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Subject: RE: free electricity/energy

Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 11:17:18 -0600

Dear Michael,

It's a little more difficult than that, or any number of young graduate students and post docs would long ago have built it.

Getting a copious energy flow from the vacuum is the easy part.  E.g., just lay a charged capacitor on a permanent magnet so that the E-field of the cap is at right angles to the H-field of the magnet.  Even by the normal Poynting theory, that maximizes EXH which is a maximization of Poynting energy flow.  So that little beast is sitting there on the bench and pouring out a steady flow of Poynting energy.  However, the result is to establish and continuously replenish the photons streaming out at light speed, thereby establishing and maintaining the "static" EM fields and potentials associated with the device.

Every "static" field -- from a simple charge, a dipole, or any other source --- is indeed just such a steady state flow of energy being extracted from the vacuum.  The basis for that has been in physics since 1903 and 1904 (two Whittaker papers).

Now the problem is:  How does one extract and catch and use the steadily moving energy that comprises the "static" fields and potentials?  And do it without destroying the source that is producing the "static" fields and potentials?

That is the entire free energy problem in a nutshell.

All our circuits and procedures and textbooks are devoted to collecting and using energy from fields in motion (waving, etc.).

So that is what "free energy researchers and inventors" are struggling with, even though most cannot clearly formulate it.

No one I know of has an easily-made, ready-to-go power unit ready to power things like homes etc.  Most have small successful laboratory experiment devices.

At least we have now laid down the fundamental theory and concepts involved, so that one can appreciate what has to be done to go from the lab experiment to scaled-up stable devices.

Now the problem is to get funding to do that, which turns out to be quite expensive.  It can't be solved by just whipping it up on the bench, or any number of the free energy researchers would already have done it.

Anyway, good luck in your search.  If you really want to come to grips with the problem, then set your own task of finding out how to successfully get that flow energy out of those static fields and potentials, and use it.  We have published several ways it can be done, but all require either some unusual materials or special procedures, etc.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Heya Tom,

just love ya website!!!

I am one of these people who is fed up to the back teeth with paying for so-called energy - whether it is coming out of the wall in electricity or pumping into my car in the form of petrol.... I am a qualified electronics technician, and I am desperately looking for a free energy device that I can build for myself (I don't believe that I should have to pay for so-called free energy in any form whatsoever), so I was wondering if you might know of a basic design for a 240 volt generator of some sort (I live Down Under, so a 110 volt design would be of no use to me). Any help would be appreciated!!