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Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 22:37:06 -0600

Dear Dr. C*******,

There are none of those proposed machines that have been developed, unfortunately, because the proposed development program was never seriously considered or adopted by the government.  My proposal in 1998 was to the U.S. government, that it establish a crash government project to develop it under proper medical science auspices and legal procedures, and rigorous animal testing, to develop the system at all speed for emergency treatment of mass casualties to be expected in the future when weapons of mass destruction are unleashed on U.S. cities.  Unfortunately the NIH, USAF, and DoD did not even know what I was talking about, did not check any of the hard references in the French medical science literature I cited that documented the proven results achieved by the scientists in the Prioré team, etc.  At NIH we never got out of the "Policy" section, which in common language is the "political spin control" section.  In 1998 the attitude still was that, sure, that was the official threat, but not to worry, it wouldn't happen on "our watch", so to speak. Maybe in the next 50 years, of course. If you will check, e.g., you will find that DoD did little or nothing on the biological warfare threat until Secretary of Defense William Cohen took office, and ordered work done in the area.

Also, I do not and cannot offer any advice at all for medical treatment of persons, since I am not a licensed medical practitioner.  Everything I write along those lines is directed toward research performed scientifically with full controls, and under legal procedures approved by the states and federal government.  It is not directed for present medical treatment at all. I do not recommend anything, and particularly anything that has not been through the proper procedures for certification and legal release for medical treatment, under the auspices of a properly licensed medical practitioner.

This is an area in which some very clever fellows try to "trick" a targeted researcher, appealing to his humane side (my God, who doesn't feel deep sympathy and intense sadness for a person dying of cancer, etc.?).  To these jackals, human sympathy for the suffering is a serious personal vulnerability to be callously exploited, as is the characteristic of being easy to approach. The attempt is to get the researcher to "recommend" or "advise" some particular medical machine, which --- guess what, a fellow is there just ready to build or furnish one, and will use it to promptly treat some lady's sister who is dying of cancer, has had the full radiation therapy essentially destroying her immune system, and has been sent home to die.  If one makes such a suggestion (all clandestinely recorded, of course!), then this "mysterious person" promptly builds or furnishes the machine (he's already been privately given immunity for prosecution, to play his role in the "sting").  The lady's sister is treated, and dies of cancer since at that point nothing would save her anyway.  With the death of the unfortunate sick person, the trap has been sprung.  Suddenly a very astounded researcher is arrested out of the blue and thrown in jail on second degree murder charges or at least manslaughter, charged with practicing medicine without a license, etc.  It is a criminal case, not a civil case.  The jury is also likely to be intensely sympathetic to this poor lady who died such an agonizing death, and render a verdict of guilty. The researcher finds himself looking out from behind bars for about 20 years, wondering how in the devil he got there.  It happens more often than one realizes.

Having been "gamed" by that sting more than 40 times, you will understand my sensitivity on the subject.  So far as I'm aware, the same game may still be there, operating out of a particular District Attorney's office in one of our major cities, as a criminal case, with lots of researchers named in it. This is or was just one application of "gaming", used so successfully on many of the energy and medical researchers to stop them in their tracks.

So while I appreciate your plight and certainly that of the suffering patients, there is nothing at all I can personally do for them, nor will I offer any medical advice whatsoever.  What I have proposed is a legally constituted massive research program, properly administered under proper scientific and legal auspices.  Nothing else.

I can of course pray for you and your patients, and certainly will do so. You are absolutely correct about the suffering and misery in the world today, with many of our dread diseases such as cancer.  And yes, a scientific cure could be developed in about 3 years with a crash program, but it would be very expensive, so it should be done by the Government itself.  We shall, however, continue our efforts to pass the information along to the young grad students and post doctoral scientists, under the fervent hope that one day they may succeed in getting such a government program established as we proposed in 1998.


Tom Bearden

Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 12:26 PM

Subject: Scalar Healing Device

Dear Dr. Bearden:    

I am a chiropractic and naturopathic physician, clinical nutritionist and medical herbalist.  Since 1971, I have been a researcher and educator, helping people with chronic, severe and terminal illnesses.  My expertise is limited to the more mundane healing modalities using neutraceuticals, herbs and natural healing protocols.  Although I have always known there was something "out there" at a higher level that could help people get well, until now, I didn't know what it could be.     Dr. Bearden, I have so many people, that are so sick, several that may not live another week, that disparately need help.  Is there anyway I can make, borrow, use, buy or find someone that is using what you call a Scalar Beam or a Scalar Healing Blanket?     After over 32 years of studying natural healing and applying that knowledge, I have come to the conclusion, I can do know more without adding an electromagnetic cellular scalar wave device or something similar.  I do not understand this technology.  I just believe you and Mr. Bedini know how to create something that could help me help others.     Please respond at your earliest convenience as time is truly of the essence.                         Sincerely and Respectfully,      

Dr. James C