diode, connecting across the "gap" in the ends of the external circuit, so that a NEW and COMPLETELY SEPARATE symmetrical system -- ALREADY POTENTIALIZED ALMOST TOTALLY FREELY -- results.
And then let the pinning expire in this now-completed potentialized system, so that the NEW symmetrical system THEN splits its freely collected potential energy in half, using half in the FORWARD EMF region to dissipate in the loads and losses when current moves, and thus powering the loads. The other half of the stored potential energy is dissipated in the BACK EMF region (across the series load resistor and diode) to destroy the system's dipolarization.
Then switch back to original configuration with external circuit again pinned. Re-potentialize again while pinning still exists, switch away the potentializing source dipole again, switch back in the resistive load and the dipole, and repeat the cycle again and again and again.
In short, potentialize the load circuit "statically", and "dissipate" the potential energy dynamically to power the loads, without the original dipolar source being in the "discharging/depotentializing" circuit during its "powering" operation.
In this way one can easily "power" a large load with a "voltage source" only, while obeying all the laws of physics and of nature and requiring the operator furnish only a tiny bit of "switching" energy. Even this can be made "free" by making the "switching unit" part of the overall load system in the original external circuit.
So we have used a deliberately ASYMMETRICAL system to freely potentialize the pinned electrons in the external circuit, in total violation to standard electrical engineering SYMMETRIC-ONLY usage. And then we have switched away the very small VOLTAGE source dipole, by reconstituting the open external circuit into a closed-circuit system that then DISSIPATES the collected energy to (1) power the loads and losses, and (2) kill its own dipolarity.
Any competent EE department or physics department can readily build and demonstrate this system, if they but put their minds to it.
And it means that, by MERELY CHANGING AND UPGRADING THE HORRIBLY MUTILATED AND ANTIQUE OLD SELF-SYMMETRIZING HEAVISIDE-LORENTZ SYMMETRIZED MODEL, TO A MUCH MORE MODERN DELIBERATELY-ASYMMETRIC OVERALL SYSTEM USAGE, one can solve the world energy crisis easily and forever. One easily cleans up the biosphere now, because there need be no coal burning, diesel fuel burning, etc. Our cars can be electric and powered by very small VOLTAGE sources ("batteries"), that need hardly furnish any CURRENT at all.

Incredibly, the "world energy crisis" is due totally to the continued usage of a horribly crippled and deliberately mutilated archaic old electrical engineering technology and model. It is readily solved by first adopting a much better (higher group symmetry) EE model, and upgrading for over a century of scientific ignorance on a scale that boggles the human imagination. And by deliberately building and operating "ASYMMETRIC" Maxwellian power systems.
Klimov et al. have already rigorously proven that real physical systems can be built that receive extra energy from the seething virtual state interaction, and output it as real, observable EM energy used to help power our circuits and systems and loads, with COP>1.0. No "second law of equilibrium thermodynamics" is violated, because the described systems are NONEQUILIBRIUM systems with respect to their ongoing interaction with the virtual state vacuum. Maxwell, you see, was also a thermodynamicist of some note at his time, and he already knew that the hoary old second law of EQUILIBRIUM thermodynamics was readily violated.
E.g., quoting Maxwell: "The truth of the second law is ' a statistical, not a mathematical, truth, for it depends on the fact that the bodies we deal with consist of millions of molecules' Hence the second law of thermodynamics is continually being violated, and that to a considerable extent, in any sufficiently small group of molecules belonging to a real body." [J. C. Maxwell, 'Tait's Thermodynamics II,' Nature 17, 278'280 (7 February 1878)].
These "free energy from the vacuum" systems do not violate the situation re "perpetual motion" because NEWTON'S FIRST LAW OF MOTION IS ACTUALLY THE LAW OF UNIVERSAL PERPETUAL MOTION! Simply read it and think. If I place an object into a state of motion or at rest, it will remain (perpetually and continually) in that state of motion indefinitely (forever), unless and until an external force comes along and interacts on the state of motion or rest, changing it.
Sadly, we have not even "understood" Newton's law of perpetual motion (his first law of motion) all these years since he advanced it!
So I would strongly challenge and urge New Scientist that what is urgently needed is the following:

(1) Realization that the world energy crisis is directly due to the terrible deficiencies in the standard EE model.
(2) Therefore, the SOLUTION is a PHYSICS problem, requiring the use of much better and more complete electrodynamics (such as quaternion electrodynamics, very close to Maxwell's original theory), and requiring the development and usage of ASYMMETRIC Maxwellian/Tesla power systems.
(3) If we wish to be honest and scientific, then we MUST CHANGE that horribly mutilated and crippled old Heaviside-Lorentz EE model, and recover those Tesla ASYMMETRIC systems that were casually eliminated by eliciting Lorentz to do the dirty work.
(4) Revise all electrical engineering texts, labs, and practices to incorporate the new higher group symmetry EM model to be used.
(5) Get some bright new youngsters and grad students trained and graduated with Doctorates in a NEW and MODERN electrical engineering that incorporates both (1) SYMMETRIC old standard self-destructive electrical power systems and (2) ASYMMETRIC new Maxwellian power systems that then can and will rapidly be built.
Very best wishes,
Thomas E. Bearden, U.S. Army (Retired)
MS, Nuclear Engineering
BS Mathematics with minor in electronic engineering
Graduate of the U.S. Army's MOS 1181 Staff Officer's Missile Engineering course (equivalent to MS in missile science).
In addendum:
And if you REALLY wish to jump physics forward a thousand years into the future, see the subject I call "precursor engineering" (on my website This subject was discovered and known to P.A.M. Dirac by 1930, and results from the use of Dirac Sea vacuum tickling of any physical object or objects, or any physical process. In short, physics also was deliberately mutilated by arbitrarily tearing negative energy out of Dirac's theory in 1934, only a year after Dirac and Schrodinger were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize. Their astounding work made possible modern quantum physics.
By proper understanding of Dirac sea tickling of the vacuum processes creating and sustaining any physical object or process, one can very simply and easily (once the science is developed) directly change physical reality as one wishes. We explain the DIRAC PHYSICS mechanism that the little jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula started using circa 1990 to become immortal against death by ageing, as proven in leading world biology labs by direct observation. The adaptation started in the Caribbean, and the little immortal-against-death-by-ageing jellyfish has now spread through all the oceans of the world. Professor Kanzius (now deceased) also developed a brilliant watergas technology that also could fuel the world with H2 and O2 gas mix generated in a small container of Dirac-sea-vacuum-tickled water, then piping the mix out of the "tickled vacuum" area into the combustion chamber of an combustion engine, to cleanly burn and power the engine and its load. The only exhaust is pure water vapor, and this can be done for all our autos, trains, ships, aircraft, etc. if we but do it. Kanzius, however, did not know the actual PHYSICS mechanism he was using, but merely found how to apply it so that statistically the OH bond in the "tickled water" started "unhappening", freeing H and O to form H2 and O2 gas bubbles. The mix is not very explosive in the tickled water container, since there the OH bond can be achieved now only with great difficulty!
The same Kanzius tickling process, applied to cancer, is being used to cure cancer. It is being developed by a known and recognized cancer research institute. Phase One animal tests were spectacular! With terminal tumors implanted in the lab animals, all were cured by just "unhappening" the cancer by adding negative energy judiciously in that tickled cancer area. Again, biologists are desperately seeking some kind of cellular mechanism in cellular biology, but it is actually a PHYSICS process torn out of physics by the tearing out of negative energy from Dirac's theory in 1934, and changing all the textbooks accordingly.
Today, a strong team of physicists lead by Dan Solomon and his colleagues is moving rigorously to get negative energy added back into physics. Dan Solomon is Engineering Manager at Rauland-Borg Corporation. He and his colleagues have published very rigorous papers in leading physics journals showing that the arbitrary removal of negative energy from Dirac's theory was not by the use of the scientific method at all, but by the total violation of it.
So there are some remarkable physics, medical, and energy scientific works out there that greatly need your attention and discussion and investigation, in the name of science and to make it honest again.
And incidentally, to solve the present world energy crisis by rapid development of ASYMMETRIC electrodynamics electrical engineering systems, and also solve the world medical crisis by direct usage of Dirac sea vacuum pulsing/tickling to "unhappen" any disease or back physical condition, including old age itself. The Russians have long worked out lots of precursor engineering, but kept it rigidly confined to their deep black operations of their superweapon systems. However, some years ago they released the Scenar, a little automated handheld electrical gadget that actually uses Dirac Sea Vacuum Tickling to alleviate pain etc. and do a small amount of healing. Then about a year ago, they released the Scenar-Cosmodic, which also contains a SECOND Dirac sea vacuum tickling system that automatically detects and cures disease conditions as well.
These have now been released into standard medical practice by Soviet doctors, who are treating their patients with it and having very good curative results. A few European doctors have also obtained Scenar-Cosmodic units and are successfully treating medical patients with it.
Very best wishes,
Tom Bearden