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Subject: RE: Extracting Energy from the Vacuum & What are We?
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 16:00:19 -0600


Dear Roger,


No, this work is being done for everyone, not just for money etc.


Let me speak carefully.  I am very satisfied with how I've been listened to in the quarters where the rubber meets the road.  The West is no longer defenseless, not by any means.  Cannot amplify it further than that.


Frankly, the thing that drives me is that I want my children, and my children's children, my neighbor's children, and my neighbor's children's children, to continue to have a nation with freedom, the right to work, etc. as I've been privileged to live in and serve.  So we do what we can.  We spend from our own pockets all we can afford and then some.  And some other folks do step in and help.  Many things, such as page charges for important scientific papers to be published in journals, etc. get funded by real supporters.  Understand, we pay no salaries.  But much of the expenses do get paid by the outside donors.  And for that I'm eternally grateful.


The website (again, the site is graciously donated freely, and the preparation of it is also a labor of love by another donor) is intended to just get out lots of material, slowly but as fast as I am able, to provide background and references etc. for the young fellows just starting in (and to any others that are interested).


And over the years it has had an impact.  I am religious, but do not wear it on my sleeve, nor do I try to impose my own religion on others.  I do believe I am held responsible for every act and every deed toward my fellow human.  As best one can, one tries to treat others as he would expect to be treated, and respect them.  It is not important where someone "agrees" with things I advance, etc.  It is simply that they properly consider them.  Any found to be in error, just toss in the old wastebasket.  Those found of use, then use them.  Simple as that.


And I do appreciate all the kind folks who have encouraged this work over the years.  Now it is time for it to be picked up by younger persons with much better capabilities than me.  So that is what we're trying to do, and that's why the website.


We'll put lots more in the book also.


Thanks for the kind words and hang in there,


Tom Bearden

Subject: Extracting Energy from the Vaccuum & What are We?
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 11:31:49 -0600

Dear Tom -
I have been following your work as best I can since I bought your Excalibur
Briefing in 1994 and I can't even pretend to understand the mechanics of it;
but, I know you need a multitude of faithful believers just like me in
support of your zeal in regards to the significance of this work.
I have just read your latest published correspondence and I have two issues
to question, due to my continued astonishment at the scientific community's
lack of interest in what seems to be a verifiable epochal breakthrough in
        Question 1: Don't you have enough meaningful history in
the military community to have gained an ear by now in support of your work?
With your weapons background and sure knowledge of what the Russians have already done with this "questionable" science, why haven't you and your team already been put to work on the solution? The military establishment has been known to change history in many fields - science and medicine just to mention two of them. Is this "Top Secret science", deemed unfit for consumption "at this time"? Where's your voice there for change, if not funds, and clearance to work unimpeded? I remain astounded at the
        Question 2: I believe in what I understand of the viability of
extracting energy from the vacuum. Am I right in extrapolating that this is
the ONLY way our physical bodies, being electro-chemical in nature, could
possibly operate for as long as they do, that is, without changing batteries
every year or so? So if I'm even vaguely on track with this observation, why
aren't scientists and physiologists and bioengineers and neurologists and
medical free-thinkers worldwide knocking on your door craving more of this information? It seems to be the answer to so many questions. I applaud your perseverance. I wish I could get closer to this groundswell with you...I
just don't have the background. However I use what voice I have at every
I only wish it were a more wealthy, educated voice. I guess that's what you
need most.
God bless and keep you and your team,
Roger from Azle, TX