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Subject: RE: Man convicted of selling quack device (based on Rife)
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 11:29:25 -0600

Thanks Tony!

Actually these were attempts to uncover what we've been calling "precursor engineering". The problem that most researchers have had is that they are still trying to apply classical physics to the problem -- because, e.g., that's the only thing the patent office understands.

So, just as Kanzius had to file his patent claiming that his focused pulses BURN the tumor (he had to file this way if he ever hoped to have a patent issued), most researchers have -- even in their own minds -- unconsciously applied classical mechanics so that they thought something had to be done by "brute force" on the disease or tumor. The notion that the tumor is continually being created from the virtual particle "bubbling" interaction of the local vacuum is unknown, and so the very notion of "unhappening" it or part of it is unknown also.

Of course, back in 1934 when a totally frightened physics leadership ripped Dirac's "theory of everything" into pieces and tried very hard to rip out negative vacuum energy from it, the High Cabal (watching everything and in fact controlling the direction of the reaction) actually arranged to have this mutilation of physics done. That way, one stays with conventional mechanics in his world-picture -- and does not realize that judiciously engineering specifically patterned negative energy (and its associated negative probabilities) into the local vacuum's energy will affect and alter the "continuous creation process" that continually produces any observed object or process by positive energy/positive probabilities, all the way up from the fundamental vacuum "bubbles". (The vacuum is not an "emptiness" filled with bubbles; it is just that set of non-observable -- subquantal -- intensely interacting bubbles. There is no emptiness).

The last thing the huge cartels such as the big pharmaceuticals wished, was understanding and development of simple straightforward "tickling of the local vacuum" techniques to produce a local "unhappening" for a specific part of an overall ongoing positive energy creation-bubbling process. Development of the proper "tickling" technology would mean developing the direct engineering of observed physical reality, easily and with very little "tickle" energy furnished by the operator.

With correct tickling patterns (that would be worked out if the technology were understood and in development by the scientific community), one could cure any specific disease easily, 100%, etc. Or change any given substance into any other substance, etc. -- such as transmuting copper into gold, etc.

Dirac certainly understood vacuum tickling and also understood what it led to. But that part of his own tremendous work was what was suppressed and mutilated.

Today there is a growing, strong movement in physics (under Solomon etc.) to add back in that long-missing negative vacuum energy, which will then add back in the "tickling" mechanism and the direct engineering of that "continuous creation" process that any observable thing or process actual "is".

At the time (late 1920s and very early 1930s) when the "vacuum tickling" and "continuous bubbling creation" processes were being suppressed (under supervision by the control groups, with the coup de grace in 1934 by alteration of Dirac's theory and renaming it the "theory of the electron"), the High Cabal would have understood from their advisors that eventually this subject (vacuum tickling) would be re-discovered by the steadily increasing scientific community and then would start to rise as a technology. If that technology is ever permitted, then the High Cabal would resoundingly and totally lose its control of things, and it itself would subside into a silly bunch of power mad old geezers still dreaming of their lost feudalism when they controlled everything.

So their scientific and economic planners (they of course have the very best that money can buy) would have been directed by the Elite to plan in detail the future giant suppression of the re-emergence of precursor engineering. In short, they would deliberately have planned to first plunge most of the world into the toilet economically, with great chaos, huge conflicts, and the deaths of a substantial fraction of humanity. One must always remember that the High Cabal is comprised totally of rampant "feudalists". They must always remain the kings and owners of everything (land, money, etc.) and require all the lower serfs to just either die and get out of the way, or just struggle along to survive.

So it appears the Elite has long-planned and set up the direct implementation of the presently oncoming world economic collapse. It has to be a violent and very harsh return to total feudalism, else -- should the scientific community really break into understanding and development of precursor engineering and directly engineering physical reality at will -- their (the Elite's) own iron control would be forever lost because eventually all the "serfs" would be free.

They apparently  hope that in the coming giant economic debacle, 50% to 80% of the serfs are destroyed. The Elite consider that they and their families are the only true "humans" on earth; everyone else is something like a useless rat with a mouth to be fed, or at best a dog that can do a few useful things. All the rest of us are considered to be "subhuman". And the Elite feel there are already far too many "rats" on the planet anyway; so they are actually welcoming the coming chaos and destruction -- and the corresponding deaths of a great fraction of humanity (of the "rats").

As a single example, now we can understand the long planning ahead that led to the establishment by the Rockefeller family of a giant underground "city" and installation out there in Idaho close to John Bedini. It's prepared for the economic debacle and collapse, and it is filled with goods (for many months the 18-wheelers hauled in the supplies). It is secured by very tough foreign troops -- something like Pakistani special forces. It apparently has defensive longitudinal EM wave interferometers, etc. (and probably other superweapons as well).

And there are other similar deep underground installations in the same general area (that part of Idaho).

Looks like we are in for a real rough "show". Best thing we can do is to just keep writing this stuff up and filming it (as in the films of the epochal work of John) and getting it out there. If enough people can be made aware of this, hopefully enough of them will survive the economic and destruction debacle to again take up the cudgel and finally get humanity truly freed.

Hang in there,