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Dear Rob,

Unfortunately those writings occurred before my heart attack and subsequent pulmonary fibrosis, with loss of some brain connections. So to get back into that, I would have to get back into Joe Cells from the beginning and do a very thorough and lengthy re-review.

Unfortunately I don't have the time now, in my physical condition and that of my beloved wife, and so cannot tackle any new projects. All the time I have available (say, a couple hours each day) is spent in working upon precursor engineering (the direct engineering of physical reality, and the fairly simple process for doing it) and upon trying to get the DoE take-over of the process for easily and cheaply producing anisotropic field permanent magnets reversed, and control of that process torn out of DoE's treacherous hands that are SUPPRESSING an easily proven permanent solution to the world energy crisis (and much of the biological warming problem). Given those magnets in mass production, anyone anywhere could make a self-powering permanent magnet motor or motor generator, in 15 minutes and for peanuts. That is precisely why DoE has removed the process from the knowledge or attention of the scientific community, and will not permit the production of those magnets. That is the only thing I personally know of that will crash us out of this world economic collapse that has started and that is deliberately going to flush our nation right down the toilet, by intent.

The High Cabal (which is what Churchill called the loose-knit series of cartels etc. that own and control the money and everything else) is determined to shove Western Civilization right down the economic toilet and destroy it. They intend to convert the entire world back to the dark ages, to feudalism. After all, as the "elite" there are (to them) no other real humans on earth except members of the elite itself. Everybody else is like a cur dog or cat, and at best a 'serf' without any humanity -- in short, subhuman.

And they intend to have the ensuing total chaos, wars, and destruction wipe out maybe from 60% to 80% of the present humans on earth. Remember, to the elite we peasants are not "humans" at all, but more like pesky fleas or rats. To them, the more extinguished, the better.

It's a real mess, unprecedented in history. And the so-called "bail-outs" will not stop this "flushing us down the toilet" at all.

World food is short and getting shorter. Jobs and unemployment are growing worldwide; not only here but in Europe and Russia and China and India and elsewhere as well.

Our scientific community is tied hand and foot, and will not be allowed to do anything at all that could save us.

We have about two years total remaining, with the "point of no return" occurring about 1 Jan 2010. The giant world collapse is supposed to be here in spades by 2010, growing all the rest of that year.

So either we get out and into production an immediate "something" that makes the production of self-powering motors and generators easy, cheap, and very quick -- and get it into mass production and wide availability by the end of 2009 -- or else we are finished.

They intend to destroy this fledgling republic called the United States, its constitution, and render all its people back to starving serfs in totally chaotic rioting and mass murder in the streets.

Look at it this way: When those big diesel trucks stop that continually haul in food supplies to each city (on the average only about four days supply are on hand), then immediately (within days) we will have no food in our cities, and we will have total chaos, mass terror and rioting and murder, the very harshest martial law attempts (mow them down with machineguns, etc.).

When all is in utter chaos and totally out of any semblance of control, then the Yakuza (who have been doing our weather engineering since 1990 -- how did you like their success with Katrina, or with the recent blizzards and ice storms across this nation?), will be released to carry out a pledge they made long ago. They consider themselves the last of the samurai, and that the greatest shame ever to Japan was its defeat in WW II and particularly the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan by the U.S. In their code, the only way this "greatest shame" can be erased is to kill every living American man, woman, child and baby in the United States -- or commit honorable hara-kiri by killing themselves. They have chose the former approach.

Consequently, upon release by the FSB (the old Russian KGB), the Yakuza will adjust their longitudinal EM wave interferometers to a wider interference zone (say, 50 miles by 50 miles) and introduce "Dirac Tickling" in that interference zone to produce substantial negative energy in that region. This starts "unhappening" many of the vital life process in that "tickled" interference zone. Everything living -- humans, rats, cats, dogs, horses, cattle, even many bacteria and germs -- will instantly die in that zone. Essentially NOTHING will be left living. (The Russians tested a small version of this "SCOURGE" weapon in Afghanistan, on two villages, and everybody died instantly, with even the decay bacteria in their bodies dead. They did not decay in the 60 days it took the Afghan rebels to refight their way back into the villages. Also, the bodies continued to emit longitudinal EM wave radiation, so that any predator approaching it was affected and sickened -- and fled. So even the predators avoided those bodies. I spent two hours in Washington DC with the representative of the then-Freedom Fighter Afghans, going over those two village incidents, the exact characteristics of the kill, the bodies, etc.)

Anyway, the Yakuza will be released to use the SCOURGE weapon, and they will activate several and then just slowly sweep the landscape of the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico. And that will fulfill their solemn oath: it will kill every living American man, woman, child, and baby in American (Alaska will also get the SCOURGE treatment).

This is what is in store for us unless we can very quickly turn around this economic collapse and NOT get flushed down the toilet.

So doing anything and everything I can to alert our nation to this thing and to get those asymmetric-field permanent magnets into mass production, is what I am busy on now and until the end.

Best wishes and God have mercy on all of us,

Tom Bearden


Subject: Joe Cell Phenomena
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 08:40:17 -0500

Hello Mr. Bearden,
I've been following your work over the last several years and find it absolutely mind-boggling to say the least!  Bravo.
Recently, I've been spending time studying your papers on negative energy and negative probabilities.  Once again, beautiful work, and I hope one day to master it and understand it as you do.
I remember reading one of your correspondences concerning the Joe Cell a couple of years ago.  I'm familiar with the Joe Cell technology and have built several devices over the past couple of years.  The problem that most people have with this technology is that it doesn't produce any discernable, measurable, quantifiable energy, other than hydrogen and oxygen gas, and the rare automobile engine conversion which is highly unreliable and unpredictable.
A few questions, if you would kindly spare the time and expertice:
  1.   I can't find your past correspondence/blog writings concerning the Joe Cell and your explanation of how it works.  Can you provide a link to it?
  2.  Do you think that the Joe Cell utilizes negative energy and negative probabilities in it's functioning?  And if so, can it be used and modified to function along the same lines as John Kanzius' water gas generator and anti-cancer device?
  3.  Is it remotely possible to use the human mind, in the form of concentration and attention, to create negative energy and probabilities in order to precursor engineer the local vacuum?  And if so, what would the ramifications be?  I'm thinking along the lines of the Sci-Fi movie "Forbidden Planet", if I may take the liberty to parallel it in our discussion.
  4.  How is your progress with the MEG coming along?  Anything I can do to help?
Love reading and thinking about your work.  I spend many hours trying to contemplate and envision how to apply your work and studies to our energy needs for today.   I don't have the technical skills or higher education in physics and electrical engineering that you possess, so it takes several passes in reading your materials in order to understand them.  But onward I press because I find this field so exciting.
Hope 2009 brings you good health and success in your endeavors.