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Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 21:01:34 -0600

Thanks Marcia!


And thanks to everyone for all your hard work.


I'm still working hard on the thermodynamics of overunity systems, and it keeps getting a bit more difficult.  We recently found a flaw with respect to EM systems in the first law as well. Just makes the present first law a special case (although still applies to a very wide area of systems), and some types of EM systems and interactions do not necessarily obey the hidden assumption in the present statement that a change in internal energy (in this case, in an external parameter) is work.  If only the potential (and thus potential energy) of an EM system is changed, it does not require work or result in any. That's the gauge freedom principle.  The reason for the difference is that all mechanical systems etc. have to deal with Newton's third law opposition to changing the mechanical energy, etc.  So to change the internal mechanical energy, one has to do work.  However, in EM linear systems the field-to-field and potential-to-potential interactions do not have any Newtonian third law opposition.  So one can change the potentials only, without having to do any work to overcome Newton's third law reaction, because it doesn't occur.


So I'm working on a way to express that correctly, keeping the equations very very simple.


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