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Dear Richard,

Only have time to comment briefly, and the assumptions in the questions bear examining, because of the world situation.

The switch to overunity systems brings lots else along with it; for one thing, one is "burning time for fuel", so to speak.  What we call "high energy" physics today is not.  It is "high spatial energy" physics.  The photon has both a spatial energy component and a time energy component.  One second is some 9x10exp16 joules of spatial energy compressed by c-squared, so it has the same energy density as mass.  The highest TOTAL energy photon is the lowest frequency photon, when the time-energy is considered and used.  Halve the frequency, and one halves the spatial energy of the photon.  But one also doubles the time component, which has an expansion factor of that c-squared term.  So one has enormously amplified the total energy being transported in the photon.

When our physics begins using that, we then will have a real high energy physics.  I will have one chapter of my book devoted to some of the novel nuclear reactions that become possible, and some of them are already occurring in "cold fusion" (fusion at low spatial energy but at very high time-energy!")  We will give the exact reactions and the mechanisms that make it work.  Development along those lines will essentially give a near total mastery over mass, its transmutation, conversion to energy and vice versa, etc.  Quarks and gluons, their forces, time-forward and time-reversal, become directly engineerable.

In the present war, we will see the oil supplies get very much interdicted.  About 20% of the Domestic Oil of the U.S. comes through a single above-ground pipeline in Alaska, some 800 miles long.  Six terrorists, each with multiple C4 packages with timers, can do a rather dramatic and total number on that pipeline.  Similarly with many other "key jugular vein" vulnerabilities.  The power grids alone are so easily knocked out, by simple guerrilla means, that it takes one breath.  (I live in TVA land, with those transmission towers running everywhere.  Again, little C4 package and a timer on 4 hours, in the middle of the night, and one is miles away when the tower blows down.  A few terrorists canů you know the rest.  The critical facilities reached at and from harbors is mind-boggling.  We already know the terrorist teams with anthrax and smallpox are in country, waiting for the order.  Before the collapse of the former Soviet Union economy and its breakup, the Russians had already clandestinely sent in nuclear weapons and Spetznaz teams to use them.  These run from 20 KT to 40 KT, and almost all our large cities have such weapons already hidden in them, waiting for the KGB (in its new name) to issue the order.  Read Lunev's book; he tells you how they brought in many of the weapons.

Blunt truth is that Fortress America is gone with the wind.  The bad guys are already everywhere inside the castle walls, and after our population and cities.  We are likely to lose more people in this war than in all the other wars in our history.  It's going to be long and tough, and some of the strikes will lay hundreds of thousands of Americans dying in the street (smallpox, anthrax, etc.).  And think of the terrible problem of decontaminating an entire city contaminated by anthrax spores!  A real nightmare.  Oh, and EMP weapons can be made rather small and cheaply.   Bazooka-sized ones done right puts a powerful weapon in the hands of terrorist teams, that will destroy communications, missiles, electronics, etc.  Really does a number on modern civilization.  Take, e.g., a nuclear power plant hit by some bursts from one of these beasts or several of them.  Scratch all the controls.  Shades of Chernobyl!  A reactor without controls is a grave and terrible danger.  Even shutting the beast down will be formidable.  And so on and so on.

Remember, many of the thousands of terrorists in the teams already in our country are conditioned like the Japanese kamikazi group was in WW II.  Everyone has seen that since  9-11.  This thing has only just begun, and most Americans think it is winding down.

The electromagnetic weapons mentioned by the Secretary of Defense in April 1997 are in terrorist hands also, including the Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo.  That rogue group leased those earlier weapons on site in Russia, from the KGB, at the end of 1989.  The SecDef stated that such weapons were being used to initiate earthquakes, initiate volcanoes into eruption, and control and engineer the weather.  Quite true.  And presently there is a truly massive set of weather engineering operations going on over North America, from that rogue Japanese group manning the weapons in Russia.  Some 10 nations of the world now have the type of longitudinal EM wave interferometer weapons (which are what the SecDef was most probably referring to).   There are other even more fearsome weapons, possessed by five nations.  So a great deal of the state of the world is not covered in the news at all, and will not be.  The science of these weapons is not even taught in the curricula at any U.S. college or university.

We have been in an undeclared war of an eerie kind for some decades. That war seems now to have started to heat up also.  The destructive capability of some of these weapons is awesome, and far greater than nuclear.  Some can be used in such a way as to "augment" the effects of another weapon. E.g., one of the operations ongoing right now is the "spreading" of the immune systems of our population.  It works this way:  the Kaznacheyev experiments (and others) demonstrated that any cellular disease or disorder can be initiated into cells at a distance, by electromagnetic means (albeit unusual EM in nature).  The decades of microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, was an ongoing set of "stimuli" to ping the U.S. system and, by its response, ascertain how far along (or if it was "along") in its knowledge of such weapons.  The radiation was responsible for many health changes in personnel and for the eventual deaths of three U.S. Ambassadors. It was first discovered by the Secret Service when then vice-President Nixon was targeted upon his visit to the Soviet Union.  Because of his planned visit to nuclear facilities, the SS had radiation detectors, including Geiger counters.  Those counters will in fact detect longitudinal EM wave radiation (precisely as they have been doing in electrolyte experiments in U.S. Navy research facilities at China Lake now for some years).  But U.S. scientists are not used to thinking of time as highly compacted EM energy, or of "charging" of an object by a time-energy charge, or of the slow decay of such time-energy charging.  We explained those instrumental anomalies at China Lake in a previous published paper.  Anyway, from the nature of the detectors which first detected the "radiation" against Nixon, we know the nature of the beast.  Also, interestingly the cellular changes and diseases induced in personnel in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow by the radiation, occurred in only those areas that were field-free --- i.e., where the E and H fields were zero.  This means the culprit was the curl-free A-potential and the field free scalar potential phi, which has an internal longitudinal EM wavestructure.  In short, alter the internal wavestructure, and one creates a curved spacetime "engine" that acts on mass in any fashion one chooses to design -- including initiate diseases.

The quantum potential (from Bohm's theory) or the scalar potential in the Coulomb gauge, has instantaneous velocity.  It just appears everywhere it will be, all at once, without the notion of "propagation" through 3-space.   Four nations have long weaponized quantum potential weapons, and now a fifth --- China -- has them also.

Now visualize one of these "vacuum engines" or "spacetime curvature engines" that acts on mass to generate the exact effects produced by anthrax.  (Or any other disease one wishes).  Imagine the h/4(pi) barrier between the virtual state and the observable state.  Call the virtual state of a disease engine the disease pattern in the "shadow" state, just prior to becoming observable.

In the body there are three major systems of interest for these cellular studies.  (1) the master cellular control system, studied by Popp et al., (2) the immune system, studied by all the medical scientists, and (3) the cellular regenerative system, very poorly studied (mostly by Becker in the 60s and early 70s).  The master cellular control system actually controls and orders the immune system and the cellular regenerative system.

And the master cellular control system responds to "coming events that cast their shadows before".  In short, it responds to the upper level of the "shadow state" of a disease, still in the virtual state!  (Hey, virtual particles are real, virtual photons are real, virtual ST curvatures are real --- just very fleeting, only for another to immediately arise).  The exchange of virtual particles is known to generate all forces in physics anyway!

So the cellular control system responds to "shadow state" disease patterns.  Enter a QP weapon application.  Place a quantum potential weapon "area" on the United States, so that the entire populace is in it.  The slowly introduce and bring up in the shadow state, the necrotizing fasciitis disease engine.  At some point, the cellular control systems will react, and order the immune system into action.  In other words, immune system resources will be committed against this "immediately coming" enemy.  Bring it on up a little, but still just in the shadow state.  Voila!  Humans form a bell-shaped distribution curve.  And even the structure of the QP fluctuates a little, fluctuating a bit stronger and a bit weaker, etc.  A few of those targeted bodies will now actually develop necrotizing fasciitis. So far, just like the U.S. Embassy targeting, except a different "carrier".

But now there is an exact signature that this is what is doing it, and not normal vector carriers of disease and contact or exposure infection.  The few cases of necrotizing fasciitis that break out will be most puzzling.  They will be randomly scattered across the entire nation, and so few that the vector carrier and contact or exposure explanation completely fails.

That is a definitive signature.  The common means of vector transmission cannot accomplish it, but there it is anyway.

And that one happened, right here in the U.S., not so long ago.  Check it out.

So carefully adjust the patterns for, say, 12 major terrible diseases, to that "adjusted and desired shadow state level".  Now add all 12 patterns into the internal structure of the quantum potential.  Now it has 12 shadow state disease engines in it.

Place that one on a populace.   The cellular control systems order the immune systems into action, and they now have to commit their finite resources to 12 different areas.  This greatly thins the response an immune system can make to any one of those 12 disease patterns!  In short, it "spreads" the capabilities of the immune system, which can be galvanized to great effort, but only can perform a small bit against each area.

Suppose one of those "galvanized" areas in the targeted populace's immune systems is anthrax.  And suppose the bad guys now hit one or more of those cities with a professional anthrax attack.  A former OTA study showed that a professional anthrax aerial spray attack against Washington D.C., dispensing 100 kilograms of anthrax spores in the spray, will account for 1 to 3 million casualties.  And that's in an "unthinned" set of immune systems.  In the "thinned" set, one can at least double or triple, and even up to five times, that estimate.  So conservatively, now there would be from 2 to 6 million casualties.  And even mild anthrax spray attacks in other "thinned" cities would also be amplified.

That one is being set up, or already set up, right now.  There are other such "augmentation" setups also under way.

So the weapons alluded to by the SecDef in 1997 are already being employed.  WW III has already begun, and our populace (and our scientific community) is blissfully unaware of it.

With that:

We are at war, whether we think like it or not.  And we are going to have strategic strikes on an unparalleled scale for us.  Pearl Harbor was nothing compared to what is coming down, once we consider the "augmentation" and such.

When that factor is considered, then it's a totally new ball game on replacing the power system.  There isn't going to be much choice; the old one is going to be destroyed or so badly crippled that it will collapse the U.S. economy in a way we have not seen since 1929.  Of course, in such a case hitting us, we will be under martial law, the works, everywhere.  For one thing, it's the only way you can keep the cities from imploding from within, by the criminal element, looting, robbing, killing, etc.  Simply wait and see; it's on the way.

Anyway, in my personal view, we should have a national Manhattan Project right now, to develop decentralized electrical power systems taking their energy from the vacuum. One of the major efforts should be to demand of our scientific establishment (National Science Foundation, National Academy of Sciences, Universities, and great national laboratories) to cut out the business as usual and rework the archaic, seriously flawed classical electrodynamics and electrical engineering as a matter of the highest priority.  After more than 100 years, it's simply inane to still be teaching Lorentz symmetrically regauged equations as the end all and be all of electrical engineering and electrical power systems.  They are not; they select only those Maxwellian systems in equilibrium with their active environment, and arbitrarily discard all those that are in disequilibrium with their active environment (the local active vacuum and the local curvatures of spacetime).  Hence those restricted equations arbitrarily discard all COP>1.0 Maxwellian systems (and lots more beside).

We are in a war, it's going to last for a long time, and it be the most terrible and devastating war in our history.  We need to tackle those kinds of problems head on.  Otherwise, we are very similar to what the terrorists consider us: A fat target ready for the slaughter. And that includes our scientific community as well.

The MEG is real and so are several other systems invented by private inventors and colleagues.  All these efforts should be massively funded and massively and quickly developed.  The survival of this nation is going to depend upon it.

There are many other facets, but the major point is that our scientific apparatus and the public are still unaware of what a desperate struggle we have entered, since it was thrust upon us.  9-11 was a wake-up call.  It was certainly bad enough, and one grieves for those lost American lives.  But I fear the worst is yet to come, and it is coming at us like a runaway train hurtling right down the track at us.

We have a little time for maneuver room, but not much.  2004, I feel, is very conservatively the year of the decision point, and that's considering that the terrorists continue to hold back a bit while preparing the big ones.  If COP>1.0 EM systems, self-powering, are not rolling of the assembly lines massively in that year, then there is a very good chance that the total economic collapse of most of the world economies cannot be prevented.  If that collapse starts to happen, it will dramatically increase the stress upon nations and upon rivalries between them.  Then as that stress increases, something gives and essentially everyone is going to suddenly start to fire everything at all of his perceived foes.  Simple reason why.  Back when we did strategic studies honestly, and did not have to have the results be "politically correct", almost all the studies showed that, once the weapons of mass destruction are unleashed, or are just about to be unleashed in the perception of one or more nations, everybody has to fire everything at all his perceived foes, as fast as he can.  That's due to the MAD doctrine, so beloved by the pacifists who think peace is bought by sweet reason and negotiation alone, instead of reasoning and negotiation backed up by brute force. 

Let us use the nuclear weapons as an example.  Under the "mutual assured destruction" doctrine, a nation cannot defend its own populace, and that includes the U.S. at present.  The "other side" or "perceived other side" can actually destroy one's populace (and one's nation) anytime it decides to fire and does so.  So, when one side perceives rapid and advanced preparations in his enemies' camps, at some point he must try to fire first, else he will surely be destroyed.  In short, the only chance on this earth a nation has of surviving, once the balloon is preparing to go up, is to strike first and try to destroy its perceived enemies before they destroy it.  Yet we have legions of folks in their air conditioned think tanks who think that the MAD doctrine and no effective defense of the populace is the way to go.  All our former studies showed that, when things start coming down, what the MAD doctrine does is trigger that "great spasmodic response" by all parties.

In short, the very MAD doctrine the idealists so love, itself guarantees the destruction of the civilized world and much of the biosphere.

And that is still the situation we are in, with the clock ticking away toward midnight.

The first phase of any great strategic strike is to deliver the weapons of mass destruction to their distant intended targets.  It can include immediate detonation, or it can include "delayed" initiation of the detonations at a later time as "phase II".

In that sense, the first phase of WW III is already completed.  Now we are only waiting for Phase II.

It is against that backdrop that I think one must "analyze" such things as how fast we will be replacing the power grid (it's going to go anyway, and catastrophically, the terrorists will see to that).  And everything we have is critically dependent upon energy, from the economy to jobs to mobility, to the millions of trucks that transport our goods every day, etc.

As far as I am concerned, we are already late in declaring a great national emergency in energy, because of the coming destruction of the present energy infrastructure.  The scientific community should lead, follow, or get out of the way.  The emergency is not in seeking "alternative but conventional" systems.  It is in developing "energy from the vacuum" on an emergency, crash basis.

Unfortunately, everywhere I look I just see business as usual.  Most Americans (and news media) seem to think, hey, Afghanistan is finished except for a bit of cleanup, and it's just about over). 

It isn't.  It has only just begun.

Anyway, that is the comment I would have on your insightful questions.  The MEG could do its part, but it will take a year to get the rest of the research done and a production line ready.  Under the greatest priority and adequate funding, with a bit of luck it could be done perhaps in 6 or 7 months.  No more quickly.  I know of two other systems in similar condition.

So it's still a doable, but increasingly just "barely possible".

Nonetheless, we do what we can, and we continue.

We shall see what the answer is, soon enough.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 12:46:22 -0800
From: "Richard"

Subject: So after the Zero Point War is won, what then?


I have become obsessed with the issue of overunity energy production,
but shall endeavor not to  take up your time with my feelings and
musing, but rather try to ask concise questions germaine to the issue
and hopefully relevant  to others.

Accept the premise that the Zero Point Energy (Henceforth ZPE) war is
over and the oil boys have been forced to allow devices such as the MEG
to be produced, what then?
1.  Have the oil boys absconded with the contents of the labs they have
burned/destroyed and are now developing these technologies in parallel
with the independents?

When the transition to ZPE begins it will be much more of a process than
an event. While the point about  needing to decentralize our power
systems to reduce our vulnerability cannot be overstated, still the
world we live in will only slowly make the transition to this new
reality.  It will initially require a moderate capital investment to
convert a dwelling to ZPE, so it will be in the interests of the power
companies to replace their petroleum fueled generators with ZPE units in
order to reduce their rates and thereby stem the flood of people
"Staying away in droves" to quote Mr. Berra.

2.  Are there expected limits to the size of a MEG? and if not what sort
of effects in terms of time and gravity might be expected in the
immediate vicinity of a very large unit?

When one considers how much more pleasant and less expensive it would be to use a MEG driven electric weed whacker than a noisy polluting gas
model, you begin to see how fundamental a change we are in for when this
technology becomes a common part of the mundane workaday world. In
essence every power source in the world would become obsolete.

3.  Is this technical revolution something on a par with discovering the
atom, or am I understating the case?  Is it even possible to contemplate
the scope of its' impact on science and therefore technology?