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Excerpted from Private Correspondence:

26 February, 2006

Meanwhile, it rather strongly appears that all legitimate overunity inventors and researchers are once again in increasing trouble. Apparently “the order” has gone out from the top that EFTV systems will not be permitted on the market, whether or not the U.S. goes down the economic tubes as a result. You probably have a better grasp than I do of the apparent world-wide though loose coordination now becoming obvious in selected attacks on oil facilities etc. – such as in Iraq, recently in Saudi Arabia, in Nigeria, etc.

Behind the scenes, it appears that one of PEMEX’s large oilfields in Mexico is also beginning to seriously decline, so there is an increasing problem with Mexican oil which apparently will further increase. With the stoutly increasing oil and gas demand (from China, India, etc.), everybody is competing with everybody else for the same oil supplies or suppliers. Europe, e.g., gets the majority of its natural gas from Russia, apparently. So the plot thickens.

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