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Subject: RE: Do you have replication of the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator available?
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 20:38:50 -0600

Dear Jim,
We are not at that stage yet. Presently we are strongly seeking the financing necessary to complete the task, scale-up to what then are practical power system levels (presently it's just a successful lab bench experiment), etc.
Also, realize that all matters concerning the MEG are handled by the little company the five of us set up, whose CEO is Dr. Lee Kenny.
We are pretty confident we will get the funding partner needed, and then a year of very hard modeling, phenomenology, scale-up testing, etc. is required. The system is nonlinear, with multiple feedback and feedforward loops, so nonlinear oscillation theory and nonlinear control theory are essential in that year of work. At least four specialists in four specialized disciplines are required, in addition to all the "electrical engineering" stuff. The MEG is NOT a simple transformer at all. Ironically, its operation and functioning is complex, although its physical form is deceptively simple.
We have a major university in another Western nation also working with us, doing independent replication etc.
That's the status, and your offer is appreciated; but we are just not at that stage yet.
Note this statement now very strongly. Lots of folks out there make very sublime pronouncements about how easy it is to develop a true COP>1.0 system taking its energy from the vacuum. Few if any of those "instant experts" have ever even seen such a system, much less have any notion of the various phenomenologies involved. If it were really so "simple", then all those sharp young grad students and post doctoral scientists we've been producing for the last 80 or so years, would already have done it, and it would be already the standard.
It's like any other highly nonlinear system with multiple feed loops both forward and back. It's intensive in phenomenology and modeling, before the behavior is fully understood and controlled properly. After that has been done, then production of units and marketing them is possible.
We are still tackling that stage that must occur before one can manufacture and market.
Best wishes,
Tom Bearden

Dear Tom,
I have sent copies of your Scalar Wars to our three sons (one in California and two in Alaska) to read and consider last year. Since it appears that our world-wide oil and gas supply is in the process of peaking in the next 5-10 years before the downhill slide, can we work together with you to produce your MEG so that humanity can have a chance to live and develop as human beings?
Is there any possibility for manufacturing your MEG in the works as present?  It could save the planet.  Thank you for your faithfulness against all odds!