The Tom Bearden

Novel Electromagnetic Disease Induction and Its Weaponization

To (Correspondent).   
Feb. 14, 2001

Yes, the Kaznacheyev experiments were quite real; 15,000 or so in military research institutes in Siberia.  As with so many other novel areas investigated and developed by the Soviets, most U.S. investigators just assumed normal EM, which is not what the Kaznacheyev experiments involved, and not what was carrying disease induction patterns from one cell culture to another in rigorous lab tests.  With the Evans-Vigier O(3) electrodynamics as a very important subset of Sachs' unified field theory, rather than the conventional U(1), what Kaznacheyev used and how it worked can be rigorously modeled, shown, and proven.  Unfortunately no one seems to be trying to do that.  The favorite phrase lo these decades is "we have no evidence that..."   Almost everybody is using U(1), which erroneously assumes a flat spacetime in which the EM energy moves.  In GR it is well-known that any change of spatial energy density is a priori a curvature of spacetime, and that an EM wave is an oscillating change of spatial energy density, hence an oscillating curvature of spacetime.  So the EM wave does propagate in curved spacetime; in fact it identically is "curvature of spacetime" dynamics that is propagating.  The old Maxwell-Heaviside theory is a material fluid flow theory done before SR and GR even existed, still assuming a material ether, using the effect wave after interaction with charge, as the causal field in spacetime before that interaction, and the scientific community simply has not corrected several dozen major errors in the old theory.  So our analysts who use it, are using 136 year old obsolescent models, while facing an enemy who exerted the greatest effort in history to update and correct that science shortly after WW II.  It is not difficult to find evidence of that effort in the open literature.

Kaznacheyev's work -- and its real unified field theory investigation and modeling, using the "infolded" longitudinal EM wave electrodynamics which carry the specific spacetime curvature engines for the given disease engines -- formed the basis for the decades-long microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.  Many health changes in personnel were induced at the Embassy, and the radiation also caused the deaths of three U.S. ambassadors.  By our actions at the Embassy (or lack of appropriate actions) over several decades, we showed the Russians we had not the slightest notion of what they were really doing.  E.g., putting up aluminum screens on the windows got 90% of the fields, and reduced the field-free potentials not one whit.  By targeting a high level U.S. target -- the U.S. ambassador -- all the "alphabet soup" such as CIA, DIA, NSA, etc. got involved, as did high officials.  The resulting U.S. study of that "microwave radiation" and the health changes at the Embassy thus revealed -- with 100% certainty -- whether or not we knew about engines, disease induction via the infolded electrodynamics inside fields, waves, and potentials, etc.  We showed that our scientific community and intelligence community were still entranced with the 136-year old flawed Maxwell-Heaviside electrodynamics.  In short, in terms of our knowledge of advanced electrodynamics we showed them we had "bows and arrows", so to speak, instead of nuclear weapons.  It was a beautiful intelligence collection and analysis tool, and it worked beautifully.  We remind the reader that the first detection of such "radiation" of high U.S. officials occurred in the radiation of Nixon when he visited the Soviet Union.  That radiation was detected on an ionizing detector, which the security party carried because Nixon was visiting some nuclear power facilities.  We also point out that such detectors do not necessarily detect nuclear radiation, but detect anything that will ionize their internal mechanisms (in the case of the Geiger tube, their internal gas).  Longitudinal EM waves will do that, as will a longitudinal EM wave interferometer.  No one in the U.S. recognized the peculiar nature of that radiation.

The Kaznacheyev "disease induction by novel electrodynamics" work is also the basis for the spacetime curvature engines (not EM signals!) carried by quantum potential EM biological weapons for distant induction of diseases etc. into the population of an entire nation or area, such as the U.S.  This quantum potential disease induction weapon -- capable of attacking an entire population of a nation or area -- has been tested several times in the U.S. at very low levels, in the shadow state only (we explain shortly) and it has a most peculiar signature.  E.g., one test used necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-rotting disease) engines.  The disease "engine" was deliberately kept down in the "shadow state" (virtual state, just below the observable state) so that only a tiny bit of the populace with depressed thresholds would "breach the observable threshold" due to the population forming a bell-shaped curve as to the threshold level.  The major signature of the test was that the cases of the disease broke out totally statistically and randomly, spread all over, without any "disease vector" in between.  In short, it was not spread in any manner required by normal deterministic disease vectoring, but was a totally random set of occurrences.  Several other diseases were also tested this way in the American populace, with precisely the same signature.

The major use of this QP disease-induction weapon will be to slyly "augment" the effectiveness of biological warfare strikes against the United States by terrorists either wittingly or unwittingly acting as protégées.  Such attacks eventually will be made in and against the populace of the United States, causing mass casualties.  By impressing the same disease vector engine -- for the specific BW pathogens used by the terrorists in their attacks -- in the populace residing in the struck population center, and bringing that "resident engine state" in the affected body potentials to the "shadow state" just shy of the populace significantly breaking out with the disease, then the real biological pathogens for that disease -- when unleashed by the terrorists -- will have greatly augmented effectiveness. It is one "asymmetrical way" to guarantee the sudden and rather complete destruction of a nation, without that nation even being aware of what was done to it.  It is a vast amplification of the "conventional" biological warfare techniques and strikes.  The targeted nation's analysts will think it was just the terrorists' BW attacks that did the nation in. In short, the KGB is grimly smiling all the way to the strategic warfare bank on this one. We're sitting ducks for it, have proven to them for 50 years that we are sitting ducks for it, and by using obsolescent electrodynamics and analyses our scientists and intel community continue to assure that we shall remain sitting ducks.  They do not intend to do so, one understands, but that is the actual effect, unintended or not.  In warfare it is the bottom line that counts, not misguided intentions.

As an example, in the standard Congressional OTA study, a professional anthrax attack on Washington, D.C. -- 100 Kg. sprayed from a light aircraft on a calm night -- would yield 1 to 3 million casualties.  If augmented by QP shadow state preparation for anthrax, the effectiveness will be multiplied about fivefold.  In short, the attack would then produce  some 5 to 15 million casualties.  Also, the symptoms and the disease progress faster than in the standard scenario because the body's defenses are overwhelmed at a much more rapid pace when the pathogenic disease induction starts with the disease already present in the infected persons in the shadow state.

These figures assume "spreading" of the targeted immune systems by the QP weapon.  In short, the way one really does in the immune systems of the targeted populace, is to use the QP weapon to induce at the shadow state level a cocktail mix of disease engines.  Say, for about 10 different diseases.  The cellular control system, immune system, and cellular regenerative systems do use the "infolded" electrodynamics, and so they do react to  the "shadow state" disease almost as if it were a real disease, and initiate preparations for fighting that disease.  In short, the immune system vigorously prepares to fight its perceived invaders, e.g.  But the immune system is also a finite system; it only has so many resources. Usually in the ordinary world it can focus most of its resources on just one major invader at a time, for usually it only gets one really massive "infection" invasion at a time.  But if it has to prepare for 10 or more invaders simultaneously, it is forced to very thinly spread its resources across all of them.  This means that its ability to fight off any one real pathogen invader from the cocktail group, is dramatically lessened. Effectively, the immune system has been greatly "suppressed" in its ability to do its job, but in a most peculiar way that is not in the medical textbooks.

Such quantum potential pre-preparation and "spreading of the targeted immune systems" gives about a five-fold increase in biological strike effectiveness.  Indeed, if the number of diseases in the cocktail mix is increased, the effectiveness can be increased by a factor of 10 rather than 5.  And this is precisely what is planned to be used against our major population centers.  We may be facing mass casualties on an unheard of scale.  Our very poor counter BW defenses will be immediately and massively overwhelmed, and our major response will be triage, not treatment. Effectively, we will just have to drag most of the stricken and suffering casualties aside,  to die very agonizingly.

Apparently one planned use of such an augmented clandestine BW weapon will be smallpox, e.g.  As you know, the Russians did develop smallpox for biological warfare, and even developed a new strain against which previous vaccination is ineffective.  With the collapse of the Russian economy, most of the scientists from those BW labs all quietly went to work elsewhere in the world, at lucrative jobs, developing such BW weapons.  Check several of Laurie Garrett's books and papers (cited) for the truth about what was developed in those laboratories.  Many of those BW scientists went to work for nations which are quite hostile to the U.S.  As an example, any prudent analyst would have to give Saddam Hussein the capability to have not only anthrax but smallpox BW agent already in this country, along with the necessary terrorist teams.  We know there are many nuclear weapons already hidden in our population centers; simply read Lunev's book and he tells you how the Russians used to bring them in, and quite easily.  The clandestine nuclear weapons are already on site, as are the Spetznaz, and waiting for the word to move and blow up our population centers.

For the BW aspects of a smallpox attack, check Laurie Garrett, "The Nightmare of Bioterrorism," Foreign Affairs, 80(1), Jan./Feb. 2001, p. 77. Quoting: "Were a terrorist to disperse the smallpox virus, for example, populations that were once universally vaccinated would now be horribly vulnerable.  Today the U.S. government stows only about 15.4 million doses of the smallpox vaccine-enough for less than seven percent of the American population.  The World Health Organization (WHO) keeps another 500,000 doses in the Netherlands, and other national stockpiles total about 60 million more doses of varying quality and potency.  If the smallpox virus were released today, the majority of the world's population would be defenseless, and given the virus' 30 percent kill rate, nearly two billion people would die."

Garrett also goes on to reveal that most of the American vaccine stocks are contaminated and the vial seals failed, so they are unfit to even use in humans.  Further, once the strike is made, vaccines are useless because by the time they could develop immunity (assuming the old strain is used in the attack), you are already dead, particularly with the enhancement of immune system spreading and thinning.

The vast numbers of expected casualties, coupled with immune system spreading, are absolutely irresistible to the Russian mind.  You can count on it that they have seen that the smallpox is already on site here, in the U.S. and in the hands of professional terrorist teams.  Of course, the Russians/KGB will protest they have nothing to do with that!  Yet likely the KGB will have flatly arranged it or at least assisted it.  The capability for mass destruction of the nation is so  lucrative and easy to achieve in advance, that they would never be able to resist doing it.

With QP "cocktail mix" augmentation, in the targeted populace the 30 percent kill rate for smallpox will increase to perhaps 90 percent.  Also, the progress of the disease in infected persons is likely to be much faster than would be otherwise experienced.  In short, a determined enemy with professionally trained and pre-inserted BW pathogens and terrorist agents can simply wipe out a targeted nation with the combined technology.  The struck nation is also wiped out very rapidly, since the smallpox development in a populace with "spread" immune systems is unprecedented.

It appears that this is one of the planned attacks the KGB will use -- and has already put in place and readied -- to destroy the United States by "asymmetrical means" (a favorite oblique phrase of high Russian officials), and in this case taking full advantage of terrorist strikes by enthusiastic protégées who will do the dirty work and take the blame as well as any U.S. retaliation.  Indeed, it would appear that this is one of the major planned strategic attacks to be launched on the U.S. in the not too distant future. We note the coalescing and meeting of significant world terrorist groups and organizations as we write this response.

Notice how such an attack takes advantage of known testing by the KGB/Russians, and how it appeals to the "chess-player" mentality of the KGB and the Russian national psychology (in formal strategic analysis, how it corresponds to the Russian "National Style".).  It's devious, deadly, deeply hidden, rises up suddenly and snaps its prey and the game is rather suddenly all over.  The targeted adversary never even sees what is coming, has no inkling of "spreading", does not have QP weapons or QP weapon experience, never recognizes who really hit him, etc.  Any desperate retaliation will be taken against the protégées, who will be gleefully claiming credit for these strikes on the "Great Satan" or other such phrase.  That's exactly the situation we are now in.  Essentially little or none of our present counter BW preparation is going to do very much at all for us.  It was already largely defeated, even as it was being conceived on the drawing board, much less after being deployed.

The first test of a Russian QP weapon against the U.S. was apparently against the U.S. air attack on Libya in April 1986, using a laboratory prototype device.  That was a simple test just to jam electronics in the aircraft control systems and in the missiles, and for deception planning it was using the fact -- at the time -- that we had indeed been lax on ECM hardening of our electronics systems, to save money.  The attack worked well and demonstrated we did not even recognize the type of weaponry used against us, and to this day our fellows have never figured out what really hit us. They used ordinary U(1) electrodynamics in all their analyses, so simply contributed it to ordinary ECM jamming, etc.  In short, the Russian deception plan was also highly successful.

The operational deployment of full-scale strategic QP weapons on site in Russia occurred at the end of 1989, which is when the formal weapons first went operational.  These weapons are not in the inventory of the regular Russian armed forces, but all research and development, manufacturing, deployment, and manning and employment is under the ruthless control of the KGB.  Shortly thereafter (within weeks), the KGB leased many of their earlier longitudinal EM wave interferometer (LWI) weapons to a rogue Japanese group comprised of the Aum Shinrikyo and Yakuza.  Senator Nunn's investigation of mass destruction weapons confirms that the Aum Shinrikyo went to Russia and set up a university, but they missed the involvement of the Yakuza.  The Aum Shinrikyo set up the university in Moscow where the Russians/KGB taught the rogue Japanese crews the necessary technical longitudinal EM and the technical operations of those interferometer weapons.  Those are the LWI weapons which were operationally deployed first in 1963 and used to kill the U.S.S. Thresher off the U.S. East Coast with ridiculous ease in April 1963.  They are also apparently the weapons which former Secretary of Defense Cohen alluded to in April 1997.  Quoting:

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts."  [Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997.].

Note that the SecDef did not speak the words placed in square brackets. These were apparently inserted later to "tone down" the Secretary's remarks. Our news media, entranced at the Clinton scandals, did not even react to the confirmation by Secretary Cohen that parties were using novel EM weapons to engineer the climate and weather, initiate earthquakes, and stimulate sleeping volcanoes into violent eruption!

These kinds of weapons are the real strategic threats shaping up against us. Meanwhile, our strategic analysts have largely not yet even gotten out of the decrepit 136-year old U(1) electrodynamics.  We don't even have biological masks for the populace, or even for all  our emergency personnel. There are no biologically safe mass shelters.  We have no effective methods of treatment in most cases; normal vaccines, medicines, etc. essentially fail.  Yes, we have harsh chemical sprays that will kill the anthrax, e.g., and perhaps some of the smallpox.  But that is a spit in the ocean to a population whose immune systems have been spread, and millions of them are already sickened and dying.

We tried very hard in 1998 to call attention to the extreme national need for the most urgent possible development of a portable computer-controlled treatment device based on the experimentally proven Prioré methodology,  but extended to a much simpler and far more rapid method of treatment.  Quick development of this technology could lead to a suitcase size device, capable of treating a patient in less than one minute, and stopping the symptoms and disease progress cold, then reversing it.  Three "less than a minute" treatments one week apart would be required for complete cure.  As an added advantage, partial reversal of aging in older patients would also be accomplished as a bonus, in addition to time-reversing the damaged and diseased cells.

The basis is a method for "time-charging" the body with a specific set of spacetime curvatures that precisely reverse the previous cellular changes in the infection and course of the disease.  The time-polarized photon, and hence the time-polarized EM wave, already exist in quantum field theory, our most modern theory.  But none of our fellows even know how to make a time-polarized wave.  I published how to make one, and used that as the basis for solving the most pressing problem in electrodynamics: the problem of the source charge and its associated vast fields and potentials and their vast energy.  U(1) fellows have not the slightest notion of using time-polarized EM waves to pump the cells of the body in the time domain. They have no notion that -- since time is multiply connected --pumping the body in the time domain  simultaneously pumps everything in the body, down to even the quarks and gluons inside the nucleons.  Everything in that body exists at each and every point in time; there is no "outside to inside" propagation through 3-space necessary when time-wave pumping is used.  One "starts at and in the entire inside".   Also see some of the AIAS published papers on time-like EM longitudinal waves and energy currents..

The method proposed to the DoD in 1998 used normal EM in a peculiar way to force the body itself to make its own time-polarized EM waves, and pump every part of its cells -- including the genetics -- in the time domain. According to general relativity (and O(3) EM, which is an important subset of Sachs' unified field theory and thus capable of operating in both the time and space domains), the exact condition and dynamics of every cell and every part of every cell are resident in that cell and in every smallest part of it, as a set of spacetime curvatures.  Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler, Gravitation, assure us that any set of spacetime curvatures will act upon any mass therein, at every part of that mass, and "from inside out" since it arises from everywhere inside the exposed mass.  The time-domain pumping creates an amplified "antiengine" that is precise for each cell (i.e., for its "resident time-forward engine" and every part of it).  This amplified anti-engine overpowers the "forward time" resident engine at any and all levels, and therefore reverses the entire cell -- and all the cells of the body --back to a previous healthy state.

Becker already proved that weak EM potentials -- which are sets of both time-domain EM longitudinal waves and 3-space EM longitudinal waves -- placed across a bone fracture site will cause rather dramatic time-reversal and time-forwarding (elimination of forward-time deltas!!!), including changing the entering red blood cells into earlier form (dedifferentiation), then into the form that makes cartilage (redifferentiation), then into the form that makes bone (redifferentiation again), depositing these latter into the fracture site to form new bone and heal the fracture.

Becker was nominated for a Nobel Prize several times for his epochal work. The mechanism for those changes had not been previously explained, until I succeeded in breaking that mechanism after 14 years hard work.  The point is, it's experimentally proven.  It is not conjecture.  It is real.  One can indeed time-reverse cells in vivo.  That is in fact how the human cellular regenerative system heals damaged cells, within its capability to pump weakly in the time domain.

But our scientific community is far from considering anything like that, even though Becker's work was done in the 60s.  Our EM science is still archaic, compared to the technology really loose in the world and to be employed against us.  It is common for radar engineers and ordinary electrical engineers, e.g., to perform some of the most critical electrodynamics analyses in our intel institutes.  These fellows may be good at radar and electrical engineering, but they know absolutely nothing at all about Russian energetics, time-polarized EM waves, extension of nonlinear phase conjugate optics to pumping in the time domain, the "portholes concept" by which the body itself can be forced to generate its own specific time-domain EM pumping to generate those highly specific amplified antiengines, etc.  The minimum base knowledge required is a good working knowledge of O(3) electrodynamics, phase conjugate optics, and general relativity, and then one must be aware of the specific extensions.  I doubt that we have ever had a single major analyst so qualified, in any intelligence agency in the U.S.  If we have had, it has been exceedingly few, say not more than two or three.  We have not even incorporated (until perhaps a few years ago)  Whittaker's 1903 and 1904 papers showing the internal, hidden electrodynamics.  And much of our physics, believe it or not, actually uses the effect as the cause, thus completely getting the cart before the horse.  It's rather like the proverbial Oozlefinch (check out with Fort Bliss, Texas what an Oozlefinch is), which flies backward so it can see where it's been.  The use of the effect as the cause is a complex subject; see my website discussion of it in my "Engines and Templates" paper,

Most Americans think we won the cold war, and that it's all over.  To the contrary, we are in the most deadly danger in our entire history.  And we are way behind, and losing.  Here we are speaking of just one "asymmetrical" means arrayed against us.  Unfortunately there are many others also, equally or even more grisly and bizarre.

In today's world, a nation wins or loses the next major war precisely by its scientific insight and its preparations beforehand.  Our insight and preparations beforehand are not even in the right domain.

Quite simply, we are going to be struck this way (QP spreading the immune systems of the populace plus professional smallpox, anthrax, etc. BW attacks on our population centers) and by other means we've spoken of in other papers and briefings.

But let us just stick to this one major threat, and the strike that will occur.  As it stands right now, we're going to lose it.  Fast.  In less than two hours.  We won't even know the Russians are involved, as the protégées will be doing the striking and probably openly boasting about it and "taking credit".  Let us say that Saddam Hussein does this strike, and uses anthrax and smallpox.  And we then nuke Iraq off the face of the earth, while millions are dying.  Big deal.  We still die, and we lose.  If there are no defenses developed against this, then we really do have an "assured destruction" situation -- ours.  We do not have a "mutual assured destruction" capability, because we will not even know who the clandestine "mutual" adversary really is.

We mostly still have the same scientific analysts, still thinking the same old ways, who couldn't draw a correct statistical conclusion in the decades-long "microwave radiation" of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.  Or who could not understand the induction of the Gulf War Disease by QP weapon means, as a preliminary test and also as a stimulus of our government and intel agencies to see if they knew what was going on.  We clearly showed them we had not the foggiest notion of what they were really doing and how they were doing it.

In the Moscow Embassy radiation, the Johns Hopkins signals distribution study showed clearly that the health changes occurred only in personnel located in field-free areas.  In short, in areas where the potentials had no gradients, and so where the potentials and their hidden internal "engines" were therefore perfectly stable.  But because of U.S. scientific adherence to the 136-year old Maxwell-Heaviside U(1) theory, and the archaic belief that only the force fields cause anything, our scientists ignored the 100% correlation against the fields and 100% correlation to the field-free potentials.  They incorrectly stated that the microwave radiation could not be the radiation because "no EM fields were present where the effects occurred."  That's like saying that a bullet-riddled body -- slain in old Mafia fashion -- could not have been caused by those machineguns over yonder, because there were no machineguns in the direct vicinity of the body.

That conclusion was and is wrong, and it violates simple statistical inference techniques.  They did not even consider the potentials, much less the field-free potentials and their adjusted Whittaker internal structures. The illogical "conclusion" of the study of the U.S. Embassy radiation is a serious indication of just how noninformed  our scientific community and our intelligence community have been with respect to (1) higher symmetry electrodynamics, particularly as a component of a unified field theory, and (2) the infolded "hidden variable" electrodynamics -- and thus "engines" -- inside of and comprising all "normal" EM potentials, waves, and fields.  We desperately need them to do better than that.

So yes, EM induction of disease did develop dramatically from the Kaznacheyev work.

And we're quite likely to find out before long now, just how far it really did develop.


Tom Bearden

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