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Subject: RE: Re: Re paper by Beardon - point contact transistor
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 13:06:33 -0600


Hi Tony,


Donít think Iíll reply anything to this self-assured fellow.


He doesnít even understand that there are no EM force fields in space. He also has no idea that sharp gradients etc. can allow violation of the 2nd law of thermo, and apparently has not read the history of point contact devices.. Nor does he even know what an asymmetric circuit is, compared to the symmetric ones he knows and uses.


Got a chuckle out of that one. If he doesnít bother me, I wonít bother him.






With reference to the paper by Beardon in the section in your web site "Energy Papers".
Beardon shows his ignorance by quoting the point contact transistor's negative resistance region as a source of power.  Yes, the point contact transistor does have a negative resistance region.  But in order to enter the negative resistance region the transistor has to be biased from an energy source such as a battery.  The input power far exceeds the useful negative resistance power so the resulting efficiency is extremely low.  Ask anyone specialized in transistor electronics for confirmation of my assertion.  With a factual error of this magnitude I cannot take anything else that Beardon says seriously.

Yours truly,


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