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Subject: RE: References to Thermo Laws Violation


Thanks Dr. M***


Very much appreciated.  It is heartening to find that the second law is under rigorous attack by many excellent scientists, and that it is bleeding badly.


I particularly have been struck with the group theoretic work of Michael Leyton in his hierarchies of symmetry, where a broken symmetry at one level generates a symmetry at the next higher level, overlapping and nesting over all below.


It would seem that, if his work has no discernible flaw, then he has put the coup de grace to the second law.  And experiment does seem to be agreeing with just such hierarchies.


I think it's also connected with the hierarchy of symmetry problem in physics, which for some time has been one of the driving forces spearing researchers on, to try to sort out what appears to be Leyton's hierarchies.


If all that does come together, then for the first time there will be something like a rigorous group theoretic proof of negative entropy at one level, forming from a broken symmetry at the next lower level.


Best wishes,


Tom Bearden

For Mr Bearden
Dear Sir
For your work on violations of laws of thermodynamics, I send you three more references which seem very interesting.
A.H. Allahverdyan, TH Nieuwenhuizen ; Statistical thermodynamics of Quantum Brownian Motion : Birth of perpetuum mobile of the second kind, cond-mat/0011389-May 2002
V. Capek ; Zeroth and second Laws of Thermodynamics Simultaneously Questioned in the Quantum Microworld , cond-mat/0012056- January 2001
V. Capek, J.Bok ; A Thought Construction of a working perpetuum mobile of the second kind, cond-mat/9905232- March 1999

In the attached file, there is more details and links to the articles.

My best regards