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Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 12:33:20 -0600




I’m not a bench person; for that capability I work with other inventors and researchers who are. So I cannot help you on the actual circuitry.


However, be advised that Tesla was also involved with negative energy (and negative energy EM fields, which are the “dark energy” all our astrophysicists are so earnestly seeking), as well as negative mass-energy currents (which are the “dark matter” our astrophysicists are seeking and cannot find).


Tesla called negative energy “radiant energy”, and even filed a patent or two.


Bedini, a close colleague for several decades, has been using negative energy (and negative mass-energy currents) in his battery charging circuits for some time. Bedini and I have also even filed a PPA on the evoking and use of negative energy in EM circuits and systems.


The reason that it got left out of modern electrodynamics (above the sad old 1880’s electrical engineering and classical electromagnetics model) is that Dirac hated negative energy – which arises from the Schrodinger equation – and did an artifice to get rid of it from his own theory, or at least condition others to ignore it.


Any sharp, strong gradient across a little bit of space (a little bit of vacuum, a little bit of the Dirac Sea) will lift out electrons from the Dirac sea holes, providing a surge of real excess electron current (usually called the Lenz law effect) which tries to maintain the situation the sharp gradient is trying to change. The vacated holes, contrary to what Dirac convinced everyone by hand-waving, are NOT positrons! They are in fact negative mass-energy electrons, and as source charges (while they persist) they emit negative energy photons at light speed, which emissions constitutes negative energy EM fields and potentials – the so-called “dark energy” our astrophysicists have desperately searched for with telescopes.


The negative mass energy holes are repelled (hey, ANTIGRAVI”TY!) by normal positive mass energy matter, and they move in a direction opposite to the normal electrons that got lifted out. Usually the negative mass energy hole current goes backwards to ground, where the holes recombine with electrons and the new pairs of electrons/holes just turn into pieces of Dirac sea vacuum again. There is no positive energy EM radiation emitted when the electron recombines with the Dirac hole; they just disappear. Positive and negative mass, equal to each other in magnitude, sum to zero mass without radiation. On the other hand a POSITIVE mass energy positron, when meeting a POSITIVE mass energy electron, has annihilation of the charges, but the mass-energies (being both positive) COMBINE and that amount of energy is radiated as normal positive energy EM field radiation.


Even most physicists have not gone back and reviewed how Dirac just “arm-waved away” the negative mass-energy hole he himself had used in his own theory. Instead, the physicists today largely (and totally erroneously) believe that a Dirac hole (negative mass-energy electron, with negative energy EM fields) and a positron (positive mass-energy electron, with positive energy EM fields) are the same thing. They are not.


If you can call me on the phone, I can discuss this a bit further, and explain the behavioral difference of positive EM energy flow and negative EM energy flow in circuits. It is a wonderful difference; if we can ever get this area funded and research going on in it, then one day you will be able to take a flashlight battery and power all of the electrical needs of New York City. I do not exaggerate, because of one of the wonderful characteristics of negative EM energy flow in EM circuits or propagating along a path.


But it takes some “doing” to build up the picture of exactly how everything works.


Best wishes,


Tom Bearden