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Subject: RE: Phase conjugate replica waves
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 12:57:32 -0600




Dear Paul,


And I forgot to congratulate you upon your deep interest and in building the simulation.  That is excellent. It is also why I took the time to try to answer you more fully; I greatly admired your persistence and stick-to-it-iveness.


As an old dog, the time I personally have remaining to work on such things is very limited.  Hence the necessity to put much of it on the web, freely available.  To prevent the usual rush from flame artists, etc. and others who love cur dog fights but do little if any new science themselves, we simply do not answer.  We have plainly stated that, if anything on the site is useful, then we are glad and that is its purpose. If it is not useful, then the scanner should simply go look elsewhere.


We encourage you to think a bit from time to time, about how mass does not exist in time but masstime does.  And exactly what happens to the time-increment or component of a photon when it is absorbed by a mass.  One cannot just throw it away; it's there.  So by absorbing a photon and converting its spatial energy component dE into a little bit of extra mass dm, where dm = dE/(c-squared), one has m + (dE)(dt)  => (m + dm)dt.  That is the "excited state" and it is masstime, not mass.  Masstime is as different from mass as impulse (Ft) is different from F.  Not only has one excited that former mass with spatial energy, but one also has excited it with a time increment, over in the time domain.  That is actually a time-polarized (scalar) photon effect, or highly compressed EM energy effect over on the fourth Minkowski axis, as a change in the t.  Then the excited state (the masstime) decays and re-emits a photon, which in the simplest case is (m + dm)dt => m + (dE)(dt), where dEdt is the emitted photon.


So a mass (frozen instantaneous observable) "moves through time" via the photon process, and by iterative change in state this way:   m mt m mt m and so forth.  Notice that mass never emits a photon!  Masstime does.


Also, the "mass's movement through time" is an electromagnetic and engineerable process.  Further, it is the total photon interaction that is involved -- both virtual photons and observable photons.  Hence even differential pieces of a mass move through time with a vast "internal structuring" of its time-stream, from a vast internal structuring of ongoing photon interactions.


Also, one can begin to see that it is possible to also engineer and move the mass "backwards" in time.  Or more acceptably, move a "mass-energy" backwards in time, just as the equations of physics imply.


The arrow of time is not immutable absolutely; but it is immutable so long as one does not engineer the fundamental mechanism that is ongoing when a "mass moves through time".


Best wishes,


Tom Bearden