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Subject: RE: Small question and Big thanks
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:17:43 -0600


Dear Richard,


The entire purpose of the MEG and similar "energy from the vacuum" systems is to allow a DECENTRALIZED powering of our homes, factories, etc.  In the terrorist war we are now in, and which we will be in for a period of years, the huge centralized energy infrastructure and system we have built up is deadly vulnerable in the extreme.  An example:  Nearly 20% or so of all the domestic U.S. oil passes through a single 800 mile pipeline above ground in Alaska.  Not too long back, a hunter fired a high powered rifle bullet into it, and it penetrated and sprang a leak.  Devil of a time fixing it.  Now consider what a dozen determined men, each with five C4 packages equipped with 4 hour timers, could do to that line.  They could cut it wide open in a couple dozen widely separated places, in a single concerted furtive strike in a single night.  And be well away from there when the thing exploded in all those places.  God knows when our fellows would ever get that one fixed and working again. You can appreciate the immediate impact at the gas pump, the power stations, etc.


And that's only the beginning.  Another example:


Another substantial percentage of our domestic oil comes from the rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.  20,000 miles of pipeline laid under the ocean there to carry the oil.  To a single port in Louisiana, down a single 2-lane STATE highway, most of the supplies, support, equipment, maintenance, and crews for those oil rigs pass.  More than 1,000 18-wheelers pass into and out of that single port every day, down that stupid little road just barely above the water level, with lots of bridges.  So stated the lady Senator from Louisiana in testimony to the Senate.  Consider  six fellows with the same C4 packages with timers, doing a number on a dozen of those bridges.   Also put a couple frogmen in the water with explosive C4 packages to go after several of the key underwater pipe lines.  That would take out another big chunk of our domestic oil. 


Indeed, one could take out 20 % of our total national oil supply in a single coordinated dual strike on that highway in Louisiana and that pipeline in Alaska.  That's a piece of cake for a really well-trained military group.


You see the point.  The day of the centralized power system and grid is finished, if this nation wishes to survive.   Otherwise, we will lose this new war on terrorism, and we will lose it quickly as soon as the major in-country assets of the terrorist-backing nations are professionally and carefully committed.  There are already somewhere between 20,000 and 40,000 trained terrorists and guerrillas that have been infiltrated into the U.S. over the past few decades.  Castro along sent in some 10,000 guerrillas, from the training camps he operated in Southern Mexico for several decades.  At least half of them are still loyal and waiting for the word. 


Read Lunev's book.  In all our major cities, there are already nuclear weapons hidden, sent in by the former Soviet Union before its collapse.  These are from 20 KT to 40 KT, mostly -- each bigger than the first atomic bomb dropped on Japan in WW II.  The Spetznaz teams are also in place to detonate those nukes, if and when the KGB gives the order.


The first phase of any major strategic strike is to deliver the weapons of mass destruction to their distant targets.  The second phase, we might say, is to detonate or unleash the weapons at those distant sites to destroy their targets.


In that sense, the first phase of WW III is already finished.  We are simply awaiting the second phase button to be pushed.  President Bush knows this, and that is why he declared war on terrorism worldwide, and why it is not limited to Afghanistan or any other area.


Some of the terrorist teams already have anthrax and smallpox.  If smallpox is unleashed on a single major city anywhere on Earth, it will eventually kill nearly 2 billion people.  That's nearly one-third the human population.


Now that we are at war (and you will see more U.S. casualties than we have lost in all the other wars in our history, if we do not win this thing or control it), you can see how deadly vulnerable we are to destruction of our electrical power grid and our energy infrastructure.  That's why the formation of a homeland defense, still very embryonic but at least finally underway.


And that is why my colleagues and I continue to be so totally committed to doing our utmost to get our MEG research finished and the MEG into production and on the world market.  Time is of the essence.


You can also see why we absolutely have to have decentralized generation systems, and quickly.  Certainly by the end of 2004, COP>1.0 systems and self-powering systems had better be rolling off the production lines and going into the field on site.  Whether it's the MEG or other systems, it has to be done and it has to be done quickly.  Bedini and I have also filed the world's first patent application on a process for close-looping a COP>1.0 system for self-powering.  It is a difficult problem, but Bedini solved it.  I merely contributed the recognition of the technical mechanism and how it works.  Bedini also can put a range of power systems into production, anytime he has the funding and the technical team needed.


Sadly, our poor scientific community still has its head very much on backwards, and it is part of the problem rather than part of the solution.


Nonetheless, we will do our best to get it done if it is humanly possible.  So will several other fellows I know who do have other COP>1.0 systems that could be rapidly developed and produced.  This is not a one man or one group show.  It's a survival test for the entire nation, and we are looking headlong at the locomotive rushing down the track straight at us.


Very best wishes,


Tom Bearden

Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 11:51:25 -0800
From: "Richard"
Subject: Small question and Big thanks

Mr. Bearden,

      I can not begin to thank you for your efforts on behalf of mankind
and in pursuit of rational science.  I also have spiritual convictions
but have come to a rather cynical view of our world and those running
it.  Your website is a vast ray of sunlight in an otherwise gloomy
      I am technically illiterate beyond 2 years toward a BSME, but get
the gist of most of this and it has lead me to a question;  If you were
to build a gazzilion megawatt MEG and it needed to be serviced
internally while running and we say for the sake of argument that a
person would not be harmed by that environment, would a repair that took
five minutes for the repair man, result in his comming out 2 weeks later
in terms of external observers? Or is the density of time such that the
difference  would be insignificant?  If you had ultra large MEGs, would
they be surrounded by large time warps?  Might people with excess time
on their hands go to a large MEG and use its' influence to fast forward
them to the point in time in the exterior world that they desire?
     I suspect that one of the things that intimidates those who refuse
to see these new ways of thinking is an emotional inability to handle
the fact that if these concepts are valid,  then all bets are off, and
their cozy Weltanschauung is blown to hell and they have to start from
scratch and they just can't handle that either personally or
     Again many thanks and the best of luck in your recovery, we are all
in your debt.