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Subject: RE: Big Fusion project announced + simpler book?
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 21:38:41 -0600 


Yes, I've considered lots of options, but presently am driven by (1) time, and (2) uncertainty as to how much longer I'll be here.  So we just try to get done what we can. Getting the book out, Energy from the Vacuum, was only possible through the very hard work and dedication of my close colleagues, Tony Craddock, Marcia Stockton, Michael Anderson, Jace Barbour, and of course Mike Rieker who donates the website pro bono, setting the stage for it all. I could have done almost nothing without the help and hard work of those colleagues.  My friend and close colleague Ken Moore keeps my backside safe, etc. as do some other folks.  The scientific papers published by the AIAS, under the drive of Myron Evans, also has placed a very solid theoretical footing under EM energy from the vacuum.  Finally, the important work of Michael Leyton has now solidified the thermodynamics, all the way from the seething vacuum energy through the source charge and out to the ends of the universe.  Other colleagues such as Bedini also have working COP>1.0 systems, and they too are driving hard to get this genie launched into the commercial market place.

What I opted for, was to get out as much I can, as completely referenced as I can, so that the sharp young grad students and post docs could pick it up from there without difficulty. To make it available, it has to be in books and on the internet, so that is what has been done.  That way, whether I'm here or not, or finish or not, is immaterial.  Once the proper knowledge is available, and it now is available, those sharp young people will eventually overturn the scientific community's objections, by doing it from the bottom up in spite of all opposition.

So that's what we did and why we did it that way.  I'll have to defer to one or more of them to get the rest of it done, such as a proper textbook in O(3) electrodynamics (Dr. Evans is working on that now).  The main priority for me is to get the thermodynamics roughed out and done, the inverted circuits roughed out and done, try to get the MEG developed and on the market, assist in a couple other devices as possible, etc.  That will about take care of the rest of my life.  But that way, it will eventually get done.

Information is powerful.  And an idea whose time has come, is extraordinarily powerful.  I do believe that the time for "energy from the vacuum" is now arriving, and no amount of effort by those not wishing it to happen can put the genie back in the bottle.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden