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Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 00:04:53 -0600

Dear Nelson,

Let me answer very carefully regarding some of the questions.


A few years ago, and even as late as 1997,  I was highly dissatisfied at the inability of this nation to defend itself against certain weapons, and said so rather pointedly in various open publications and why.


Today I'm satisfied with our ability to defend ourselves, thank God.  Our country has not been sitting idly by, and that's all I can say on that matter.  Nearly every major weapons laboratory in the world has now openly discovered longitudinal EM waves, e.g., and one can even download very strong technical papers on them from the internet.  The AIAS has also openly published a short little paper mathematically showing what scalar interferometry really is and how it works, for example.  The fact that "normal" EM fields and potentials and waves are just "envelopes" made by a far more fundamental longitudinal EM wave electrodynamics has been in the literature since 1903 and 1904, with the two Whittaker papers.


It's still too early to tell what was the actual cause of the unfortunate shuttle disaster.  Usually the indicators will eventually emerge, and even be decisive.  But that usually takes quite a while after such an incident.


E.g., on the kill of the Arrow DC-8 in Gander in 1985, I had all kinds of very strong indicators later, including a photo of the actual strike of the scalar interferometer weapon a couple weeks earlier, offset from one of our night shuttle launches at Cape Canaveral so it would not destroy it (the distant hostile operators were using it for convenient target practice), the high burst registration "ball of light" over the shuttle launching area at that same incident, a previous "flameout" of all engines of a jetliner off San Francisco, with gravitational anomalies experienced in the cockpit, the Aviation Week and Space Technology picture of the hole burned in the right side of the Arrow DC-8 but with no explosives residues, the reduction of thrust-to-mass ratio of the aircraft during take-off, even though the aircraft was not iced (which meant it had to be the thrust that was reduced, since the mass was not increased), the actual recorder traces showing two different instruments "spiking" in exact time coincidence when the pulse of energy hit it, an actual Canadian eyewitness who observed the actual strike of the weapon come out of the clouds and hit the aircraft, etc.  We also had other incidents leading up to it, and Brezhnev's 1972 setting of the target year to "be ready to go" as 1985.  Then there was the mysterious death of nearly half of the persons on board from cyanide poisoning, before the plane hit the ground and exploded (the ball of energy right through the fuselage into the forward passenger compartment explosively ignited the plastics, which explosively outgassed -- one product being hydrogen cyanide, and a  few breaths then did the trick), and the mysterious illnesses developed by the debris handlers, absolutely symptomatic of longitudinal EM wave radiation exposure of the handlers.


We don't yet gotten anything like that set of indicators, for the shuttle disaster.  So like everyone else, I'm just waiting to see what indicators turn up, what the analysis of the debris recovered shows, what the release of that photo purported to show a lightning like strike on the shuttle will actually show after its analysis, what the wing debris analyses show, etc.


About the coming war situation, I will say this:


The "new" war is called asymmetric war.  A major characteristic is the separation of a great strategic strike into two phases: (1) the Insertion Phase during what is usually called "peacetime".   The weapons of mass destruction (WMD) are clandestinely infiltrated into the targeted nation's cities, near its critical installations and facilities, etc. along with the special troops and terrorist teams to unleash them.  (2) the Operations Phase, when the order is given and the inserted teams and forces start to unleash the weapons of mass destruction in our cities and population centers, vital installations, etc.  Note that asymmetric warfare eliminates forever anything called "peacetime" in the former sense.  Everything in the new sense is either war or preparation for war. We will likely never see "peace" again in our lifetimes or at least for several decades.


We have perhaps 30,000 hostile combatants (terrorists, special troops, etc.) infiltrated into this nation over the last few decades.  The former Soviet Union inserted nuclear weapons into our large cities and population centers before the economic collapse of the Soviet empire (read Lunev's book; he tells some of the ways they clandestinely inserted the nukes --- piece of cake).  Then after the Soviet economic collapse, the Russians could not pay their generals and soldiers, who began selling off some of their military hardware to survive.  If one had guts and money, then during that period one could buy just about anything one wished, including nuclear warheads and scientists, chemical and biological weapons and scientists, super-speed torpedoes, tanks, aircraft, bombs, etc.  One enterprising mobster even bought a Russian nuclear submarine complete with nuclear tipped missiles to use in the drug trade, but fortunately he was arrested by the U.S. before he could take delivery of his sub.  But all those hostile nations who wanted such stuff, purchased some of it then and later.


The Al Qaeda recently announced it has seven nuclear weapons already inserted into U.S. population centers, and that is certainly possible.  Lots (hundreds) of nuclear warheads are "missing" in the former Soviet Union nations, and unaccounted for.  At least some of them almost certainly were sold to terrorists and/or terrorist-backing nations.


So we also have smallpox and anthrax already slipped in here into the U.S., along with the teams, waiting to go.   Castro alone inserted some 10,000 guerrillas (trained at training camps in Southern Mexico, operated for decades by Castro, with the graduates infiltrating across the Rio Grande into the U.S.).  The "mail anthrax campaign" was just a very small little test, to see how much the mail could be disrupted by simple means.  Now imagine that, instead of a few mailings, we were to get lots of them introduced from many large post offices in the U.S. simultaneously.  A real national debacle.


Phase I of World War III has, in my opinion, been completed now for some time.  The teams, the WMD, etc. are in place and waiting.  I think that Phase II, the Operational Phase, got off to a start with the attacks on  9/11/01.


Since then, it's really a "new world and a new warfare".  Vice President Cheney morosely stated this in as many words, when, a little more than a month after 9/11, he sadly said:


“The war on terrorism will not be over in our lifetime.  It is different than the Gulf War was in the sense that it may never end. At least not in our lifetime.  The way I think of it is, it’s a new normalcy.” Vice President Dick Cheney, October 21, 2001.


Meantime, the hostile build-up inside the U.S. continues.  Much of the international shipping is by standardized containers, only some 2% of which are ever checked anywhere in the world.  So one can get just about anything into the U.S., with 98% reliability.  The containers will be loaded onto trucks (or railroad cars) at the ports, and the railroads and the U.S. trucking industry will deliver the goods to the waiting terrorists on site.


President Bush is caught between a rock and a hard place.  If he moves now, we have already waited too long since Iraq's incompliance following the Gulf War surrender, and so we will likely pay a bitter price.


If he waits and then has to move in a couple years or so, we will likely pay 20 times the price.


We saw just little traces of what anthrax could do after September 11, 2001.  A professional spray attack with 100 kilograms of anthrax spores, a small Piper Cub type aircraft with two men, one flying and one spraying, puttering around over a large city such as Washington, D. C. on a calm night, will result in one to three million casualties, most of whom will die.  Not all the terrorists were taking flying lessons to fly into a building.


A determined release of smallpox in a single major city on this Earth, will eventually kill about two billion people, or nearly a third of the human population.  It appears that Iraq plans to unleash smallpox and anthrax in Israel, e.g., propelling Israel immediately into the war.  That, according to Iraqi plans, will convert the war into a sort of "Moslem world against Western Christian nations" war, or a Moslem Holy Jihad against the Great Satan (Israel and the U.S.).


The coming war is likely to be quite a war indeed.


Best wishes and God Bless America,


Tom Bearden

Thanks for your reply.
I have some comments and questions for Mr. Bearden.
First of all, let me commend you (Mr. Bearden) for your painstaking research on the vast subject of EM weapons and scalar technology.  I appreciate your efforts.  The American people need to wake up and get their heads out of the sand.
How can our country sit by and allow this type of manipulation of the weather and repeated attacks upon various targets to continue? (Challenger, Gary Power's U-2, Arrow DC-8 at Gander AFB etc.)  Do we not have any type of defense against this "weapon of mass destruction"?
My main question and concern, given the events of the last week is this.  Could the Columbia have been destroyed by just such a device as this?  Is the United States government considering this as a possibility?  My immediate thoughts on that fateful Saturday morning was that this was the act of some terrorist group i.e. the Iraqis.  Especially since the crew had an Israeli among them and especially with all the talk of a looming war with Iraq.  What kind of retaliation, if we could retaliate, would be appropriate in this case?  Surely if someone like me who is an average citizen has considered this as a possibility, after reading much of your information on your web site, our Intelligence forces have done so as well.  If this is indeed what took place, we will probably never hear it from NASA or any other government agency.
Thanks for the opportunity to share some of my concerns and comments with you.
God Bless the United States of America
Nelson Broussard